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  1. OK watching Raw tonite makes me wonder Cena isnt the Champion so why is he still main eventing the show, and the main event was horrible, they DQed JBL's team for breaking up a submission move, how lame was that, it happens in every tag yeam match, I guess Vince didnt want the Golden boy Cena to have to Job, the rest of what I saw on Raw was great, but as long as Cena is headlining the show, its gonna be lackluster, the CM Punk, Kane, Batista anglethen Y2j/HBK should be headlining isntead of Cena nad cryme Ty,e, WTF WWE I mean my expectations for them arent very high anymore but with this crap headlining Raw, WWE needs new writers and Soon and badly

  2. My review of Batman: Gotham Knight


    It is very true that this is nothing new. Batman being turned into the Animatrix is still Batman. I am a Batman fan, but I think I was expecting more. The first story should have been completely left out. It is about kids telling there stories of when they first saw the Batman,but each kid has a different version as to what he looked like. The coolest thing about this movie is the return of Kevin Conroy. The downer is that the stories don't get interesting until the third.


    Overall, this is an optional buy. It doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming movie, even though it is from the makers of the two Bale movies. If there is a connection, I didn't see it. They never reference Batman Begins, unless you count the Scarecrow on one story. I am a fan of Bruce Timm and what he has done with the DC animated universe, it is just a shame it didn't shine like most of his other work. On it's own, it's okay. If you are a major Batman fan, you will probably love it. If you are a casual or new fan wanting to like Batman, it being anime won't change your mind.

    that story with the Kids describing the 1st time they saw Batman, sounds like an episode of Batman TAS made back in the mid 90's I remember seeing a story like that on that show (great cartoon btw) does it say when the one with the kids was made, cause it sounds just like that episode

  3. a Pittsburgh Billionaire is interested in buying them, the thing with the other teams moving that ya'll listed was because they wanted/needed a new Stadium to build in, and Heinz Field is new and really fan friendly, Ive been there for Pitt Games, Stadium deals are the main reason I've seen NFL franchises relocate