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Help Topic: 08. REGISTRATION

Please choose a Username

Your Username is your identity on STARTREKFANS.NET. Your Username can be any name whether it is Trek related or not, although it is NOT recommended that you use your full first and last name as a Username. Your Username will be the first impression members will have of you. Choose wisely. Your Usernames must be between 3 and 32 characters long.

Please choose a Password

Your Password can be anything you want as long as it is between 3 and 32 characters long. Try to use a Password that you will remember and do not share it with anyone otherwise they could log on and create havoc in your name.

Please re-enter your Password

When you re-enter your Password it must be done exactly as before or it be rejected.

Please enter your email address

As mentioned above you must enter a valid email address. We do verify every email address to ensure STARTREKFANS.NET remains a safe, spam free community.

Please re-enter your email address

When you re-enter your email address it must be done exactly as before or it be rejected.

Optional Information

As indicated the following information is optional.

Favorite Star Trek Series and Movie

Fill in this box if you wish to share which Trek series and/or movie is your favorite with members of the site.


This is another optional box. There are three options to choose from: Not Telliní, Male and Female. The default answer for this box is Not Telliní however if you donít mind indicating your gender click the appropriate answer.

Registration Anti SPAM Confirmation

The section is another precaution to keep spammers out. You will be assigned a 6 digit unique registration code (donít worry you donít have to memorize this). You will then be required to enter the number in the confirm registration code box.


Your unique registration code If you do not see any numbers, or see broken images, please contact a board administrator to rectify the problem. 123456
Confirm registration code To prevent mass registration programs from registering accounts, please enter the 6 digit code shown above in image format. Note: Only numbers are allowed, a '0' is a numerical zero, not the alphabetical 'O'.

After you have completed the registration process you will be taken to the portal page. Either click on STARTREKFANS.NET next to the Federation symbol at the top left-hand side of the page or on Forums on the top right-hand side of the page. Either link will take you to the main forums page.

You must click on the box next to I agree to acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Service or you cannot become a member of STARTREKFANS.NET.

When you have finished inputting the required information click on Submit my registration.