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  1. Hey Kor! What's new?

  2. Seriously?
  3. Everyone need's some kinda lovin'......
  4. How dumb would the cashier have to be to accept that bill?
  5. Way to go buddy! How long until you're number one?
  6. Three scores 60
  7. Half a century plus two.... Fifty-two
  8. Thats a pretty neat trick! How did you do it, Van Roy?........ You expect me to tell you ALL my secrets? Really, this time it wasn't me. I haven't gone near Victoria's Secret since they stoped carrying children's sizes. Personally I can't see the utility of spending all that money on undergarments when you just end up naked anyway. Children's sizes?! Seriously Van Roy, this is what I come back to? You calling yourself a pedophile? Glad you've learned to admit it. haha.
  9. I had been looking forward to that episode of Family Guy for two weeks, and I can honestly say that I loved it. Even though I thought some of it was ripped off from Robot Chicken, it was still good.
  10. "Smurf it easy" "Take it easy"
  11. Seriously? Of all the names to choose from, she picks that one? Jeez....
  12. Luckily her money ran out. SUVs can be super expensive to fill up.
  13. Is it bad that I've done probably two-thirds of those things?