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    Click For Spoiler WWE Monday Night RAW Live Review The new opening looks good. Nice to see them pay tribute to their history instead of trying to revise or ignore it. Dumb slogan though. “The Power Is Back”??? What the frick does that mean? But I think a new opening sequence to RAW is now needed. Possibly a new theme song too. It was a nice touch to have old WWE wrestlers at ringside too. Again good to see their past being remembered. Except for Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah. I don’t mean to be nasty, but just when exactly are those two planning on dying? Piper still looks like crap. He seriously needs to lose some weight. Where is your dignity Piper? Watch WrestleMania VIII. What happened to that guy? Piper looks as though he’s EATEN a few bagpipes. I think the term “Pipers Pit” refers to Roddy’s stomach. Orton looked good and the fact he’s with his dad now gives his character a boost. Orton plays the arrogant heel character very well because it’s basically just his real life personality. The Austin segment was very good. I see Steph has coloured her hair………and got some more silicone shoved into her chest. Including Linda was unnecessary. The woman cannot take a bump and she fubar’d the Stunner. Still, I guess it was a minor complaint. Austin looked in good shape too. The Iron Match match was excellent as expected. These two guys have got to have a good long feud again. I think Hell In The Cell is calling. I really do. Both world class performances. Superb Ladder match between Edge and Matt Hardy. Predictably Matt lost the feud. I don’t know where Matt goes from here, since he’s off RAW and either going to the B-Level Smackdown or getting fired and heading to TNA. That being said, the action was superb and both guys performed excellently. I have to say also that Lita was excellent in this match, the ending where she was holding Matt’s arms in an arm and leg vice while he was tied in the ropes was innovative and she performed it well. She also looked pretty nice this evening. She’d be OK with a different face. LOL!!! Nah, I’m just kidding. She’s OK. Matt has whined and complained so much about their break-up, I actually have sympathy for Edge and Lita now, and they’ve been very impressive for quite some time now. Edge really needs the WWE Championship now. I think he’s ready for it. I was hoping for a HHH heel turn and expecting it after all the sucking up Flair has been doing over the past few weeks regarding HHH. This feud should be interesting and will at least prevent HHH from burying anyone else. I thought Jim Ross made himself sound foolish when he tried to hype HHH’s entrance. He actually said “Can you believe it, ma table is shaking”. Yeah right, OK Ross. Are you sure it just wasn’t Jonathan Coachman getting too excited while looking at “The Master’s Piece”??? Speaking of HHH, I can’t say I was surprised when I saw him looking as if he’s spent the last few months eating too many HHHotdogs. Doesn’t this guy realise that if he bulked DOWN he would be a more effective wrestler? The guy looked fat. Very fat. He should change his name to HHHeavy. Hilariously HHH referred to himself as “King Of Kings”. Isn’t that what they called Jesus The Christ? LOL!! Word of advice HHH. If you want to really secure your future as the head of the WWE, you’ve got to get Stephanie pregnant. I know it won’t be a pleasant experience, but it’s just something you’ll have to do. Terrific segment with the legends and Rob Conway. Superfly!!!!! LOL!!! I hope younger wrestling fans understand that those guys in the ring were truly STARS in their day. Ted DiBiase, Harley Race, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat etc….Younger fans should check out some old PPV’s on DVD and see what wrestling used to be like in the First Golden Era. It was awesome. Great segment. It would have been better if Dibiase brought Virgil out to stick a dollar in Conway’s mouth then laughed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Also, I think I understand Conway’s character now. He’s a guy who thinks the world is jealous of him because he looks great, right? Ahhhh, I get it. It’s basically “The Model” version 2005. Having these “Bra and Panties” matches seems a bit redundant, since Torrie Wilson has already posed nude for Playboy. Honestly a WWE Women’s title match between Trish and Victoria would have been a better use of time. Victoria was wearing Adidas socks and boots. So that was pretty cool. But I guess this segment was a nice chance to get a hot dog and a Coke from the concession stands. Hilarious fub though when Generic Diva 2005 nearly pulled down Candice Whatever’s underwear. Lawler hasn’t got that excited since he saw his first schoolgirl. Teddy Long dancing??? LOL!!!!!! Hilarious Funniest signs of the night? “BE A MAN, HOGAN” and “FOLEY = STUNTMAN” and “HOGAN KNOWS NOTHING”. LOL!!!!!! It was very stupid to simply dump the Smackdown match. It was a perfect opportunity to promote Smackdown which has been performing pretty well on an improving UPN. It made the six wrestlers involved look like jabronis. They also missed a golden chance to promote the next Smackdown PPV on Sunday. Terrible booking. Hogan vs Austin??? That could be cool. Hogan will never retire, and he’ll never shave off what remains of his hair either. Strangely, Hogan and Gene Okerlund have the same hairstyle. I saw a commercial for the 4400. For a while, I thought they were talking about how much the Big Show weighs. The Cena vs Bischoff match was pretty pointless. The brawl at the end didn’t do anything to make the Smackdown guys look anything but fools. Still, overall a pretty good episode of RAW.
  2. WWE

    Wikipedia is a good source of info.
  3. The Star Trek universe is a TV universe. They are one in the same. Nothing on Star Trek must happen which does not make good dramatic and narrative sense.
  4. WWE

    WWE Monday Night RAW Live In progress....right now.
  5. Yeah he's a good choice. I think he turned it down though.
  6. Ahhh yes.... "Alfred Broccoli's EON Productions Present.... .....EWAN McGREGOR......... IAN FLEMING's JAMES BOND 007 in.... .....CASINO ROYALE" That sounds decent.
  7. WWE

    It's true. Paulie came up and hit Hogan with a wooden frickin chair and Hogan just stood there, then turned around and said "NO BROTHA, I AIN'T PUTTING BALBOA OVER UNTIL HE APPEARS IN BROOKE'S NEXT VIDEO!!!!!!!"
  8. It's essential that they look very carefully at the villain situation for the next few Bond movies. Sean Bean was the last decent villain, in GoldenEye. Since then, we've had: - Jonathan Pryce as Elliot Carver, in Tomorrow Never Dies. - Robert Carlyle as Renard in The World Is Not Enough. - Tobey Stephens as Gustav Graves in Die Another Day. Although I liked all three movies, the villains were very weak. I would suggest giving 007 a real threat to deal with by reintroducing a SPECTRE type organisation with a mastermind behind it all. Possibly in new trilogy of 007 movies where each time, he has to foil the plans of the SPECTRE number 3, then 2, then finally the 1, the guy behind it all, much like Blofeld in earlier movies. Agreed. Ewan McGregor should be the next 007.
  9. Yeah, sorry Goran erm....whateveryournameis. 007? Nope, just not going to happen. Ever.
  10. Oh man, I've got a great joke I could use here, but it's just too damn cruel. Anyway, if you have Forbidden Planet stores in the U.S, I'm sure they'll have some ENT action figures. Though if they do, be prepared to pay quite a lot for them since comic book stores like Forbidden Planet like to bump up the prices significantly.
  11. He may have wanted the role, but he hasn't got it. Clive Owen wouldn't be right either. I just don't think he has the charisma or edge to be 007. The whole concept of this next 007 movie seems flawed. The movies are supposed to follow a clear formula. It's been the method of success. It doesn't matter whether his mother descends from royalty. I wouldn't want Prince Edward to be 007 either. Actually Doom isn't supposed to be camp. The character is dark and complex. Unfortunately this version of Doom was "Schumacher-esque" as opposed to the complicated villain he should have been.
  12. Julian McMahon told Sky Magazine that he wasn't going to be 007. And rightly so. He already made a mockery of Victor Von Doom, albeit with bad writing. Does another fictional character need to be given the camp treatment? I don't think so.
  13. WWE

    Sky are showing Rocky III again tonight. Right now, Hogan is refusing to sell any of Balboa's offense. So it's basically business as usual for Hogan. B)
  14. I only liked the first two incarnations of the Power Rangers. Tommy as The Green Ranger was always the best.
  15. Kathy Bates is rancid. Good actress though.
  16. I thought she was quite attractive too. But her voice...... -cringes-
  17. WWE

    Agreed, that match is going to be awesome.
  18. No. No. B) No. B)
  19. WWE

    I think Bischoff is great. The reason why his egotistical corrupt character is so believable is because Bischoff himself is egotistical and corrupt in real life. I think he's done a great job since he joined the WWE, but I also loved his character when he was in WCW/nWo. I agree. What the WWE need to do is restructure the roster to have a clear seperation between divisions: 1- Main eventers (WWE Championship) 2- Mid-carders (WWE Intercontinental Championship) 3- Tag Teams (WWE Tag Team Championship) 4- Cruiserweights (WWE CW Championship)
  20. WWE

    I have a suggestion. I think that when WWE SmackDOWN is cancelled, they should merge the rosters. When that happens, I believe that Teddy Long should be made into Shelton Benjamin's manager. It solves two problems at once. 1- Teddy Long, who is terrific on the mike gets a new character and something to do. 2- Shelton Benjamin, who is outstanding in the ring, but weak on the mike gets a mouthpiece to speak for him. I should point out that the "Yo brother is black" nonsense should NOT be part of the gimmick. But Shelton would be portrayed as a star performer (which he is anyway) and Long would be his "agent" or "representative". Logical booking I think.
  21. All sporting dynasties come to an end eventually. Either that or it just may be a sporting occurance known as "One-Of-Those- Games" where NOTHING goes right. Which I am VERY familiar with. B)
  22. It will never happen Vulcans are exposition characters who advance plots and explain things to the viewers. Romulans are antagonists who's main purpose is to create threats and problems for the main characters of a given Star Trek series to solve or deal with in whatever way. Merging the two isn't necessary.
  23. WWE

    I think Booker T should call it a day and retire. It's been obvious since 2001 that the WWE would never push him.
  24. Just finished watching Rocky III. Rocky cheated and beat Mr. T I think boxing is corrupt.