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  1. I voted 6. Did anyone else think that the alien looked a little like a Suliban? Click for Spoiler: The only thing that happened of interest was Trip and T'Pol finally having sex. And it was pretty cool when Reed and the MACO got into a fight. I would have loved to seen more about the new alien, but they didn't seem to talk much. I'm guessing we will see more of them in later episodes.
  2. In my opinion, Khan is the greatest Trek villian of all time. Ricardo Montalban was great in that role.
  3. Any of the above, and I would definetly change. As long as I don't have to give up meat or anything.
  4. I watch they show sometimes. My favorite houses are the Zen house and the Tropical house. Some of those I can't see people living in them for more than a few weeks without tearing all that crap down. I think it would get old after a while. And also, I think it would be really difficult to sell the house. Most ordinary people would not want to buy it. The only way they could sell it is if there was someone who really liked the show wanted to buy it.
  5. TNG. It was the one that got me interested in the whole Sci-Fi genre.
  6. I like Enterprise's. I just really like the song and all the images. It really shows how Earth's technology has progressed.
  7. I voted for ID4. He did a very good job in that one, and I didn't recognize him untill the second time I saw him die. Seeing him Master of Disguise almost brought me to tears. I couldn't stand to see him in that movie.