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  3. [GLOW=red] From The Dawn of Time
  4. i got the same results...that Umberto Eco....I think it's a con job to get you to run out and buy the book!
  5. Drum Roll; And the results are(48 questions): Raiders of The Lost Ark
  6. Could anyone help me out with some info: I need the last know ranks of the cast of Voyager, please.
  7. if Enterprise is gonna be on Friday nights now for season 4....up against StarGate at the same time....it's ratings is gonna lose and suffer even more....any body else agree ?
  8. Ok...usually i'm hard on Enterprise...but tonight's "home' was excellent..I gave it a 9..I loved the new Bridge look....looking more and more like the NCC-1701 bridge...and I loved the plug of Jeffries being a designer of the NX...that was a great tribute too. The 'Puff Daddy' look of Phlox was great too. Was the story written by Coto? Couldn't have been 'the usual suspects'-B&B. Anyway, if that Vulcan Marriage Rite don't have a 'does anyone object' clause in it.....Trip needs to whip out a phase pistol (set on stun of course) and get her out of Dodge...That wedding has got to be crashed!
  9. October 4th 2004, Well, it was a long weekend. Weareborg needed time to think about whether or not he would fly to Florida or not, and later that morning we received communication from Lenny that he, William Shatner and that Nik guy was indeed there at Kennedy and ’on the job’ with a rescue plan. That information made a hasty flight by WAB less urgent. I continued to snoop around Mission Control in search of the controls for the uplink to the Nasa Channel, thus far have not been able to find them. Still no word from the ’site’ as to what to do with that information. Jeanway and Fenriz are inviting everyone to Indiana to begin a new ’civilization’ again. They reported finding a whole family of Startrekfans.net members, who were strangely ’Amish’ and well equipped with electronics. They managed to free a large number of animals from the surrounding Zoos and are calling it ’Eden’. My breakfast is getting worse with every passing day and the idea of settling down somewhere with a cow, chickens and pigs….sounds like a great plan for future pleasant ’breakfasts’ in the future. It is the most important meal of the day, after all.
  10. You already know I am! :(
  11. Oct 1st 2004 (still at breakfast table) HB:"Weareborg, do you think you can fly that Blackhawk all the way to Florida?" WAB: "Sure, when we leaving?" HB: " Not we....just you...can you make it there on your own? land and do the refuelings? I need you to check on this Nik guy see if what the astronauts are saying is true..see if this Nik is down there at Kennedy Space Center and help him get the shuttle ready to launch." WAB: "What are you and DL gonna do?" HB: " well, Nasa always has a back-up plan..I'm gonna need DL's help to grab Doc out of Rod Sterlingville and work on a back up plan to rescue those astronauts...if Doc really is good at computer programming we'll need him. I think the odds of this guy Nik succeeding in piloting the shuttle is a long shot, but if he's willing to risk his life to save those two astronauts then we got to support him." WAB: "you really don't think he can pull it off?" HB:" He might not even be alive right now, we haven't heard from him....but my dad used to tell me that two things will make you a success in life, brains and balls, but this time we are talking about flying the Shuttle! We'll, just have to wait and see if this Nik guy has the "right stuff". I've done some calculating with the computer, the Blackhawk has got a 300 mile range. You should still have enough fuel to reach the air port here in Houston...fuel up...then fly to Baton Rouge, La>>just follow I-10 east till you see a city with a building that looks like a small 'Empire State Building" then fly north to the air port..that's 267 miles from here...re-fuel there..and fly to Pensacola Navy Air Station or Eglin Air Force Base that will still be on I-10 just follow the hi-way east (that's another 257 miles) refuel again..then stop at the air port in Tallahassee, FL and be sure to top off your fuel tank there(another 200 miles) then your last leg will be by compass to Cape Canaveral ITS 295 MILES! so when you reach Kennedy you will be on fumes. The flight time is around 7 hrs but with all the refueling it will take all day, take the sat phone and call if you have any trouble...call when you get to Kennedy Space Center and find Nik.........Good Luck.
  12. Ok...I know at first glance is seems a little "egocentric" but since I 'm in a different city/town everyday I'll supply the clues. City#1 1st Clue- this town is located in the "cheese head state" 2nd clue- name of town same as 1st name of an American president stricken with polio. 3rd clue-
  13. City#9: Clue#1:These are the state symbols: Flower-Viola papilionacea, Bird- Turdus migratorius, Wildlife- odocoileus virginianus Clue#2: the Potowatomi Indians called this town Coo-No-Mo-Wauk. Clue#3: which means "River of Falling Waters" or "Where th Waters Meet", or "River of Lakes" Clue#4: Town founded 1837. Clue#5: Historic home of the Pabst Dairy Farms Clue#5: John S. Rockwell is the town "father"
  14. That was fast! Correct! Y'all are catching up to me! Score= Jaz4-4 UH-2 wishfire-1
  15. I only gave it a seven. I had a couple serious problems with a main plot point or two. Click For Spoiler #1: When the 'bad guy' agreed to hand over his two 'hostages' insurance policy and allowed Archer to beam back up to Enterprise- a orbiting weapons platform. I just couldn't see any 'bad guy' doing that..it was just bad writing...but i understand that if they didn't do it...there would have been a whole part 3 of the same story..the story would have required a 'rescue arc' which would dragged out the whole last half of the episode.#2: Didn't Malcomb say that Lenin had been assinated in 1917? so how did Archer Killing the bad guy in 1944 fix the time line back in 1917? and if Daniels is alive and well now , wouldn't the Suliban be alive as well?
  16. City#8: Clue#1: This state entered the Union on May 29th, 1848 is the 30th State. Clue#2: This city is named for the 4th President of the United States.
  17. Correct Again, bet that zip code gave it away, huh? Score = Jaz4-3 UH-2 Wishfire-1
  18. City#7 Clue#1: This State Slogan is "The Land of Lincoln" CLue#2: In 1853 this town was originally named Benton and was platted on land owned by Abraham V. FLagg. Clue#3: In 1854 Residents of 'Benton' petitioned the government for a post office, but discovered there was another town named 'Benton' in this state, so the name was changed to ___________ in honor of Col. John ________ a local resident. Clue#4: The zip code is 62693. Where am I?
  19. Very correct indeed! score= jaz-3 wishfire-1 UH-1
  20. Oct 1st 2004 (06:00) Late the previous evening we had said 'Good-Night' to the astronauts and went in search of nearby accomodations. We had found a 4 bedroom, executive-style ranch nearby. It had a garage, a pool, a deck with a telescope...probably belonged to one of the NASA suits...lots of NASA pictures on the walls. I sat at the breakfast table eating my Cocoa Pebbles swimming in powdered milk, staring at the sat phone which the astronauts had kindly informed us where to procure..still no call from that Nik guy. I had called him but was there had been no answer... Images if the worst scenarios crossed my mind...maybe he had crashed...maybe he was laying somewhere unconscious. WAB sat at the table, as well, playing with his new toy...a sat phone of his own. "These things are GREAT, HB! Do you know you can be out in the middle of the desert, or on the ocean, and they STILL work! I look up from my Pebbles, and say, "You know what I like best about 'em...the fat government accounts...no shutoff." I produce my recently rendered inoperable Sprint cell phone from my pocket (which the Sprint Company computer system had seen fit to disconnect when the U.S. Mail had haulted when everyone dispeared, no doubt with my payment somewhere in route) and tossed it across the room, just missing DL as she hurried through the kitchen. Setting her stack of Barry Manilow CDs on the counter, she rapidly grabbed a glass & filled it with Tang. HB:"Where's the fire?" She shot me annoyed look, and replied, "Don't you guys know it's a Nasa tradition...the "wake-up call". Every morning mission control plays some music for the astronauts?" "Oh....OK", I said as my spoon plopped back into the bowl. She curiously eyed the cereal and remarked "I thought you were a Frosted Flakes kind of guy." " I have discovered that after all the chocolate comes off the Cocoa Pebbles, it can make ANYTHING taste good!" "Yeah...well, My astronauts are waiting...see ya later, guys." As I hear the engine start on the "borrowed' Chevy truck in the drive, I asked," Zack, did you get all the toys unloaded?" "Yeah, HB, they're all in the garage." "Zack, I've got a mission for you." "Oh, no...I'm not gonna go hunting for any more nerve gas!"
  21. City#6: Clue#1: This state became the 24th State in the Union, on 10th August 1821 after Congress reached a 'compromise' in 1820. Clue#2: This town is named after Stephen and wife Dorcas __________, two early settlers who traveled with Daniel Boone on a return trip from Kentucky to bring settlers to the Meramec River Valley. Clue#3: the settlement was named this by the St.Louis and San Francisco Railroad when they built a depot here in 1858. Clue#4: long known as "the Gateway to the Ozarks" Clue#5: in Franklin county
  22. And we have a new Winner/ Look out Jas4debo! Score: Jas4debo-3 Wishfire-1
  23. September 30th, 2004 (8 pm CDT) We all climbed out of the Blackhawk and headed across the lawn towards the well lit side-walk leading up to the front doors…well at least the power was still on. We reached the front doors to find the glass had been broken…someone had beat us here! I told WAB to run back to the chopper and bring me a MP-5. He did so, and brought one for himself too, which DL6 quickly disarmed him and began brandishing it herself. DL6: you think who ever broke in is still here? HB: “maybe, or else they just didn’t bother to turn off the lights when they left….let’s stick together….I don’t want to run into you and spook you with that. Let’s find the control room.” We located the control room ten minutes later, there on the ‘big screen’ were the astronauts still alive and going about their ‘routine’ business. Over in the corner of the control room I noticed a cot had been brought in, there was sleeping bag on it, and it was surrounded by stacks of manuals, code books, and memos, etc .. The whole things looked like a bird nest or rat’s nest…take your pick…atop the books were empty ‘Chinese take-out boxes’ “peanut butter cup wrappers and setting in the middle of the cot I found a pair of Roller-Blades and a ‘tickle me Elmo” doll with it’s head torn off and the name ‘Barry Manilow’ carved in the chest. I knew then and there….whoever this guy was….he had issues to deal with and decided to hide the doll from DL. DL had meanwhile located the com panel and the control station for the VOX. As I walked back over to her side carrying the roller blades she had begun calling the I.S.S. DL: “hello, you who, this is Houston calling you guys up there ….” I could see the astronauts had heard her, and had directed their attention towards the camera… ISS: “Houston, I.S.S., please identify.” DL6: “ Wow…you guys are still alive….that’s so great.” HB: “hey, …..everybody’s beamed up except a few of us, but you already know that! Afraid you just have two kids and a truck driver now…and whomever these belong to”( I wave the roller-blades in front of the camera.) ISS; “Roger that, Houston., those would be Nik‘s?” HB: “ Nik? Hey, WAB isn’t there a Nik at STF.Net wrote in Jeanway’s ~Sea Trek~~ with us? WAB: “yeah….real bright guy” HB: I.S.S., this is Houston, we are three possible friends of Nik’s.. if ‘your’ nik is the same guy we‘re thinking of.? He doesn’t seem to be here at the moment.” ISS: “That’s an affirmative, Houston, Nik is chasing a possible contact .” HB: “ I’m not going to even pretend to understand what that means…except Elvis has left the building, I gather…hey, you guys tell him Hb, DL6, and WAB are here in Houston, will ya?
  24. (19:30 hrs) I woke up...all was still...WAB was setting quietly up front. HB: "are we there?" WAB turned and quietly spoke, ".....no, DL6 needed to ...go." HB: "go?" WAB: "Yeah...you know!" HB:" ohh....go...go...sooo where is she ...going?" WAB: "Behind the chopper" At this point my eyes were almost open...I started to look around me and was about to ask,"where are we?" but then I saw the bleachers. HB: "AHHH, WAB , are we where I think we are?" WaB:" It was a clear landmark...very good target.." HB:"....O....K..... come to thank of it, I need to go myself. How about you? WAB:" No Sir, my father would kill me...." I climbed out of the Blackhawk, right there on the 50 yard line...and unzipped my fly. HB:" AHHHHHH.....So your Dad played for A&M?" WAB:"yes, Sir" I was finished about the time DL6 returned .....we climbed back in the chopper and we took off again...we landed around 8 p.m. out in front of the L.B.J. Space Center by the large Saturn V rocket.
  25. September 30th, 2004 1845 hours (6:45 pm) We dusted off, and turned toward the south east on a heading toward Houston, Weareborg climbed smoothy to a reasonable low altitude as DL6 watched his heading closely on the instruments...I rode in the rear with the gear....as the sun set behind us and the rotors cut through the ever darkening evening...I inquired if this was going to be a problem...Weareborg turned and I saw he was 'trying out' the night vision gear..."This is awesome...you got to try this...." HB: "Just keep up above those trees....and don't hit anything..." I reclined back agains the padded bulkhead of the Engine ...feeling the vibration of the massive power plant against my back...with the steady sound of the rotors chopping through the thick evening air...my mind drifted off and fixed on the old "Doors" tune....'The End' as I drifted off to sleep. It should only be a quick 1hr and 20 minutes or so to Houston. Click For Spoiler This is where the Apocalypse Now Theme should be...if I could get music to post!