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  1. you can use it to open up Soda, like IBC or Jones cola, they sometimes sell Coke and Pepsi in Glass bottles, and I just bought some orange crush in glass could use t for that if u dont drink Beer
  2. More need to sign up, I mean I want a challenge come on!
  3. I figured Punk would cash in his MITB to bring a World Championship to Raw, I just thought they would do it on a PPV, glad he won The WHC and that belt is on Raw, now the WWE needs to redesign HHH's WWE title to make it look respectful againm
  4. 9.5 is pretty damn good hell my ex was only a 9 LOL she was higher but she dumped me
  5. Well it's just that Cara has been looking at you rather funny so I wasn't sure. Well gee, I can't help what other people do, but no I definatly like guys. ahh if you liked girls too you would of went from a 9.5 to a 10 LOL
  6. I am happy Cena Lost! Made my night
  7. hey man did anything happen or did u just not have the time
  8. no, I wont say but if you are a Wrestling fan it was the Rock's Favorite....oh well if you dont know PM me LOL
  9. I still want some Pie but not Moon pies! I dont swing that way!
  10. didnt notice anything about the chin either, dont get all uptight about it I remember my 20th birthday, but I dont remember my 21st birthday, and thats not the Lupus or stroke causing that, thats how drunk and how hard I partied that caused it! Good times I miss being young
  11. Sign up! Do it Do it I want Bragging rights on breating ya'll! I am a Football GOD!
  12. You Mean Dr. Evil or his son Scott?
  13. IDK I see the belts switching brands, the WHC will be on Raw with Batista, and the WWE Championship will be on Smackdown hith HHH I would of rather seen Cena drafted to Smackdown over HHH, Cena is too kid friendly to be on Raw he is better suited for Smackdown and the 8 PM timeslot
  14. I have a split personality and am only evil sometimes, my Other half is Evil @ all times :P