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  1. Warren Zevon
  2. Have real good one, but I couldn't get it to work!
  3. Thanks, I love and it has been added to my collection of ST back grounds!
  4. 'Don't Fear the Reaper' Blue Oyster Cult
  5. Warren Zevon
  6. Jeans, white sweater and reading glasses
  7. litter
  8. My son cooking grilled cheese and ham......I hope he cleans his mess!
  9. It's Friday night this year, so we are having a scary movie marathon.... some old, some new....
  10. Will Wheaton did play the serial killer on Criminal Minds tonight and he was very convincing.... Wow he's sure not the kid he used to be.... but neither am I......
  11. That was amazing, perfect in fact.... I have saved it..... and it does make me want to watch the movies again, it's time for a marathon..... Great job... it made my day!
  12. John Sheppard... Stargate Atlantis.... makes me wish I was 20 yrs younger!!!!!
  13. Q was great... a bit at a time as already mentioned.... I thought the Voyager episode with Janeway in the Continuim was disappointed, I think it should have been left to the imagination