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  1. I loves that ship totally. Best damned ship in any fleet.
  2. For me, there is only one ship... USS Enterprise No bloody A. B, C, D, E, or even a 1701 or NX-01 That's right... CVN-65, the only Enterprise that matters!
  3. Here's my thought... 1 Historian to keep the history of our world alive, A team of medical professionals (Doctors,Nurses, dentists) because medicine will still be needed, and they can pass on their knowledge to others. An Engineer, who can be put in charge of rebuilding, And can again pass on his knowledge to others through apprenticeships. A mathmatician, and an expert in the various sciences (Chemistry, Physics, etc.) who can educate others. A lawyer some skilled laborers A police officer (To keep the peace) a skilled hunter (Remember, after the "end of the world" Jewel, Piggly Wiggly, Winn-Dixie and those other supermarkets are out of business) probably a few tailors (Again, no stores, someone's gotta make clothes) probably a skilled chef (Someone's gotta cook...) some unskilled laborers And probably a few people who are there for leadership. Military officers or politicians. I'd lean more towards military officers, because we've already got a lawyer or two aboard, and we've got to control the climate on the ship somehow. Leaving the politicians behind would definately reduce the level of hot-air.
  4. All those Dell computers and you can't get online? Nah....the Dells are that alternative lifestyle couple that live down the road................. A bunch of (I'm trying to misspell a badword but can't)' Jokers. We went to the Wisconsin Dells. Did you know: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is the waterpark capitol of the World? And, America's largest indoor and outdoor waterparks (Kalahari and Noah's Ark, respectively) are located there.
  5. Useless fact: This weekend, STF.net will be Phaserman-free. Jim and Gary have a drill weekend, and Krissy and I, along with Sarge and Mrs. Sarge, are takin' the kids up to the Dells.
  6. Do you even have any other sets of clothes? Or just your uniforms?
  7. My german isn't that great, Kor, I had to translate it...but if it was MY daughter, yes, I'd shoot you.
  8. I'm sure he would be...That is, before he gets shot
  9. Steve 60% Carl 20% Kate 0%
  10. I was reading a cheap romance novel earlier, and it was talking about the girl being from a different galaxy than the guy, and even if there WERE still feelings there, she "drove a bronco, not the USS Enterprise"
  11. Lol, Kor, and you wonder why Krissy says you're a dirty old man?
  12. Many of us don't have that option due to work unless its ok for you not to have packages, newspapers, mail, etc. delivered to your house. A quick way to reduce the price of oil is for the government to stop imposing outrageous taxes on every gallon of gas. Currently, the gas tax is about 60 cents per gallon. The oil companies supposedly make about 8-9 cents per gallon. 9 cents per gallon, 55 gallons in a barrel, right? If each oil company sells 15,000,000 barrels per day, that's $74.25 MILLION dollars a DAY that they make. Now, the Gas tax, that's the Federal tax, states also have their own, which is why gas is more expensive, for example, in Pleasant Prarie, Wisconsin than it is in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, even though those two cities are seperated by the imaginary line that is the Illinois/Wisconsin border.
  13. I'm kinda rewriting a song in my head. Krissy played C-Rena's "Fell in love with a Tipper", a come-back song to T-pain's "I'm N Luv wit a strippa", and now I've been working on a rewrite in my head, singing it to myself... "He's my sugar daddy, and I knew from the moment that he stepped off of the ship, I must be slippin' He got me trippin', He's sayin' the right things, I think I'm goin' with him to the crib to do that night thing... Fell in love with the skipper..." that's all I've got. It's really about Jim, even though the only vessel he commands is his truck.... Edit: I can't spell "Sugar" right...
  14. Yeah, if you have a bad ulcer, definately stay away from the Beer, green or otherwise.
  15. Ooh, Psy, Pimpin' it on the Trek Boards! Git R Done, boy!