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John Cook Chat Transcript

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  Posted 19 September 2004 - 05:42 PM

Sat Sep 18 15:37:00 2004:johncook [0/] AAS-Login:

master_q: Cartoonist, John Cook continues to produce comical satire at In the Star Trek fandom universe, he is known for Sev Trek, a popular cartoon parody for Star Trek. He is joining us today to talk about it and the new DVD "Sev Trek: Puss in Boots."

master_q: Mr. Cook, I enjoy the work you do on Sev Trek. :sly: It has some of the best satire out there; very funny.

master_q: How & when did Sev Trek start, Mr. Cook? What made you think about actually making Star Trek parody cartoon strips?

johncook: It started in 1994. I'd just graduated from uni (doing a degree majoring in astrophysics) and was figuring out what to do next

johncook: I seemed to have spent more time at lectures doodling pictures than paying attention and was thinking about becoming a cartoonist rather than a physicist

johncook: so I started sending comic strips out to newspapers - nothing sci-fi related at this stage - for a year or two

johncook: after about a year, I started a website and having my own little area to post stuff on meant I could do any crazy stuff I wanted so as well as my newspaper cartoons, I also posted some sci-fi parody I'd been working on

johncook: Eg - a cartoon parody of Star Trek called 'Sev Trek: Pus in Boots' where Commander Piker gets a sentient pimple...

johncook: and The Sev Files - a parody of X-Files set in biblical times where Scully and Mulder investigate Jesus' resurrection

johncook: Sev Trek took off at that stage - it was by far the most popular cartoon on my website

johncook: So it was just logical - I kept drawing more Sev Trek stuff till it became the dominant part of the website

johncook: Umm, what was the question again? :-)

master_q: :lol

master_q: Mr. Cook, what's the process for creating a new Sev Trek cartoon? How do you come up with your ideas?

johncook: Originally, it would just be watching the show and nitpicking errors

johncook: I'd be watching it and wonder "hey, why does Picard speak in an english accent if he's meant to be french?

johncook: or "why do their spaceships go whoosh in the vacuum of space?"

johncook: So it started out pretty simple - I'd just have someone ask the nitpicking question. "Captain, why do you have an english accent... etc"

johncook: Early on, I started a punch-line contest where people could submit the final punch-line of the cartoon - a way to make the website more interactive.

master_q: You still do that, correct?

johncook: It kind of took off and started receiving thousands of punchlines each week

johncook: yeah, still runs - it has it's own little section now -

johncook: Reading the punchlines every day for an hour or two was slowly driving me mad after several years of it so to preserve my sanity I came up with a punch-line rating system (we call it ratsy) where all the readers now read and rate the punchlines

johncook: It's always interesting to see what comes on top of the heap each week

master_q: Sounds neat :sly:

johncook: Anyway, for coming up with ideas, I started getting lots of emails with people requesting cartoons on nitpicks they'd spotted

johncook: so I set up an "Ideas Board" where people can post cartoons they'd like to see

johncook: I can't even keep up with the incoming suggestions so that's where most of the ideas of the current cartoons come from these days

master_q: At the moment, what's in the works for the next Sev Trek cartoon?

master_q: (Or do you know yet?)

johncook: Do you mean animated or just your usual still cartoon?

master_q: Still cartoon

johncook: I'm very disorganized - I don't know what my next cartoon is until usually when it's due. The best I've ever got was a week ahead in my drawing

johncook: I've got a few rough pencils of the next week done but no Sev Trek - there's a Lord of the Rings parody and a Star Wars: Ep 2 spoof

master_q: How are they drawn?

johncook: I pencil them on an A4 page (that's the biggest I can go and still fit it on my scanner)

johncook: Sorry about the break - my 4 year old daughter just woke up (it's 6am here in Australia)

master_q: I see. That's okay.

master_q: Understandable

johncook: I then ink my cartoons by laying a separate sheet over the pencilled artwork on a light box and inking it with indian ink

johncook: Using a nib and indian ink is a much better way to do cartoons - not only does the cartoon never fade over time, it allows you to draw much stronger lines

johncook: I scan it at 1200 dpi and then bring it into a graphics program Coreldraw to colour it. I add the text last - rather than hand draw it which is a real pain to do with a nib, I use a font I created from my own handwriting (much quicker and neater)]

johncook: The reason I draw it as big as possible (I'd go bigger than A4 if I had a bigger scanner) is by resizing it down, you improve the look of the cartoon - the lines are smoother, the imperfections are reduced

master_q: How long does that take to do (on average)?

johncook: a normal comic strip - the whole process is around 2 hours

johncook: a Sunday cartoon (3 rows high) takes about half a day

master_q: You have other types of cartoons besides Sev Trek. Are any of them syndicated in other publications or magazines or newspapers...?

johncook: I merged Sev Trek and all my other sci-fi cartoons into a single comic strip called Sev Space

johncook: Although I originally did it more for my own amusement than any thoughts it would be sellable to newspapers, it's currently my best seller to newspapers and magazine

johncook: it's most popular in the sunday format. Eg - check out

master_q: Sounds neat :) That we shall do.

johncook: I actually stopped doing the sunday version a while back because it wasn't selling and was so much work to do but cause it's doing so well, I'm going to start drawing them again. The other cartoon that is syndicated is Twist which is a general single panel cartoon - much like Far Side.

master_q: Do you have any particular favorite Sev Trek cartoons (or a specific theme/subject matter for a cartoon)?

johncook: In general, my favs are the sundays - there's much more opportunity for a bit of dialogue and building up a joke

johncook: whereas the daily strips are more a quick gag - a question and then the punchline

master_q: Yeah, that's true.

johncook: I like the cartoons with plenty of parody in them. Eg - "Political correctness":

Posted Image

johncook: it makes fun of just how PC the Next Gen was (which was what inspired me to start spoofing Star Trek in the first place)

master_q: I saw that one. I'm a "political junkie," so I enjoyed that one a lot. LOL

johncook: "To boldly sit"

Posted Image

johncook: which looks at how DS9 kinda violates the whole premise of Star Trek, "to boldly go" when they just sit around waiting for someone to fly by

master_q: :lol

johncook: Ratings

Posted Image

johncook: looking at what Voyager will do to try and boost ratings (catsuit, anyone?)

master_q: Let's talk about "Sev Trek: Pus in Boots," which is now available on DVD in PAL format.... By the way, Mr. Cook, do you know when the NTSC format will be available?

johncook: First to answer the ntsc question, I don't know, that's up to my distributor

johncook: But so far all my orders have been to Europe and the UK and I feel bad, the whole North America is being left out

johncook: So I think I might start nagging my distributor, tell them it's time to do the ntsc

master_q: What is the plot and concept of "Pus in Boots"? What are the external & internal conflicts in it?

johncook: The basic plot of Pus in Boots is Commander Piker (sev version of Riker) gets a pimple that turns out to be sentient

johncook: So of course, he can't pop it, it would violate their PC directive - to explore and preserve all life

johncook: It was my way of wondering just how well this utopian crew of Star Fleet officers would act if you afflicted them with a more everyday problem (with a scifi twist of course)

johncook: So there's conflict between Piker who wants to preserve his rugged good looks and Captain Pinchhard who wants to communicate with the zit

johncook: Then the zit grows to nearly man size and detaches and they're forced to hunt it through the ship

johncook: Meanwhile, they're being attacked by an alien ship (I just had to get a gratuitous space battle in there somewhere)

master_q: :lol

master_q: In basic terms, how was "Pus in Boots" made? How long did it take?

johncook: Production took 2 years. In a sense production was simple as there was only one animator - Andrew Simpson

johncook: How it would work was I wrote the script, sent it to the voice actors who would email me back the voice files

johncook: Then I trimmed and edited the voice files and sent them off to Andrew along with the storyboards

johncook: He'd put together rough versions of the scenes with the voices in there to establish timing and send me each shot one at a time

johncook: I'd paste them together to look at how the scene was playing and send back changes.

johncook: Eg - trim 15 frames here, change that action there, move the camera around differently, etc

johncook: Mostly it seemed to be trimming frames - I wanted to keep things moving as briskly as possible

[Sat Sep 18 16:27:57 2004:EofS [0/] AAS-Login:
Sat Sep 18 16:27:57 2004:EofS [0/] AAS-Login:
Sat Sep 18 16:27:57 2004:EofS [0/] AAS-Login:

johncook: Sometimes that'd frustrate Andrew - as an animator, he'd like to linger as long as possible on his models and actions (after all, he spent a lot of work on them)

[Sat Sep 18 16:28:23 2004:EofS [0/] Logout:_]

johncook :eofs - make up your mind :-)

master_q: :lol

master_q: Gosh

[Sat Sep 18 16:28:51 2004:EofS [0/] AAS-Login:]

Indy: :lol

lt_van_roy: ::hands eofs some duct tape::

johncook: The whole process took 2 years but in hindsight I'm amazed we got it finished at all - Andrew put in a herculean effort to do it all single-handed

Data: :naughty:

johncook: To lighten Andrew's load, we got some help for aspects of the animation

johncook: Eg - Dan Beeston would do the lip syncing - working out the lip shapes for all the dialogue

johncook: That was a tough job in itself, particularly for all the technobabble scenes.

johncook: Early in production, we mistakenly framed some scenes so you couldn't see the person's face while he was talking - Dan wasn't too impressed as his lip-syncing was wasted!

johncook: We always made sure the faces were visible after that :-)

master_q: Well, it sounds neat, Mr. Cook. I wish you the best of luck, and when it is available here in the U.S. I'll be sure to get it

Indy: me too

Data: ditto

master_q: Let us move on to the second part of the chat and see what's coming...

johncook: let's do it

master_q: We usually start from the top down ... this time let's start from the bottom up

Unadopted_Angelic: have any of the actors or actresses from any of the shows you have parodied seen your comic, and if so, what were their reactions?

johncook: I go to conventions now and then and it's always with some trepidation when the actor looks at a parody of their character

johncook: Particularly when the cartoon is not particularly flattering towards them

johncook: Eg - a Nicole de Boer convention where all my cartoons made fun of Ezri Dux - portraying her as dizzy, annoyingly bubbly

johncook: Nicole's reaction was to laugh, saying "it's so true" (I breathed a sigh of relief, I was expecting a slap or something)

johncook: I got Robert Duncan McNeill to sign one with Tom Paris snogging Belanna on a console. He signed it with "next time draw me with a better butt"

Indy: :lol

Data: lol

lt_van_roy: LOL

johncook: That one was pretty weird :-)

johncook: I try and get actor's to sign my original artwork - that's the only thing I collect

Unadopted_Angelic: having read the description of the movie version I was wondering which type of animation do you prefer the old fashioned pen and ink or the computer generated form?

johncook: I think I actually prefer 3D cgi animation - your Pixar style, over 2D. Maybe that's just a bi-product of the trend in animation these days - 2D seems to be a fading art in movies with 3D getting stronger and stronger

johncook: You can just produce some really spectacular stuff in a 3D environment

johncook: That said, the current animation I'm working on is 2D

master_q: Could you tell us a bit about that?

johncook: I'm doing a Sev Trek animated desktop with another animator Mark Stay

johncook: It's called "Sevmates" (the sev version of Deskmates)

johncook: we've got a free version of it online that you can download:


Data: cool

EofS: (Have you updated it so it's compatible with browsers other than IE yet?)

johncook: It's just a smaller version with about 10 animations on it. We're currently working on the full version, putting heaps more animation in it

johncook: eofs - do you mean other OS other than windows?

johncook: it's not a browser thing, it's just an animated windows background

EofS: No, I mean browsers other than IE - when you sent out that very first version, before you made it public, clicking to open the Sev homepage opened it in IE, not the default browser

lt_van_roy: eofs - are you using aol? That happened to me sometimes when I was on it.

johncook: hmm, forgot about that - will have to check it out again (thanx for the reminder)

EofS: I was using AOL at the time, yeah (and thanks John)

johncook: Most of the animations we're coming up with are trying to think of new ways to injure or kill ensigns

EofS: Have you plundered the punchline archive for "How to kill an ensign?"

Leander: John, did you mention on your site or on the DB that sevilians need to register to visit here? ;-)

johncook: EofS: lol, didn't even think of that, will have to go in there, read the many creative and sadistic entries

johncook: Leander: No, I'll post it now

Leander: :-)

EofS: The winner could work quite well even...

johncook: An ensign riding a photon torpedo? I can't believe I hadn't thought of that yet

Indy: :lol

WEAREBORG4102: John, what is your favorite episode of tng?

drwho42: :lol

Leander: ah photon rodeo??? :-O

lt_van_roy: Dr. Strangelove in space.

johncook: TNG is my fav Star Trek series so there are lots of favs

EofS: I live to serve *bows*

Leander: net, first serve!

Indy: hehe

johncook: I forget the title but I like ones like where Data is put on trial to see if he's a sentient being or not

Indy: The Measure of a Man

lt_van_roy: OK, my turn. What is your favorite race or character or series to parody?

johncook: I just like the dialogue (I'm a dialogue nut), arguing back and forth

Unadopted_Angelic: would you consider your web based animation a web comic

johncook: Unadopted_Angelic - not sure what you mean. Pus in Boots isn't really web based in that it's only on video, DVD not on the web

Unadopted_Angelic: I meant the 2d stuff you tend to put on the web

Leander: but there is/was the TOS animation thingie before that.

EofS: And the Star Wars trailer

Leander: with Quirk and Spook in the transploder room

johncook: The only 2d animation we've done is the 'light version' of the Sevmate - not really a webcomic in that it's not in a webpage

johncook: The TOS animation was our first experiment with 3D animation. Looking back at it now, it's crude, chunky but it still gets a laugh which I guess is the main thing (people are forgiving of a lot of flaws if it's still funny)

johncook: At that stage, we didn't know what we were gonna do with animation - it was all just experimenting

johncook: The Star Wars trailer had a weird history too - we started out putting that on my website (it's just a 90 second spoof of the Star Wars: Ep 1 teaser)

Leander: Who did the voices for that btw, Wally Fields? (sp?) (and sorry, I'll let the others bug you again now! ;-))

johncook: Then we were contacted by Atomfilms who were starting a Star Wars Fan Film Network (yes, Wally did every voice and sound effect in that animation including the vooooom of the lightsabres)

johncook: They asked us to submit our animation but it had to be approved by Lucasfilm first

johncook: Lucasfilm rejected it (without giving a reason)

johncook: So we resubmitted it but took out all the spurting blood when Daft Mule chops off his own head

johncook: This time they accepted it :-)

Leander: hehe

Indy: :lol

Data : the blood must of been it then

mags0: I know you have an on-site Idea Board but what is a typical brainstorm session for you, pen in hand with sketchbook in front of the tv? Also, is Gaby into Star Trek yet? :nono2:

johncook: mags: first no, Gaby isn't in Sev Trek yet. Now I've finished Terrible Twos (hopefully not permanently), my only outlet for drawing Gaby will be Sev Space cameos so I'll see if I can sneak her in there somewhere :-)

Leander: lol, X-files episode on tv and one of them is commenting on something saying that what suggested "sounds too much like star trek". Heeehee

mags0: No I meant into the series. :)

johncook: My brainstorm sessions are more sitting on the floor in Gaby's room or in the backyard while she plays, doodling ideas in my notebook

johncook: mags: you mean in the animation? Well, we're not working on any 3D Sev Trek stuff but now you mention it, maybe I will put her in the sevmates (thanx for the idea :-)

mags0: No, lol, does she watch Star Trek?

Leander: maybe the animated series? :-P *runs*

johncook: mags: she doesn't watch Star Trek, she has seen a LOT of Sev Trek though, usually during production while I was working on it

johncook: When I was working on the fight scenes, she'd imitate it by pummeling me so maybe there is a link between cartoon violence and real life violence

EofS: Does she know about Bubwatch?

johncook: eofs - she has seen her website with all the baby photos - she likes to surf around it and look at the photos, she's a big fan of pictures of herself

EofS: Enjoy it whilst it lasts... ;0)

johncook: She also loves reading Terrible Twos but I always get nervous when she reads them - I usually have her doing something really naughty in the cartoon (cutting curtains, painting the walls) and worry she's gonna copy it (life imitating art imitating life)

Indy: I love the names you come up with for our characters, villains, etc. Do you ever have trouble coming up with a clever name for anything?

johncook: Indy: sometimes I have trouble but then there's the ideas board where people will post dozens of ideas for a single character

johncook: to answer lt_van_roy's question from way back, my favorite aliens to draw are pretty much any with lots of protruding and prominent bumps

Data: Klingons and Ferrengi

lt_van_roy: and 7 of 9? [You're dead meat lt_van_roy. :o I would edit that out, but Mr. Cook does reply to it. LOL]

johncook: it's a rule of caricature - the more interesting the person, the easier to caricature (which is why good looking people are harder to caricature, there's less to work with on a 'perfect' face)

johncook: lt_van_roy - well, I like drawing 7 of 9, of course, but I am male

johncook: hmm, can we delete that from the transcript in case Wendy reads it?

Odie: Hi I love your movie. Will there be another one in the near future?

johncook: Odie: we're not working on a second Sev Trek movie as yet - I'm taking it one step at a time and will wait till we finish a few other things first (eg - the 2D sevmates)

Odie: thanks for answering my question!

lt_van_roy: I would imagine some characters are almost self-parodies already.

johncook: lt_van_roy - some characters are great for parody. Eg - Kirk, yes, almost a self-parody. He's got plenty of material to work with

johncook: Generally, the stronger the character, the more there is to parody (similar to the caricature principle)

johncook: Or to get really shallow, characters with distinctly physical characteristics are fun to do too

johncook: Eg Janeways

johncook: Janeway's hair (more the tight bun of the early seasons)

johncook: Or Kirk always ripping his shirt

johncook: Or overweight Scotty in the later movies (although that offended a few people so I don't do it as much now)

drwho42: Heya JC, just curious what is your favourite Sev-version of a name, like Buns McCorduroy, etc., and what's your favourite TOS episode? :lol Will there be more of "Dr Whatshisname", btw?

johncook: As for which series I like to spoof:

Corsair: Scotty was a strappin, hard drinkin guy in tos...

johncook: hmm, to answer DrWho first: my fav TOS ep is "Space Seed"

drwho42: :thumbs

johncook: favorite sevname? That's a toughie, a lot to choose from

johncook: As for Dr Who spoofs, I really want to get on to doing more. I've got a whole bunch of eps on tape but just haven't got around to watching them.

johncook: Dr Who is probably the most requested show that I haven't covered much yet

johncook: Farscape was also requested a lot but I've started drawing more of those lately

drwho42: :lol

johncook: And of course Pirates of the Caribbean because of all the Orlando Bloom fans on my site

johncook: So fav series to spoof:

johncook: Lord of the Rings, of course

johncook: But that's mainly cause I'm an absolute Tolkien nut

Indy: I also enjoy Sevgate

johncook: It's actually the better the show/movie is, the better it is for spoofing as I tend to spoof only shows I'm interested in

johncook: Indy: good example - I haven't done that much Stargate parody as I just haven't been able to get into the show (and I try)

Indy: I do like the ones you've done though

johncook: Col Jack Oneill is a good character for spoofing though.

spacetigger: Great comic strips..I was wondering if there would be any interest in publishing a book with all of the Sev trek comics ...

johncook: spacetigger: great idea! In fact check out

johncook: :-)

johncook: Although the book was done years ago, it's high time I do a new one

drwho42: Oh, is there a Sev name for the Daleks yet, btw?

johncook: I've thought about it - I'd like to do a general Sev Space book - but just haven't had the time lately

spacetigger: Nice John...Thanks..Looks great...

johncook: DrWho: yes, sevname for Daleks is "Dumblucks" see for other Dr Who sevnames (not to many yet unfortunately)

drwho42: :lol :hmmm: Any ideas for a Sev-version of the "Twilight Zone"?

Leander: Btw, JC, how did you come across this startrekfans website/chat thingie? (oh good idea to do a new sev book. :-P ;-))

johncook: DrWho - hmm, haven't watched a twilight zone in ages. Tough one, doing scifi parody works best with well known characters rather than one-off episodes

drwho42: Cool, I understand.

master_q: Well, I actually contacted him through his website, and then asked him if he would be willing to come and participate in a special guest chat here at

johncook: Leander: this is my first chat on

Leander: cool

BlueCrystal: Can I obtain posters of some of your works?

BlueCrystal: I think my step-children will love them upon visiting my house

johncook: Bluecrystal: I've done a couple of different posters - one for Sev Trek set in Quark's bar with every single Sev Trek character I could fit

johncook: The second was for Sev Wars (spoof of Star Wars) set in Mos Eisley

johncook: And lastly, we released a huge poster with the Sev Trek: Pus in Boots film

johncook: The cartoon posters are at:

johncook: The movie poster is at:

BlueCrystal: Oh this makes my day! Thank you. I wish to wallpaper my guest bedroom in sevtrek!

johncook: What I'd really like to do is a Lord of the Rings poster - a huge map of middle earth with lots of little cartoons all over it

EofS: Are you concerned that now that Auspac prevents you from syndicating the toons online you will stop attracting so many international fans?

johncook: EofS: I would like to syndicate the cartoons online - it's a great way to spread the cartoons around, spread the 'sev word' as it were

EofS: I'm thinking just of the way that people used to be able to put them on their site with a link back to Sev (and even, in the day, submit punchlines)

johncook: Auspac asked me to stop it for a while as it'll undermine them selling the cartoon to publications with websites - I'm going to give them a little while longer and if they haven't had much success with it, I'm going to go back to online syndication again

johncook: I'd really like to do it - I'll just give Auspac a chance first as they've been great with selling my cartoons

EofS: Aah ok, thanks. I was just concerned because I know many of us found Sev through such linked 'toons

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Posted 19 September 2004 - 05:45 PM


[FREE-FOR-ALL ("part 3")]

[Sat Sep 18 17:26:37 2004:johncook [0/] Disconnect

Sat Sep 18 17:28:23 2004:johncook [0/] AAS-Login:

lt_van_roy: WB JC

Indy: wb

spacetigger: Everything OK ?

johncook: Doh, computer just crashed (I really gotta get a new computer)

Rick_Alverado: Mr. Cook, can you cook?

drwho42: :naughty:

master_q: :lol

Indy: computers do that

drwho42: Grrr, those M-5 Multitronic units...

johncook: what were we talking about again? :-)

EofS: And a new printer *coughs*

johncook: EofS: lol, yes, I'll get that at the same time too!

Corsair: I know I came late, but was the pal/ntsc issue with the DVD discussed?

Data: cool chat

johncook: Corsair: the status of ntsc is pending. Sorry I can't give any better news than that :-(

hangon: i missed half of it

Data: thank you for coming JC

johncook: I'll start nagging my distributor to release an ntsc version asap

spacetigger: That would be great..

Corsair: Well, can everyone add their request to the page?

johncook: but if you can get any North Americans to go to and register interest in the ntsc, every little bit of interest helps

spacetigger: OK

Corsair: Yay, I was hoping to add more recruits. Though I've yet to wear out my tape

Odie: i will do that!

Indy: ditto

johncook: and get all your USA friends to go there too :-)

Corsair: Distributors Love Numbers!

johncook: Corsair: darn tootin

Leander: meh, maybe I'll get the dvd when I'm a bit more financially stable. For some reason, the tape band stuff gets stuck when ejecting....

EofS: See you on Friday John. Thanks for answering questions (without running away to eat breakfast ;0)

johncook:: thanx master_q for running a very civilized and organized chat (compared to the chaos of our irc judging sessions)

Corsair: Ahem

Leander: mmmm, chaos! *runs* :-P

master_q: Well, it was somewhat "chaotic" in my view, but thanks.

master_q: We'll do it again. We'll also put the transcript up ASAP.

EofS: Oy! They're not *that* chaotic *pouts*

johncook: EofS: take it as a compliment :-)

EofS: Oh, ok, will do :0)

BlueCrystal: Oh chaos now I have to find my tapes of Maxwell Smart. :sly:

drwho42: :lol

Leander: well, we just have the *cough* best of both worlds! *cough*

Indy: Wasn't that spelled kaos?

drwho42: Ah, that kaos

JBMinuet: Did anyone bring the bubble of silence?

drwho42: Agent 86 and Agent 99.

Indy: :lol

Corsair: Hmmm, "Get Sev"....

drwho42: :lol

drwho42: Yay

BlueCrystal: I can't spell without my contacts in

JBMinuet: I bet no one wore their shoe phone either.

drwho42: I want a shoe-phone...

Indy: I lost mine hiding in the trash can

Indy: This was a most interesting chat

drwho42: Indeed. :nono2:

Indy: Thanks for taking the time to visit us, Mr. Cook

JBMinuet: How about anything chaotic, that's always a good way to leave them.

johncook: Indy: my pleasure (even if I did have to get up at 5.30 in the morning :-)

Indy: We very much appreciate it

BlueCrystal: Yaesu Mr. Cook and peace be with you.

JBMinuet: Eeek 5:30 !!! Well that's about the time I go to bed

johncook: BlueCrystal: and also with you

Indy: Doesn't your daughter wake up about then anyway?

Indy: Mine were always up very early

master_q: By the way, what part of Australia do you live in?

JBMinuet: Sorry I missed it looked like a good chat.

johncook: Indy: for once, I got up before her - she got up halfway thru the chat

Indy: Ah

johncook: Master_Q; Brisbane on the east coast

master_q: Ahh

Indy: Have you lived there long?

johncook: Indy: pretty much my whole life.

Indy: Very nice

Indy: Thanks again, Mr. Cook

JBMinuet: Live long long and prosper john cook, especially the prosper part, easier to live long when you have plenty of money !! :hmmm:

johncook: I'm a cartoonist so not much chance of either

Corsair: :-)

JBMinuet: But don't they say laughter is the best medicine !?!?

johncook: JBMinuet - sure, I administer the laughter, but you know how it is - when you're too close to a joke, it's hard to find it as funny

johncook: For example, when I watch Pus in Boots now, there's not much that makes me laugh anymore - the jokes have long since lost their freshness after seeing them a few thousand times

JBMinuet: Well you should take pride in your work, that thousands of people get a good laugh from it. Make the whole world smile, would be a better place.

johncook: I might intellectually acknowledge that there is a funny joke but to lol, not gonna happen

Indy: Yeah, the rest of us find it hilarious

johncook: JB: definitely! one of the fav parts of my site is the comments, reading all the stuff people post about the cartoons

johncook: I LOL at those sometimes, they can be more entertaining than the cartoons

EofS: Even if they're an OB fanatic? ;0)

johncook: I'm not trying to be a downer or anything, I love being a cartoonist, it's the best job in the world.

JBMinuet: True, people can think of the darndest things to say, stuff I sure would never have thought of.

johncook: But if I wanted to live long and prosper, I'd probably be a web designer

johncook: eofs - well, not so much the OB ranting, they just annoy me now

JBMinuet: Well maybe you should compile a book of the funniest things people have said on your site.

JBMinuet: Books sell well

johncook: I'm thinking of writing a script that automatically deletes any post that has the words "Orlando", "is" and "hot" in the same sentence

Corsair: War of the Fangirls.

EofS: I would wholeheartedly support that

johncook: JBMinuet - good call, when I do another Sev Space book, I'll definitely do something about the sense of community on the website and how it's developed over the years

Indy: :lol

lt_van_roy: Ever do anything with the Pakleds?

johncook: are they those dopey aliens from tng?

Indy: That wanted to steal Geordi?

johncook: no, haven't drawn those. Man, I haven't seen that ep in a long, long time

lt_van_roy: Yup. They were only in one episode, and not even a major episode, but everyone seems to remember them.

Indy: They were so un-like other space-faring aliens

JBMinuet: We remember them cause we all know someone that stupid.

Corsair: Stupid acting....but powerful

spacetigger: I need to go..Thanks again for chatting with us John...Bye all...

Indy: bye ST

JBMinuet: bye tigger

drwho42: Cya ST.

lt_van_roy: bye ST

johncook: l8r

[Sat Sep 18 17:28:23 2004:spacetigger [0/] Logout:_: ]

JBMinuet: Maybe the OB fanatics could be renamed pakleds

drwho42: :lol

Leander: lol

[Sat Sep 18 17:55:41 2004:necthana [0/] AAS-Login:]

JBMinuet: john, do you visit other websites that also like to make fun of people? Places like Jib Jab or Atom Films?

hangon: hi nec

drwho42: Heya Nect

JBMinuet: heya nect

necthana: hi who, hangon and jb

johncook: JBMinuet - not really, don't get much time to surf so I'm pretty selective

Corsair: Well, I still have stormshutters to take down, so enjoy our JC, but we want him back later.

johncook: I just like to catch up on the latest news:,

Indy: Awww, we can't keep him?

johncook: see ya corsair: hope hurricane season is over

Corsair: Not over yet JC. But I'll keep my shields up.

Corsair: Latah!

Indy: bye

[Sat Sep 18 17:57:25 2004:Corsair [0/] Logout:_]

EofS: Indy - you'll have to fight us for him ;0)

necthana: oh today was trivia day wasn't it?

johncook: and of course sport sites (just reading about cricket now - looks like we'll be playing England in the semifinals next Tuesday)

drwho42: Nope.

Indy: no, not trivia, nec

drwho42: Trivia will be the 25th.

JBMinuet: ahhh, I think most everyone has seen the atom films, there stuff is all over the net. But jib jab is good too, just not as sophisticated

necthana: see i work on saturdays so naturally i really cant get in fast enough

Indy: MQ went silent

JBMinuet: I have never seen a cricket match, wonder if espn or someone would carry one.

master_q: I'm still here.

Indy: cool, he's alive

JBMinuet: Here we have football, and baseball going, thought I do get to see some rugby matches.

necthana: wishes that the nhl was not in a lockout

johncook: JBMinuet - you're in usa?

JBMinuet: Yes I am in usa, Live In North Carolina

johncook: Did you hear about the cricket game between Australia and the USA last week?

lt_van_roy We have a cricket team?

JBMinuet: No I didn't

hangon: lol

EofS: There are 15 people in the US who play cricket?

johncook: lol

JBMinuet: And yes I know we have a team

johncook: I thought it was something like that.

johncook: It was the 3rd fastest game in history

JBMinuet: USA has a team for everything, I mean look at the Olympics

johncook: After what you guys did to us in the Olympics basketball, it was good for some payback :-)

lt_van_roy: Good point. We even had a team for that stupid "curling" thing.

necthana: curling is fun to watch

hangon: lol

Indy: stupid?

JBMinuet: Well USA sux at a lotta things, I sometimes wonder why they bother.

necthana: i'll admit that i watch it

Indy: ok, cya all later, thanks Mr. C.

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Posted 19 September 2004 - 05:49 PM

[Sat Sep 18 18:03:39 2004:Indy [0/] Logout:_]

necthana: at least we have a half way decent track team

JBMinuet: Curling, it's like air hockey with real people

hangon: lol brushing ice

johncook: JB: a very weird sport

lt_van_roy: OK, I have a question about life in Australia.

[Sat Sep 18 18:04:55 2004:Whitestar8472 [0/] AAS-Login:]

lt_van_roy: Do the toilets really flush the other way because of the corriolis efect like on The Simpsons?

Leander: hi WS!

JBMinuet: Leave it to van to ask a potty question

Whitestar8472: Heya Leander :)

johncook: lt_van_roy - I dunno, how do they flush where you are?

EofS: Do you have a hat with corks? *Smiles angelicly*

hangon: hehe

drwho42: Heya WhiteStar *waves*

Whitestar8472: *waves back*

hangon: hat with

johncook: EofS: yes but I've never worn one (or seen someone wearing one)

Whitestar8472: "are we there yet"? :naughty:

hangon: do you know who rex hunt is john?

johncook: all those Aussie cliches, they're more from Austrlian culture of 20/30 years ago

johncook: hangon: yes, he's fairly well known in Australia. Not a big fan

JBMinuet: maybe we should add olympic croquet, that would go along good with curling

hangon: i see him on discovery channel

EofS: I'm disappointed ;0) Eh well, at least you've still got your pet kangaroo

Whitestar8472: *not* named Gaby, I trust? :nono2:

JBMinuet: john, are you hoping like many of us that the crocodile hunter will get eaten?

hangon: lmao

[Sat Sep 18 18:09:07 2004:necthana [0/] Logout:_]

johncook: you guys hate him too?

lt_van_roy: LOL

johncook: I thought Americans love him

hangon: well he is messed up with that thing with his baby..a bit stupid

JBMinuet: Yah, I keep cheering for the poisonous snakes, to just take a chomp !!

lt_van_roy: Who would win in a fight, Paul Hogan or Croc Hunter?

johncook: lt_van_roy: the question is who is more annoying

johncook: No contest, definitely croc hunter

hangon: hehe

JBMinuet: Mad TV has a great take off of the show, you ever seen it?

johncook: no

JBMinuet: Around here he's the crock hunter, and we all cheer on the reptiles, to bite him.

JBMinuet: It's very funny, a claymation one with him and his wife.

JBMinuet: Might be able to find the film on atom films, well worth a look.

lt_van_roy: South Park had a good parody of him too but I can't repeat it here.

drwho42: On the "Uncovery Channel".

drwho42: I have seen that, JB.

hangon: lol i seen that on southpark

JBMinuet: Where the gorilla peels him like a banana?

JBMinuet: southpark one was funny too

drwho42: :lol Yeah...

[Sat Sep 18 18:13:23 2004:Gul_Dukat [0/] AAS-Login:]

Gul_Dukat: hey all

drwho42: Heya Dukat

hangon: hey ducat

Gul_Dukat: dr whpo is ace

Whitestar8472: Hey there

EofS : *Realises she came to a Sev chat in a Sev trek tshirt without even thinking about the fact*

Leander: LOL

Whitestar8472: Lol! :) Uhm... I have mine next to me if that counts? :o

EofS: I need to get my Sev posters up on the wall. They can cover the random picture of a horse that some past tenant decided to draw there *raises an eyebrow*

johncook: whitestar - not good enough - you need to be wearing it (or at least using it for a hat) to count :-)

Whitestar8472: Just a second, then... :hmmm:

johncook: EofS: good to see the Sev posters can be of practical use

Whitestar8472: there, is that better? :sly:

johncook: I'll take your word for it

johncook: thanx

johncook: :-)

Leander: arg, I never got a chance to get my sev trek and pus in boots posters they're all wrinkled *snif*

EofS: John - yup. Also excellent for making me feel at home when I'm a long way from it, thanks to me ending up with two copies of each

EofS: (Note to people considering buying merchandise - John is about the best person you could ever hope to deal with when it comes to getting people their goods)

Whitestar8472: EofS: I'll second that

johncook: EofS: thanx for the recommendation :-)

johncook: Well, I gotta go, we have a puppy in the house this weekend and Gaby is insisting I play with her

drwho42: G'bye JC!

Gul_Dukat: well enjoy

johncook: Thanx everyone for chatting!

drwho42: Been uber-great having you here!

Whitestar8472: drwho42: do you need a few instances of the number "3" to be placed anywhere? :sly:

EofS: Bye JC

JBMinuet: Bye john

hangon: cya john

Leander: with gaby or the pup? ;-)

EofS: See you on Friday!

master_q: Bye thanks for coming. :)

Whitestar8472: aww, see you JC

lt_van_roy: Come back any time JC

Whitestar8472: *kicks self for missing most of the chat...*

Leander: see you at the judging session, john! :-)

johncook: see everyone at the next judging session (just under 6 days from now)

EofS: I'll try and make next Friday's session extra chaotic for you

Whitestar8472: lol yes - see you there!

johncook: EofS: lol, I don't doubt it

drwho42: lol I won't mind the number.

Whitestar8472: mmmmmmmm, chaaaaaaos :)

johncook: bye!

Sat Sep 18 18:26:31 2004:johncook [0/] Logout:_

JBMinuet: what's a judging session?

Whitestar8472: should about cover that for you ;0)

EofS: The judging session is where we vote on which punchline should go in the final cartoon for the various Sev cartoons

Leander: it's where we decide the winners of the weekly contests that john draws

Whitestar8472: and have fun in the process... usually! :)

EofS: Next one is on Friday (US time) - starts at whatever time it was an hour and a half ago

EofS: Anyone's welcome to come and join the judging

JBMinuet: Where is it at?

EofS: It's held in an irc channel

Whitestar8472: the #sevtrek channel on

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