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  1. I don't like it that they ENT is so farr back into the "past" but now we learn about for axcample: how Starfleet met the Romulans and stuff like that.
  2. I think Kes. She's so hot. specially with that long hair. <_<
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for an walktrough of the game: "Startrek New Worlds." I've been looking fr an long time now but I can't find it. Does anyone know where I can get it? USSHolland_CO
  4. Oh, I wouldn't need her to strip for me. I would gladly take her clothes off for her. :o lol ok you can try if you like but dont come cry to us when you suddenly find your self strapped to one of the doctors bio beds. :( Oh, no, not that! Kes might rape me! :( O jou, please, I'm the one she wants. She wouldn't rape you. She'd rape me if she could. I'm the one for her :( :huh: :(
  5. I really hope we'll get an new Trek movie but please not an TNG. I've seen enough about picard and Riker. Maybe an VOY <_< movie or an DS9 movie. But an VOy movie has to be with Kes on board. She's so hot. (Kes and me :huh: ) Seven of nine comes Second place. :huh:
  6. I AM GONNA SUE YOU!!! HARRY KIM IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN KES!!! Click for Spoiler: If any ever says Harry Kim is boring, I will hunt that person down!!! Kes is so much more interesting then Kim. (And more buttifull :o ) But Voyager wouln'd be the same without him.
  7. We will most certainly miss you.