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  1. What do you think her name should change to this month???
  2. Sorry, couldn't resist... Notice the first episode
  3. I will probably post some pictures soon!!! I got tons of stuff at the Promenade... I rode both rides twice (I loved the Klingon encounter!), I ate at Quarks twice, I also saw the Blue Man Group (It was amazing), and I had a whole lot of fun. Soon I will post more details and pictures. Thanks to all who gave me advice!!!
  4. RikerChick just recently changed her name, and she had PMed me yesterday. However, now I have no PMs from RikerChick, they are all from RobertsChick
  5. I was able to manage 27080 at level 8.
  6. BEST STAR TREK NOVEL CONTEST! First there will be nominations. Rules: EACH MEMBER MAY NOMINATE UP TO 2 (TWO) BOOKS!!! Please tell: Title of the book The series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VGR, or ENT... Please do not tell movie era, tell where the characters are from) THE AUTHOR (if possible) Have fun!!! When there are a ton/enough nominations, the nominations will end and voting will begin. (Two people nominating the same book is OK, there will be no advantage, but it will show your support for the book.)
  7. I saw Jonathon Frakes as a guest star on Seinfeld.
  8. How many people do you see??? Count the people...
  9. star trterki fan
  10. Which Fruit's Basket character are you most like! I got: Momiji Sohma You are most like Momiji. Momiji is the Rabbit, and has a gentle, playful personality. He is very apathetic, and is always ready to offer a kind word. Yet he hides a secret more incredible than the Sohma Curse, but vows to remeber everyone who has touched his life. This is my first quiz. Please rate and let me know how I did!
  11. You are Smile! A funny cheerful person who is always there for people and genrally nice!
  12. I liked him more on DS9 because on TNG he just mainly did his transporting thing with little character developement, while on DS9, he developed.
  13. Where can I download specific TOS episodes online??? (Except for torrent sites like SuprNova...) Specifically "The City on the edge of forever"... Not a full season, just one episode...
  14. 60%... That last question us so randomly unfair! :) :)
  15. Your Score for The 100 Acre Personality Quiz: 49% your score: 49% 49 points out of 100 1,431,231 people have taken this quiz so far. 377,453 are the same charactor as you (Kanga). Your Result:
  16. ~*~*~*~*~UNIQUE~*~*~*~*~ You are different. You're the type of person that is easily spotted in a crowd. You have a radiant personality. You probably go through a lot of mood swings from happy to lonely, angry to sad, loving to spiteful, and so on. Be aware that your sudden change in personality may offend some people. People like to be around you because you are genuine and relaxed. You seem at peace with yourself and you give off that "what you see is what you get" vibe. That's a good thing because your general audience will feel relaxed and at ease knowing that they too can be themselves with out having to worry. Try not to judge others on their appearance. It's not nice. Over all you're a spirited person who enjoys having a good time! Good for you! ) Please Rate or message me! Thank you for taking my quiz! XoXo <3 Lana
  17. I got that ^ too!!! You are a polka-dotted fruit loop covered with melted cheese and salsa. You love to float in strawberry jam.
  18. The Mark Twain: A leisurely paddle steamboat navigating the Rivers of America in the 19th Century! A venerable Disneyland institution, you date to opening day in 1955 and respresent stablity, tradition, and a healthy dose of Americana. You never make your passengers seasick (in part due to the fact that you role along your secret underwater track) and always offer some great panoramic views of a Frontier mining town, New Orleans, and back woods glimpses of wildlife and injuns straight out of a Samuel Clemens tale! Small children and old folks like you best, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to get out and enjoy the nightlife, you play "Steamboat Willie" in the nightly production of the Fantasmic! Spectacular. Just one question, just how is that you are always managing to be headed "down river"?
  19. We should boycott UPN until they at least notice! Let's not just stand around!!!
  20. Yay!!! 72 points! I'm now a captain!
  21. ^ ^ ^Look I even used the Enterprise logo! I never have used a non Voyager one before! This is so sad!!! We should have a memorial service in the chatroom... This is all right after I was starting to like it!!! <_<
  22. 88% with an average of only 12 miles!!!
  23. In your eyes, people see brightness in everything.... and I mean... EVERYTHING! You're so optimistic and think of everything as just a new adverture! You're very energetic, happy, fun, and loving. Everyone seems to want to be just like you because you're a great example of people who live life to its fullest! You don't really have a sanctuary... That is... Besides the whole world >.< You love to have a good time and enjoy yourself among your friends, family, even strangers or by yourself! However, being so happy and energetic can also be your downfall... Some people might see you as a crazy person who doesn't take anything seriously, but that's so not true! Just because you see life better than them doesn't give them the right to act crabby. Keep living life to its fullest and hopefully you can drag some other people along with you ^-^
  24. Actualized type: INTP (who you are) Introverted (I) 65.79% Extroverted (E) 34.21% Intuitive (N) 53.49% Sensing (S) 46.51% Thinking (T) 58.62% Feeling (F) 41.38% Perceiving (P) 56.41% Judging (J) 43.59% INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population. Preferred type: INTJ (who you prefer to be) Introverted (I) 58.33% Extroverted (E) 41.67% Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50% Thinking (T) 58.06% Feeling (F) 41.94% Judging (J) 54.05% Perceiving (P) 45.95% INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population. Attraction type: INFJ (who you are attracted to) Introverted (I) 61.54% Extroverted (E) 38.46% Intuitive (N) 51.52% Sensing (S) 48.48% Feeling (F) 55.88% Thinking (T) 44.12% Judging (J) 65.52% Perceiving (P) 34.48% INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
  25. I say "dot dot dot" a lot... Also I say "Ult?h?" a lot. But the "t?h?" is pronounced by putting your tounge on the roof of your mouth right where the roof of your mouth meets your teeth. Then blow. Try it. Say it.