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  1. Ditto! Amen! Tell 'em where he can stick it.... ok...LoTB..i could only get Dynomite to download....it was short...but i thought it was well done...and the music fit.....after all it's a music video.....the only proper way to criticise one is to say the video didn't fit the music...but that's simply a matter of taste..or lack there-of.....AC/DC rocks..and i thought it was fine...doesn't have to tell a story...on a techno note....i did think that the timing where Ricker pops up...was just alittle off the beat(mark) maybe you could nudge it just a little( if you know what I mean)..what do you think? I mean just a nano-second off...reminds me of the good old MTV days! ok..just watched again....suggestion nudge the music to the right...so the first Oya...(or what-ever) lines up with Worf when he gets rocked to the side(if you know what i mean) that might line-up Ricker better with the beat.
  2. (1) I always welcome constructive criticism. (2) This was my first experiment with Windows Movie Maker and digital media. (3) I was under a deadline- it was a Valentine's Day present/project (4) you use what you can find/steal/borrow...i don't have the key to the vault at Paramont..i admitt the footage of Trip/T'Pol in the cave is very poor..too poor..will replace when better becomes available. (5) Use more relations? please clarify........ (6) The music doesn't fit..... (i don't think you even speak or understand English that well.....you're Dutch right! and you said the same thing about everyone's work here...you're just out tearing down other peoples work to elevate and promote your own..your site..which by-the-way ..when i try to download your work...my firewall tells me you are trying to push more thru to my computer than just the video. (7) I interned for 3 years at KSFM-TV channel 29 between 1988-1990...and have made dozens of music video(late at nite) and worked on several AETN(pbs) documentaries that have been broadcast. I grew up watching MTV...and the music fits perfectly.... (8) criticizing others work to plug your own...is just bad taste...
  3. wish i could..but i get a error message and my McFee firewall tells me you are streaming more than just a video..
  4. This one rocks...i didn't care much for the Mag. 7..the video footage was great..i just couldn't get-into the music..just a matter of taste i guess..but this one really rocks.
  5. that was some great action scenes..but mine was really blurry...
  6. This is the most awsome star trek music video...really shows off what you can do with editing effects and great transitions.....and how he gets it compressed down so small so it loads so fast....???
  7. I thought it was great..tooo
  8. How much time had passed? Corwin didn't know, his first memory was of the bright white ceiling light above his hospital bed and vague flashes of being submerged in some kind of liquid tank with all manor of tubes running into and out-of his body and androids! He quickly looked around....the bed was hovering off the floor about 4ft.....this wasn't Earth at least not any time he was familiar with...maybe a future earth???
  9. I think it's a darn shame that 3 seasons was wasted on the Xindi/spherebuilders/ temporal cold war crap...which really didn't have a thing to do with the Historical reasons for the formation of the Federation...it was just all a primer for future B&B projects set in their star trek era- i.e. post TNG/Voyager/DS9. Now i see from the previews of this friday's Enterprise....the Federation is gonna be formed! We skipped right over a Earth/Romulan war .
  10. I voted they would learn from their mistakes and keep the same staff and move on....mainly because this is how the world works..the top (B&<_< will not be held accountable for mistakes...they can do no wrong....won't fire themselves....it's like when Coke came up with New Coke...but then couldn't admit they had made a mistake...they just quietly faded it out.
  11. 'Twas ABC that the original BSG, and that other show [“The Return of Starbuck” was pretty good though], was shown on. <_<..I remember some 15-year-old kid committed suicide when they cancelled BSG.. Concerning ENT's end... [Or is it?*] Like much other Trekkies, I am sad [and quite a bit depressed] to see Enterprise go, and if syndication doesn't revive the series I guess a break might make things better... Though, I won't mind seeing Star Trek: Excelsior come into being after ENT's run, assuming Trek will be better ran. Mmm, coincidentally, I first read about this whilst listening to “A Day in the Life” [1967].. I read the news today, oh boy... * Not too optimistic at the moment, but I guess time shall tell... 299985[/snapback] the return of StarBuck was an execellent 2 hr movie special...the BSG 1980 was the relaunch attempt in 1980 that was suppost to be after they find Earth...it was a very poor series flop....i'll take your word for it as to the ABC....and I remember the sucide too it was a real shame.
  12. Is it too early for a Wake? I remember the first scenes of Broken Bow, I said Kool Theme music...but then ....where is the establishing shot......no establishing shot.....WHAT KIND OF MORON CREATES A SHOW CALLED.... ENTERPRISE....BUT DOESN'T SHOW US....THE ENTERPRISE.....there are leasons to be learned here....(1) Establishing shots...(2) if you gonna make a prequel.....taking place before Kirk, Spock, Bones, Pike, April(conjecture....gray area in Canon) don't ignore TOS...just because you (B & <_< weren't around to author it and don't like it.... Season 4 was just starting to link Enterprise with pre (TOS) history/canon....and it was really looking good...Thanks Coto...but the damage was already done....the patient was already critical. Due entirely to piss poor writing and management.....(here's a dumb idea>> lets get a charismatic, talented lead actor to protray Starfleet's first Enterprise captain...how about that SCOTT BAKULA.. DIDN'T HE DO ANOTHER SCI-FI HIT...CALLED QUANTUM LEAK.... YEA, THAT'S THE GUY....OK...SO ....WHAT WILL WE HAVE HIM DO ON THE FIRST EPISODE....OH...WHY DON'T WE HAVE HIM LEAPING THROUGH TIME....OH YEA....SOUNDS LIKE A SWELL IDEA B&B...YOU DON'T THANK THE FANS WILL NOTICE ANY SIMILARITIES THERE ....NO....THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM ACCEPTING HIM AS ARCHER...AS LONG AS WE DON'T HAVE HIM SAY "OH BOY" AND LATER WE'LL INVITE HIS OLD BUDDY AL TO GUEST START....THE FANS WILL NEVER NOTICE. In the first season...we'll boldly go farther that Kirk ever got in 5 years...we'll go all the way to the Klingon Home world..and we'll do it without hardly a single mechanical breakdown..or accident....I can just see Scotty; green with envy saying ...they sure don't make 'em like the NX class anymore. That first warp 5 starship....worked like a charm. After the end of the single season of the origional BattleStar Galactica....CBS went back and did Galactica 1980..most fans of Galactica can just ignore/dismiss it. But StarTrek is different....3 seasons of Enterprise can't be ignored...it's there...it's Canon.
  13. According to Spock in TOS...Romulans did not have warp drive at the time of the Earth-Romulan War (2160)...which would have been understandable if you consider the sleeper class ships of that early time period(DY-100 thru DY-500) class sleeper ships....but after First Contact establishes Earth has warp drive with the flight of the Phenix...we need to just (let it go) and go with it...Spock made a mistake. But it's still hard to overlook the Romulans now having proton torpedos and cloaking devices and holo-emitters and Warp Drive...and I still haven't heard T'Pol admitt to Archer that the Romulans are a off-shoot of the Vulcan race. And according to Captain Kirk the peace treaty between Earth-Romulans was via sub-space radio and humans had never seen Romulans face to face. Lets see Coto work that into the next scripts! It's not a question of can it be done...it's a question of will he do it.....to preserve Star Trek Canon.
  14. great video..well made and edited very well into sync with the song...how ever...Knights in White Satin.....not really a fitting Love Song....and just too Loud volume.
  15. I agree 100% Voyager was a very strong series...My favorite series so far...DS9 was much weaker....basically "General Hospital" in space...ever notice as the series progressed we saw less and less of the station and all the action took place ....else where. I've been very critical of Enterprise 1st 3 seasons...for good reason the writing really suxs...B&B tried to rewrite Star Trek Canon...excluding the origional series..which was very nauty...nauty..but this 4th season is looking real good.
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  17. SCENARIO: At sunrise September 15th, 2004 around the world, everyone except the Startrekfans.net members suddenly vanish (are "Taken" similar to the New Testament Revelations and the movie-"Left Behind" ......) leaving behind only we few, this is our story ~The Days After~. Rules: Your entries are to be journal like...and interaction between characters can't span more than 24 hours in a single entry (example: don not write- I walked for 6 days and now am doing such and such< that forces others to account/catch up what they did for all that time). Be yourself, or make up a "realistic" contemporary character, reveal as much or as little of the real you as you like, just no "super-powers" and no futuristic technology. The RPG is about what You would do, if we found we were the only one's left behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Days After~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 15th 2004 07:00 A.M. Central Time My alarm sounds. I roll out of bed, wipe my eyes and climb back into the driver's seat. I'm a over the road truck driver, and this load's got to be in Chicago before 5 p.m. I release the brakes and pull out of the Pilot truck-stop -Mauston, Wi. The sunrise was about 30 minutes earlier, and I guess I'm getting a jump on the other drivers....the truck stop seems still quiet..I think to myself "Early bird gets the worm...as I pull onto Interstate 90/94. I drive just a few miles...and there's an Accident up ahead. I gear down as I approach, it looks like a bad one.. a three car pile-up, one has ran off the road and rolled over, it's on fire. I stop, grab my fire extinguisher and run to the burning car to put out the fire.....but no one's inside! I check the other cars...nothing there but clothes. I call 911 on my cell, No Answer! I look up and down the hi-way, no traffic...AT ALL! I begin to get a strange scary feeling, I climb back into my rig and continue down the hi-way, here and there cars, trucks all ran off the road, some setting still, others rolled over, some on fire.....but still NO BODY AROUND. I near the Petro-Portage,Wi I pull off the hi-way...I've been trying to call everyone I know on Phone...no answers! There's a large fire at the truck stop fuel island, a Semi had ran over a Pump and the whole island is on fire, still no fire trucks, no by-standers. I pull around to the main building, luckily it's a good distance from the fire. I go inside......no one there, just little piles of clothing here and there, I'm shaking now....but then I catch the smell of the Breakfast Bar, I enter the Restaurant....there's a full bar of fresh food, but no one there...I go into the kitchen and there's burning food, what used to be bacon on the grill...no one's there, here and there plates of food dropped on the floor amid little piles of clothing. Well, guess my first order of business is Survival....I better not let this food go to waste, I make a plate and set down to a quiet 9:30 A.M. breakfast.
  18. Faith.wvxHalloween Morning, Nik and Company successfully launched shuttle Discovery to rescue the astronauts. Way to Go, Nik!
  19. On October 7th, Weareborg took-off aboard the Blackhawk on his mission to aid Nik, Bill and Lenny, with their efforts toward readying the Shuttle for launch in Florida. Contact with him was lost, but word has it he later turned up at the gates of Ft. Hood. Then next morning(Oct.8th), myself and DL6, raced in the opposite direction toward California to locate Doctor Who--somewhere in Rodsterlingville, Ca.( a adventure in itself-soon to be told in FanFict "Journey to Rodsterlingville") Communication with this plain of existence was interrupted as the time distortion grew larger.
  20. WE love the smell of Napalm in the Morning! Weareborg, HB, DL6 perform early morning community clean-up at a local XXX video store.
  21. October was a very busy month for the few remaining survivors of the ‘Great Holocaust” , Lida and Aaron had found a whole family of AmishTrek fans in Indiana and were busy setting up the ’ New World Order-- Eden. Nik was hard at work on rescuing the stranded astronauts with the reported help of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Communications had been greatly improved with the use of the U.S. government provided satellite communications - SAT Phones. The first week of October, myself , DL6, and WAB spent in the Houston area, we visited Astroworld. It was free, and there was no waiting in line at any of the rides. We then set about the work of cleaning up the dead animals at the zoo and disposing of the remains… then we found another use for the flame-thrower and went about cleaning up the surrounding Harris County of all the adult book stores.napalm.wav
  22. Can anyone help me ...tell me how to pause a DVD then copy the image to the computer as a .jpeg I want to copyright infringe some images from StarTrek Nemesis.
  23. great thanks! now that's PowerDvD right? and where can I pick it up? BestBuy? how much $$$?
  24. I've decided not to worry about DSO Exploit anymore...it keeps coming back...I just hope it's not "Kiddy Porn" hiding somewhere on my computer...and the FBI will hopefully understand and not take me to jail.
  25. You have to have a DVD-rom and good DVD player software on your computer that does screenshots. I have CyberLink's Power DVD on my computer to do screenshots. It's a really nice player but there are others with screenshot capabilities as well. If you are looking at programs it will say if it will do screenshots so if it doesn't say it can, then it doesn't have the capability. I don't know of any other way to do them if you don't have a DVD-rom on your computer. 286328[/snapback] well it's a lap top...i got interDvd and windows media player...so i need something that does screenshots? ok...thanks