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  1. The trilogy is excellent. But King, If you dont like ENT thats fine, you're intitiled to your own opinion. But no ones making you watch it. The point is, we are trying to save it for those of us who do. So I suggest you sign the petition, not because you're going to watch it, but so ENT fans can, and to generally keep the Star Trek saga going. No hard feeling meant :)
  2. Oh my god, you dont have cable, I would die. :) How do you watch trek, City TV? but that only plays enterprise
  3. Why dont you guys get re-runs? It plays everday at 6:00 on Space, that is if you live in Canada. wow that sux. Is UPN seriously the only station that plays trek in the US? I miss Voyager too, I wish I was older when the actually was actually airing normally. I was 4 when it started so I only really caught the end of the last season and grew up on re-runs.
  4. that's exactly how I feel. It was pretty bad how the whole ending was just wrapped up in a neat little package all of a sudden, in just 1 two parter episode. It felt really rushed. So many things squished in. It left me wanting more. They should have had them on Earth or something, that way it would emphasise that they all got home. I dunno I would have liked it differently but it wasnt bad.
  5. I think people really liked Voyager, because we got really comfortable with the characters, although sometimes annoying ahem...Neelix. We learned to love them. They were the only series that the crew ended up being very much like a family, because they were all stranded together. You didnt really get the sense of family with the other crews. With the exception of ENT, who I think actually has better characters, and it has alot of potential. Which is why I dont want it to get cancelled! anyway I dunno which series is the weakest, depends on what people like, because theyre all so different.
  6. One of the better ones in season 1, but season 1 was the worst of them all. I think "the coffee nebula" was essensial in defining Janeway's character. We couldnt have done without that episode in the series.
  7. I gave it a 9.5 aswell, Click For Spoiler I loved the fight, that was awesome. And it had so many wonderful surprises, like Travis had a speaking part, and actually ended up saving the day, because it was his idea to cut Shran's antenae off. And that creepy albino andorian at the end, any ep with a crazy cliffhanger is always good. EDIT - Remember to use spoilers when talking about the episode..
  8. I agree, why did upn cancel it's highest rated show, I think it's clear here that the only thing we watch it for is for Enterprise, and maybe Voyager reruns. Anyways I dont even get UPN in Canada, but I have on the occasion got complete static with some oddly colours figures that i can identify as people.So Iam definitely for boycotting UPN, that is if they dont go bankrupt first.
  9. Ya I loved E2 It was just so cool! i still really want to know who Hoisi ended up with though. How can she not be curious!
  10. Everyone's got a 'ship, what's your's and why? -T/T (Trip/T'pol) -A/T (Archer/T'pol) -R/S (Reed/Sato) -M/S (Mayweather/Sato) or anything else. I'm personally a R/Ser. But I also support the T/T thing goin on.
  11. I agree that Harry could be MUCH more interesting. But The story wouldn't be complete without him. I would most definately rather have kes stay and Sevenleave.
  12. I like the third one, it's reallly cool.
  13. I started watching it half way through the seventh season. I believe the first ep i ever saw was Lineage, but I could be wrong. I regret not watching it from season 3 because I already knew that P/T was gonna happen and I missed all the flirting. But if I had watched it from the begining I would of been 4 when it started (in 1994). :angry:
  14. If ktarians grow like twice as fast, do they live as long as humans? I decided to ask the experts. :angry:
  15. I was suprised that the doctor spent 3 years on the planet but never mentioned anything about it in any other episode. He wouldn't stop talking about it in that perticular episode. talk about a plot hole :angry: