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Help Topic: 09. FORUMS

Currently there are four areas to the main page that feature a number of different forums. They are:

Section 31

This area consists of four forums.

Announcements is the forum where the board administration and moderators will post Trek news for discussions. There are links in the announcements that will take you to the appropriate forum to post any responses.

New Members is the forum for new members to introduce themselves to everyone.

Crew Promotions is the forum where VBG will announce the latest member promotions and to offer congratulatory remarks. Promotions are granted by number of posts however we strongly discourage attempts to pad your post totals. The ranks are:

Posts Rank
0 Cadet Recruit
1 - 4 Cadet
5 - 50 Ensign
51 - 100 Lieutenant
101 - 250 Lt. Commander
251 - 500 Commander
501 - 999 Captain
1000+ Commodore

STARTREKFANS.NET Convention is a forum where information will be posted regarding a possible STARTREKFANS.NET Convention in Las Vegas. For up-to-date information on how things are progressing this is the forum to check.

Star Trek

This area consists of eight forums.

Star Trek: TOS is the forum to discuss the original Star Trek series.

Star Trek: TNG is the forum to discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: DS9 is the forum to discuss Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Star Trek: VOY is the forum to discuss Star Trek: Voyager

Enterprise is the forum to discuss the newest member of the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek Movies is the forum to discuss the TOS and TNG movies as well as any ideas on future Trek movies.

Trek News is the place to discuss any announcements and new regarding the Star Trek franchise.

Science & Technology is the forum to discuss scientific and technological develops of today and the science of Trek.

Quark’s Bar

This area consists of seven forums.

Ten Forward is the forum for general discussions regarding Star Trek related topics.

Holosuite 3: Program Running Enter When Ready is the forum for role playing games.

Star Trek Books and Fan Fiction is the forum to discuss Trek books and to post your own fan fiction.

Star Trek Trivia is the forum to test your knowledge of all things Trek.

Star Trek Games is the forum to play various Trek related word, quote, quiz and other games.

Utopia Planitia is the forum to discuss Trek products that are on the market or you would like to see.

The Voting Booth is the forum where the moderators will post a poll of the day on various Trek and non-Trek topics.

The Promenade

This area consists of four forums.

Off Topic Discussions is the forum for non-Trek related discussions. There is also a subforum for test posting the many features such as spoilers, fonts, colors, etc.

Holodeck Program: 15FFB123 is the forum for discussing various non-Trek entertainment including music, movies, TV programs and sports

Links to Other Sites is the forum to supply links to other sites you think the members might be interested in visiting. The links can be either Trek or non-Trek related.

Klingon Embassy is the forum to learn to speak Klingon and learn about the Klingon culture.

Board Statistics

This area provides some general information on the boards by letting you know how many members are logged on, any member birthdays, calendar events and other information.