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  1. Well, you're a testiment to what can be done with very little, never in my mind would I have believed it. So much been accommished with so little. It was the titles that really threw me...I've played a lot with WMM...and couldn't(at least I thought I hadn't) found any Fonts that resembled STAR TREK fonts...and couldn't get the Underline to just underline one line...and you can't change colors within the same animation. The croping of the stills was very good thinking, makes the aspect ratio consistent(very clean frame space)...I loved the sepia tone effect you used on some of the astronaut footage. But how did you crop the stills and use the ease in/ease out..seems to me like that would take multiple crops...very clean piece of work. WMM has never crashed on me...it's been great for quick jobs, but i find it just doesn't have enough bells and whissles or (balls) for me/ Problem I'm having with Premiere....it's power hungry, Ram hungry....hangs up during preview(can't tell if the glitches are in the work..or just my computer) and the interface requires a book to figure out...I spent i whole evening just poking around to find the TitleDrawer.
  2. NO WAY!!! YOU GOT TO BE B.S.ing me now! Windows Movie Maker? The Titles....how did you do the titles...my WMM won't let me title like that?????that all looks way too good for a cheesy software like wmm....and I'm over here pulling my hair out....trying to learn to navigate Premier and AfterEffects... used photoshop to crop the stills(scratches head) ...well it all looks great.
  3. :P :P Beautiful...most excellent work i've seen here so far, amazing what you can do with a little T&T&T (time, tools, talent)<<speaking of tools.....liquid Edition? or Adobe Primiere Pro? I liked the first one better, Scott's Voice Over would have been great..except the writers messed things up.....when they wrote in Travis and his Parents ....."Yea, I've been here before...I grew up on a cargo freighter.....'
  4. This has got to be the saddist CGI shot since the days of TOS...and atleast then they didn't have a budget or even CGI. 1st Place Award. Just look at the size of that tank compared to the building, and the completely level ground. And if you notice, there doesn't appear to be left side to the whitehouse..just a front! and a roof! and where's the fountain?
  5. For all the STF members who were/are/want to be a part of this story...I made a movie Intro/Theme well, it just locked up on me...at the 40% buffered mark...maybe some of the other tasks need to be closed before it will load properly...17mb file for broadband/DSL ~~SEA TREK~~ Intro Video
  6. Well, I'm enjoying the show....but I agree...this "Cylon/ God /religious story-arc is very....something....the writers need to put it to bed or....as a judge would say...is this going anywhere...cause it needs to get to the point real fast... The second problem I'm having with it is....they are drawing from/ making it Mirror actual Earth/American cultural motifs too closely...like the funeral..and the folding the flag into a triangle, the 21 gun salute, the pilot briefing room...cso...it's all streight from actual SOP from our military...what's the odds of the 12 colonies evolving/developing the exact formal protocols as we (Earth-lost colonie)...
  7. Yea, thanks for the input..my windows media player kept trying to start playing it b4 it was finished downloading....the writing can be read just fine on the CD copies i made...but they (the disk copies) are 100mb.....it's that darn compression...maybe if I could find a different web hosting company I could put a less compressed version up there....it features the writing of: Fenriz,(myself),ILikeSeven,Jeanway,Nik,SolarWind,TinaDoll,WeAreBorg....wish they could read there names....
  8. Name your favorite Enterprise Teaser. The Teaser is the first part of the show before the Intro/Theme....suppost it hook you/ make you interested in watching the rest of the show. I vote- Observer Effect.
  9. Ignore Trip and T'Pol for a moment....from an engineering stand-point..(1) this shower area is way too large to be in her or his private quarters..so we must assume this is a crew shower...so was it the women's or men's locker room? or do they have uni-sex (co-ed) showers in 2154. Another thing notice the downward slooping metel shoulding(enclosure) that looks dangerous!..if you were to slip on a bar of soap, you could cut something off! Not a very safe/design. P. S. notice the vent behind their heads....looks like daylight outside the trailer(closed set).
  10. I gave it a 9.5... Click For Spoiler didn't like the Malcomb/JamesBond(section31) crossover...but these 2 episodes are prehaps the most important eps we are gonna get out of Enterprise...we probably won't get to see much of the Earth/Romulan conflict or the actual founding of the Federation...so finding out the how/why on the Klingon forehead issue is very important..It needed to be explained....after Worf's comments in the DS9 re-make of Trouble with Tribbles....about it being a subject his race was "sensitive" about. And it was very....very..well done...the way the storyline was designed....with the forshadowing with the Brint Spiner Epic....the whole augment thing...Cato's writing is just wonderful....ties well with TOS...it's just a shame it's too late in the game.
  11. Answer: not so...i loved the theme song instead of the instrumental theme...when the word was out that a new Star Trek show was in the making..I was very excited..when they said it was gonna be a prequel..again i was very excited..the idea that it would be very contempory with stuff we haven't scene yet was very exciting..an era before the Federation...the show was suppose to be about Mankinds struggle to catch up (in technology and other ways) with our intersteller partners. Answer: totally wrong...I assumed that as a prequel it wouldn't contradict other series(canon)....and was very disappointed and upset when it did....for 3 seasons! from the very first show. Many of these contradictions center around technology...transporters, photo-torpedos, replicators, phasors, tri-corders(the size) The story is King..that's the golden rule of movie making/good TV.....B & B were burnt out on Startrek writing and wanted to try something more "risky" which was good! I love the decon chamber, Love the super-model Jolene Blalock..the age/gender of the target audiance is no longer children.....it's high time we have more mature content in Star Trek.. But it's still star trek....and a pre-quel...so ignoring everything TOS...because it was writen before you (B & :) were old enough to write for your HS newpaper let alone pen a episode of enterprise..is just bad! So then you try to make up for bad storytelling by giving the audiance ....the flashy visual effects( phasors, proton torpedoes) but all that just made the problem worse in my opinion. And now, this season ...yes...the stories are great...and the direction is toward TOS...I love these stories ....atleast now we know what happened to the Klingon's ridges . Answer: I love the decon chamber...but yes...it's pretty silly...to have those cool space-suits then not use them, hence requiring a rub down....but hell, if i was going on an away mission with T'pol......(I'd opt out of wearing the suit too..) Answer: yes, the set department should strive to show the technology evolving toward the basic geometry of TOS.. that doesn't mean painted monitor screens, but it would be nice to see some of those little data-disks, and the clip-board, and some of the computer sounds would be nice too, No the wild colors(orange,red) doesn't need to be repeated and some-how the storylike should come up with an explaination as to why jumpsuits were replaced with "mini-skirts" for the ladies...it's a matter of canon...and it's a military thing...the uniform 100 years later will be mini-skirts. Note: I only fixed up the quote feature - no editing to actual post. Takara
  12. I think it was just a budget/ time issue...the whole scene wasn't more that a second..just to establish the storyline that the Nazi's had taken Washington, and the war wasn't going well. It would have taken more time, but maybe a arial view of Washington cia 1940's with some color/ digital enhancements then cut to a scene of a Nazi climbing the front steps(of a building that's suppost to be the whitehouse..closeup with Nazi Flags...then the oval office..with battle damage and more Nazi flags...) but that would have taken up more time/money.
  13. I understand the scene was part of a fantasy...but generally when one has a fantasy about "getting it on" with someone else....they don't extend the fantasy to a generic shower...it's more reasonable to assume this was a actual location on Enterprise ....otherwise why would someone waste their fantasy on such a "non-exotic" location. In other words, i believe this was a familiar setting to the dreamer. Which I guess would make the fantasy even more exciting...the fear of getting caught in the act..a crewmember might have walked in!
  14. i think a perfect example of this..is last Friday's Battlestar Galactica....the uni-sex restroom scene with Baltar....seems a logical extention of gender normalization/equality in the militaries of the future.
  15. I just watched it again...I think "Observer Effect" has one of the best "teasers" of all the shows. The "teaser" is the first part of the show, before the Intro...
  16. sorry we hi-jacked your thread LOTB..kinda got off topic...back to the Riker thing...now are you talking about combining the clips up in the collections area..or do i have to drag and drop in the storyline first..then drag the clip over the other one..does it matter which one is on top..i'd assume the one on the bottom becomes the shadow(background)? and no still can't get the other's DDDDC to work..I got media player 10, reel player, DiX player, quick time...all on my computer
  17. way to go! i'm rotflmao, i admitt i never clicked on that one...as a general rule i don't click on cross-dressing alien pictures...guess i should have sooner. 306068[/snapback] Yeah, that part was kind of the 'punch line' of that video lol 306071[/snapback] the whole thing was great..but that was the punch line...when we talk about the video going with the song..that's what i'm refering too...going out and finding just the right scenes...hanging the cat by the tail, the coffee being bad, the scene of Barkley coming in the room..(just like Norms arrival in Cheers..) and the big punch line...right on que- I just wish the images didn't get so distorted ...seems like DiX does that..or is it just compressing/formating which distorts it? 306073[/snapback] Yeah, now that I have all of those episodes on DVD I'm going to re-author it to get rid of the distortions. I might start tonight if I have time. It's just a matter of removing the soundtrack then getting the clips off the DVD's. 306075[/snapback] please tell me which software allows you to copy the copyright protected Dvd....i got lots of DVD...but getting into the computer to edit it seems to be my big hold up..i was figuring i was gonna have to copy them to vHs then back to DvD-R just to get them in the computer.
  18. way to go! i'm rotflmao, i admitt i never clicked on that one...as a general rule i don't click on cross-dressing alien pictures...guess i should have sooner. 306068[/snapback] Yeah, that part was kind of the 'punch line' of that video lol 306071[/snapback] the whole thing was great..but that was the punch line...when we talk about the video going with the song..that's what i'm refering too...going out and finding just the right scenes...hanging the cat by the tail, the coffee being bad, the scene of Barkley coming in the room..(just like Norms arrival in Cheers..) and the big punch line...right on que- I just wish the images didn't get so distorted ...seems like DiX does that..or is it just compressing/formating which distorts it?
  19. way to go! i'm rotflmao, i admitt i never clicked on that one...as a general rule i don't click on cross-dressing alien pictures...guess i should have sooner.
  20. Ok..I downloaded it...and watched it 3 times.. (1) The Video Resolution(or quality) is ....most excellent!....theater quality..where can i get some .rar footage for my projects..is the quality better in that format? (2) To quote you: the music doesn't go with the video/ actually the video doesn't work well with that music..to be more specific the tempo of the video clips is faster than the tempo of the music. Enya?? It really wasn't sad or somber enough for the death of Spock, and it wasn't heroic either...since Spock sacrificed his life for the many. But all that is just a matter of artistic taste.. (3) as for the editing....I didn't really see much editing(which either means you did it very well or not at all) I couldn't see many transitions..that weren't part of the original scenes..but it's been a long time since I set down and screened WrOK, maybe I will tonight. Just seemed like a real long clip from the movie...not really a music video at all..more a Musical Interlude sequence from a movie.
  21. Speaking for myself, when I make a video it really has nothing to do with whether the 2 things really "go together". I made the one with the theme from Cheers and video from Star Trek, no way those things "go together". But when I heard the music those were the images that I was inspired to use. For me, it's about making something that I understand. Something that makes sense to me. If other people "get it" and like it then that's great, but when I make the videos I'm making them for me. So if somsone sees a video I made and it just doesn't quite seem to make sense to them, that's a shame but it made sense to me and that was my main goal in making it. 306033[/snapback] I'd like to see that one, VGB, what's the title? The Theme music from Cheers...is very flexible..."sometimes you want to go.....where everybody knows your name..." works well with lots of different video footage...you could start off with a scene from 10-forward....and go from there...to all kinds of arrival footage..i.e. shuttle bay doors..greetings at airlocks...the enterprise coming in to space dock...Quark's Bar..."troubles are all the same" works well with sickbay, all kinds of fights(trouble) ..the tribbles... Not all songs tell a linear story..some are just "mood" and emotion...and as long as those images come to mind when you hear certain lyrics or tones...and you can edit the video to 'hit the mark' your're getting the job done fine....I scene some of your work, VBG, you're very good at choreographing/synchronizing your video to hit the marks.
  22. Ok..let me try to explain again...a music video...is about the music..not really the video..the video is there to support the music(to valadate it)....very different from a movie ....movies are made first..and then are scored later..if you're lucky and got the money..you'll get John Williams and the London Symphony to do it. There's a big difference..generally when making a music video...you leave the music alone and just concentrate on editing video to match the music...saying the music doesn't fit the video....is very different from saying the Video doesn't fit the music....it's like saying the shoe doesn't fit my foot....so lets get a new shoe...instead of saying my foot doesn't fit this shoe...so lets get a new foot. A movie however is different..if the music doesn't fit the movie...you don't get an Oscar. Hey, LOTB...I still can't get those others to download...and i got a techno question....how did you get Ricker's Image to be faded in the back...with WMM..did you split the clip, insert a still of Ricker then install 2 overlapping fades? or did you get the combine feature to work...i still havn't been able to get mine to work..and the vid screen trick....how did you punch a hole in that one clip to get the other up there....this digital age....still learning..
  23. Why would i be offended....i didn't design the software...just started playing with it...I was looking at Pinnacle just the other day..was planning on getting it..my biggest grip so far with WMM is the time base editing features are way to limited...1/2 speed, and 2x...and you can't 'dial up' the frame speed gradually, and (2) i'm still used to working with video tape...with 2 channels of audio...it would be nice to be able to seperate the dialog from the effects...and be able to combine new audio effects at the same time as say..the music file..or atlease delete the audio portion without losing the video(to free that column in the timeline). I've just ordered Lighwave..so should start playing with CGI shortly. Try to find one source for your movies and clips. The change of difference in resolutions/quality is must smaller. Answer: all that video footage was "borrowed" from Knights In white Satin....i.e. same resolution as that video..which you didn't make that comment on it.. I didn't really care for that song..because I know the backstory of what/who/why it was written..and i don't thank that song's theme is approprate for a StarTrek love theme between Trip and T'Pol...and the high pitched moaning and whaling just drove me nuts...but that's just a matter of artistic taste...from a techno/skill viewpoint that video is very well cut(edited)...if this was megnetic tape..I'd say since it was my master...my video resolution would be degraded cause you always lose alittle quality with each run thru the buffer(ha..ha.. a transporter joke in there)yes, i cut a corner there-but 95% of her transitions i had to cut out( I don't care for the page curl up effect....it belongs more to fairytale (still photo to life) type of work..but if I had the time..i could have collected/catologed practically the same footage....so I do "owe" her for that much.. Riker - Troi, Kira - Odo, Dax-Worf, Dax-Bashir, Sisko-Yates, Garak-Ziyal, Chakotay-7of9, Paris-Torres ... that's what a mean. Not neccesary, but an option. Answer: it's a 3:59 song..scenes of all those different love-relations would have made it too general..and all those relationships were different(one theme too general to fit all) the song is a simple rock love ballad..doesn't tell a story..just convey an emotion..When I'm with you...my world stands still..in common english usage "with you" can mean (1) just in your presence(near you) (2) romantically "with" you..ie alone in decon chamber, foot massage, etc (3) the sexual "with" you....and i think i had just enough footage of Trip and T'Pol to (relate) all 3 meanings. Plug your own!? what does that mean. Answer: To Plug.....means to promote...to "get the word out" example:"Hay, everybody..if you want to see how really good music video is made ..come check out my website" 305965[/snapback]
  24. Thank you, Indy...and yes you already posted on this topic...but it was deleted over at the Enterprise Forum....it's content offended too many viewers..that's the reason for the PG-13 warning..and this version doesn't have the valantine dedication at the end..and actually a few different edits..it's 4:05 instead of 3:59.