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  1. happy birthday angel of darkness! :D

  2. yeps :) lots'a times :blink:
  3. You Are Well Traveled in the United Kingdom (50%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in the Southern United States (15%) You Are Mostly Untraveled in Western Europe (7%) :blink:
  4. eating my tea & getting the bread all down me
  5. All Ive ever used is Windows... I like it....Ive got Xp atm :)
  6. im over that - do what you want with them
  7. i had one but was conned into not getting something when i got the server so cancelled it
  8. in no particukar order Nemo - nightwish Wishmaster - Nightwish Phantom Of The Opera - Nightwsih Walking In The Air - Nightwish She Is My Sin - Nightwish Angels Fall First - Nightwish Beuaty & The Beast - Nightwish The Riddler - Nightwish Crownless - Nightwish A Final Dream - Nightwish Nightwish fanatic! My newest obsession hehe
  9. its beenr eally hot - yay! :lol: :lol:
  10. I cant really describe my mood.. but I feel slightly peaceful now
  11. "Angels Fall First" Nightwish
  12. Chatting to my friend Ben *waves to him*
  13. immaturity is sooooo annoying me! my friends are sometimes acting reeeeally childish! ggr..
  14. hehe :lol: Some lyrics from Nightwish I put on my site :lol: :lol:
  15. im punctually weird :lol: