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    See like I am big and I love to exercise with other people but I live in the middle of no where so I dont run around that much.<br /><br />LOTR kicks but<br /><br />I also like to play on my computer hang out with friends and blow things up and play D&D <br /><br />SPANISH MUSIC! SPANISH FOOD!
  1. In my opinon the paper throwing would be ok. But making a kid take a test on the floor is stupid. The teacher can make jokes that do not hurt the student but are just in good fun. The student did not deserve to take a test on the floor.
  2. In sleep he sang to me in dreams he came that voice that calls to me and speaks my name but do I dream agian for now I find that phantom of the opera is there inside my mind. It is a really great musical. I have not seen the ending but I know what happens.
  3. I do not remember episoed titles but the one that scared me the most was the voyager halloween episoed when nelix is telling the borg children a story about that evil nebula gas thing. Anyways nelix is like "I was scared so I thought about when the crew made me dinner for my birthday and they served me my favorite baranut sufflie thing" instead though the nebula gas monster comes out. It scared me for a second than a borg child says. Jeanway tried to feed you a nebula monster? and I almost laughed. The borg on first contact are scary!
  4. I have not seen it but have you people seen the Kenny Rogers Punked Mad T.V. skit? That was great when they beat up the Rays mom from Everybody loves Raymond.
  5. No it is at 8 P.M. Centeral time on sci fi I also heard cuba could have been it to.
  6. Joe Flanigan is a hotty all I can say. I really love his wet shep pick from SGA.
  7. I don't get why atlantis got such a low rating IMHO I like it alot more than SG1 but than SG1 has been running alot longer than SGA.
  8. We coming from the Western Wisconsin area we are famously known for our chesse from Westby *Green Bay Packers former chesse sponser* Also we have one of the largest october fests in the world and the worlds largest six pack so brats and beer are popular.
  9. Thinking about going on a ravoli rampage
  10. Its so much fun staring at a computer monitor!!!!! *waiting for friends to wake up*
  11. *throws starfleet command at next poster*
  12. I really really think about putting my own little jihad on the people that do this. WHY! WHY CAN'T WE JUST LIVE IN PEACE?!?! Terroists stay in your own countrys that are away from the "evil hebrew infadials" and leave us be. I apoligize if I offend anybody I am useally not like this just that dear God all because we do not agree we blow up each other that is sad. May the grace of God guide the victims and there familys to a happy joyous peaceful end. And thank god angel you are safe too!
  13. *tosses a bajoran solar ship at tina* *chucks a bajoran preist at next poster*
  14. Chocolate......................................
  15. sends the tribble eating kittens in cara's sig after spike *thwacks cara with a frozen tribble*