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  1. I agree 100%, in the beginning there was lots of light humor, but as the story became more darker....the places for those lighter moments became smaller and smaller..season long story arc "searching for Xindi" ...and all the run-ins with bad guys left Archer's charactor..."without much sense of humor" Remember the Shower scene were the grav plating failed... The shooting contest when the shuttle pod lifted off the sphere, and they shot it down. When Phlox's wife came onboard. The Forge: when they were chased by a large "Vulcan house pet"..."you had on of those?!?" The fight between Malcome and the Major, and later being chewed out by Archer..then he leaves the room....they are left standing at attention...."did he say dismissed?" Trip and Malcome: robbed & stripped and tied up on shore-leave, stranded together in a shuttlepod, then on the Romulan Drone, and crawling around the repair station getting beamed onto the deck infront of T'Pol.
  2. The Romulan War was over at this point in history. The Romulans would be in a period of isolation at the end of the war. 327254[/snapback] I like the ideal of the POV of a cloaked Romulan ship in orbit witnessing the signing of the Federation Charter.....and they kicking and stomping their feet over it. Watching from the POV of the bridge..and then saying well guess we'll make an alliance with the Klingons? Wasn't the Charter signed on Babel? or did B&B change that too already? And when did the Romulans make an alliance with the Klingons? or did they.. or was it just an exchange of technology?
  3. Daniels told Archer while they were onboard the Enterprise-J. 326939[/snapback] Yeah & what wasn't said was WHEN they joined, for all we know it could have been a week or month or year prior to Archers visit to the future. To think they joined sometime near-after the events of the Xindi conflict is fan assumption. Come to think of it I believe I do remember hearing Daniels say something to Archer about their (Xindi) joining (or about to join) being a current event of the time of Ent J. 326960[/snapback] I hope you are not refering to me assuming the Xindi could ever join the Federation anytime near-after the events of the conflict! When they joined is irrelevant, their unnoticed presence in the Alpha/Bata quad without being referenced or notice in the TOS-TNG-DS9 era is a canon problem. I understand that small issues can go unnoticed without causing a continuity problem, but Xindi with the technology to build DeathStar type weapons capable of destroying entire planets and (transwarp conduits) during all those era.. is highly unplausable to go unnoticed. It's like the old question: If a tree falls in a forest and no-one's around to hear it-did it make a sound? But the Xindi being in the forest(alpha quad), is like saying: if a meteorite 1/2 mile in diameter strikes the forest and no one's there to hear it......... It's the Magnitude that matters.
  4. Does that mean you didn't like the Buck Rogers song, or Flash Gordon?
  5. I would like to start a petition to Disavow the existence of this "final" episode of Enterprise, we should all just shun it...I'm hoping the producers of the DVD collection will be kind enough to place it on a separete disk ..so i can just junk it....IT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!! The final scene of Click For Spoiler Trip & T'Pol together after the death of Elizabeth is the real end of the series.
  6. Ok..I quoted myself...Amendment: if fans have to have a Trip death scene..then 20yrs in the future during this ReUnion..some of those Xindi reptile who didn't give up the fight(and have finally lost the Xindi Civil War) are spotted heading for earth, the rest of the newly commissoned "star fleet" are out patroling the new Romulan Neutral Zone...only the old NX-enterprise stands between these final xindi and Earth, she's fired up and heads out to take on one last time...Trip gives his life to save Earth, the Ship, his family on board...and we have an incredible moving death scene where he dies in the arms of T'Pol with his young Son/Daughter...crying saying No Daddy,... And he asks Archer to take care of his family.
  7. I forget the episode name, but the very first Mirror Universe episode on DS9 had Mirror Kira explaining to our Kira how Spock did just that causing the Empire to become weak and susceptible to conquest. 326331[/snapback] You found my biggest weakness.....i didn't like DS9 as much as Voy...stopped watching all-to-gether, hence a big hole in my trek knowledge. Thanks for the Info.
  8. Wow...that was just what i was Thinking/Asking myself.....I would guess Q would have to be the same...no mirror Q, and yes...a Q with the ability to banish people/starships to the mirror universe....think of the story possibilites there!
  9. LOL!!!!Ok, this resembles the Hamilton Vs Jefferson Debates over Loose vs Strict Interpretation of the Constitution. (1) TCW, doesn't violate canon in itself( other things throughout season 1,2,3,4, did but by 4th season..hey, it was a done deal. TPTB wrapped up the TCW with no net change in the time line(canon) It was like taking a glass of water adding the ice cube, marking the level, then waiting for the cube to melt......no net change. (2)Xindi, is a different matter. If they had been eliminated at the end of the arc...it wouldn't have been a violation of canon...but, having them be the "black sheep" of the Federation Family all these centures and later re-appearing to make B&B another million dollars at sometime in Federation future...is IMO a violation of canon..because their absence can't be just explained later! (1) no species can attack another planet...kill millions of it's citizens..then say..Oh, sorry..we were misguided...we'll just walk away now..and never do it again..in years to come We can be Friends. Especially when they are a more technologically advanced species....There would have been REPARATIONS TO PAY, and star fleet would have been keeping a keen eye on them throughout the April,Pike,Kirk,Hariman, etc eras. The Expanse was eliminated returning space to normal( i.e. cancelling it out..so there's no net effect there(canon fixed) The Sphere Builder's arent a problem to Canon either (they went back to their own dimension and can come back to threaten the Federation later..no problem there) It's just those darn Xindi..where were they hiding all those years...it's a canon problem(especially since they got admitted into the Federation(at some point)...and not just skulking about the alpha/bata quads.
  10. I don't have all of Voy on DVD, and the amount of time to blow the dust off the aging stack of VHS and play through is too much work. So please: which ep and what time frame. Can you provide a transcript?
  11. Here's the way I see the Lyrics fitting with the theme of Enterprise, this was posted a couple years ago... Click For Spoiler Humanity has been through the eugenics wars, the third world war then the Vulcans held us back for 100 years with our Warp program but look where we are now... It's been a long road to get from there to here. Humanity has been striving for thousands of years to expand it's horizons, it's knowledge. Our time is nearing when our horizon will become infinite our knowledge will grow a hundred fold. humanity's dream for centuries has been to touch the sky, we will now seek new skies to touch. The Vulcans won't hold us back any longer. We are ready to take our place in the galaxy, no matter what argument they give us. No matter how they try to play on our fears they won't deter us because we have something they don't. Something they can't understand. Something they dismiss as a weakness in humanity. We have "Faith Of The Heart" and by that it means that we allow our emotions and our instincts to guide us. We have the ability to see beyond logic, and that is a strength in our very soul. Because of that faith we have confidence that we can reach any star and no one will bend us, no one will break us. That's what the song says to me. That's what I heard when I watched Broken Bow for the first time, and when I heard it I just said to myself "Wow, that's cool. That song fits so very well." It's a song, to me about humanities struggles. It's a song of triumph over those struggles, and now 3 years into it's mission humanity is on the brink of becoming a leader in the quadrant. 93912[/snapback] 326460[/snapback] A Most Outstanding Post..both then and now.. very well written. So tell me, (1) Do you think they picked out the song and it inspired them to write the "early history" of Star Trek. or (2) Or one day, someone came in and said something like..."hey, I heard this really great song that will fit our Story really well. LoL...which came first the Chicken or the Egg?
  12. I didn't come to the decision to start this thread lighty, and i didn't start it to "stir up more "hate and discontent"", but it just seems to be the best thing for me to do right now, (1) the episode is set 6years in the future after Terra Prime..and as VGB pointed out it's just a holodeck recreation of "historical facts"...so i feel it could be overlooked "shunned"...for example: after the original Battlestar Galactica...they tried to make a comeback--Galactica1980<<<most Galactica fans disavow it. Highlander 2<<<is another sci-fi example- some of us just try to pretend it didn't happen. Decanonizing all of Enterprise couldn't/wouldn't happen and would be a real shame....especially after the body of season 4 was really great! As for TATV being the franchise finale<<that's the first I've heard that suggested....No Way..to be a Franchise finale it should have included footage and a storyline that included ALL of the STAR TREK series! And since it didn't..that would be grounds for lynching B&B. If you liked the four seasons...I'd hardly call it a waste of time just because of one show. I'm among the Bashers that did my share of Bashing, but I take heart in the fact that my bashing didn't cause the demise of the show, In fact, if I had a "Nelsons" rating box at home...it would have recorded atleast 1 more faithful fan that tuned in to watch....right up to the end. It's all the Trek fans that Tuned out and stopped watching, and the millions of non-trek fans that B&B's "experimental" ideals about making ST appeal to a wider audience (i.e. More T's&A, action/violence, cursing)which failed<<that's what caused the death. It was too much for some parents(no longer totally appropriate for children) but not enough T&A, sex and violence to attract the mainstream. Maybe the next Star Trek will be a "reality" show.
  13. I Love the song, I personally like the Russell Watson version best both the extended and (cut for the intro) version...They wrote the opening themes of the series to fit with it, I guess, else they really did a great job of finding the perfect song to fit the theme of Vulcans having been holding Mankind back...and now Humans just stepping out on their own for the first time. I didn't care for the jazzed up version...They could have introduced different contemp songs from time to time with different intro video footage...i think that would have been different and interesting.
  14. First I want to say, this is the only gripe I can really find with all of season 4(since I'm ignoring the existence of TATV) IMO, Klingons would never build escape pods into the design of any WarShip...it would just be dis-honorable IMO. I understand the writers needed a way to get Dr Soong off the ship...but they could have worked alittle harder.
  15. Yes but,...didn't First Contact hit the theater after DS9 and Voyager? And it started out in the most contempary(present time) of Star Trek, and most information on the actual events of Mankind's First Contact...had previously been unmentioned in TOS, TNG, or Voy and DS9...so it was fair game and didn't alter Star Trek Canon..just fill in the blanks..and Picard & Company did try to follow the Prime Directive and not "alter" the time-line. Since the whole Enterprise Series was set "in the past" a prequel every facet of the show ran the risk of possibly altering something in the established canon. I was hoping it could fill in many "blanks" like Manny Coto succeeded in doing..i.e. Klingon Ridges ..and what happened to them during TOS and why Worf said 'it was embarrassing and wasn't spoken of. And occassionall show us something new.....but spending whole seasons on a tangent like the xindi and then establishing that they are part of the Federation in the future was just too much...now someone needs to explain their absence during TOS, TNG, DS9, Voy era. It would have been much better to introduce them....then let the Sphere Builders wipe them from History at the end of the Arc.
  16. I don't think there could have been a Mirror Enterprise-E. The Terran Empire had fallen thanks to Mirror Spock before the events of TNG. 326217[/snapback] Very True...yes i forgot about that...but there would have to be a Mirror Borg! and maybe they are the Good guys..there would have to be some kind of order to the Mirror universe during the TNG era and First Contact.....so it all just unravals like a can of worms. And Did we actually see Mirror Spock chance things...or were we just left with the impression that he would try to change things? perhaps he failed?
  17. #1. Season 4 ...Thank You Manny Coto #2. Season 1....I started watching with high expectations and slowly was disappointed. #3 Season 2....Now is the winter of my discontent # 4 Season 3.... (additional response added to split topic)
  18. Not to burst your bubble, Headborg, but, that's sounds a bit like the begining of "Battlestar Galactica" 325913[/snapback] Hey, You noticed that...glad to see you watch other sci-fi than just startrek....still I think it would have been a lot better than a Click For Spoiler flashback of Riker and Troy on Enterprise-D, set at a time point in TNG before Riker had a Beard and extra tire around the waist, watching holographical recreations of the last days of NX-01 mission.....and what the heck did watching all that have to do with telling Picard about Promeathus! Not a darn thing, not much better than if Riker was taking in a Sunday Matinee.
  19. I really liked these two eps, and see no point really to picking them apart, I gave credit just for the hard work of re-creating TOS bridge and hallways and quarters..i really loved the tie-in effort. But yes , it you really analyze it you find lots of problems. In Mirror, Mirror (TOS) the vulcans were just as evil as the humans...so when those vulcans made first contact with Cochrane..they would have scanned the humans and detected the mob with firearms and would have probaly stunned them all first. And the humans still wouldn't have stood a chance...( unless we consider that the ISS Picard and Company was there too and helped Cochrane overthrough the vulcans!)
  20. Well that is Food For Thought!...yes, it's totally logical and maybe Coto could write it all away as holographic errors...somebody tampered with historic records...I love it...now if only Spike TV, or Sci-Fi will just pick it up....(but only if TPTB=Manny Coto) and those other guys(B& can be left along the road somewhere...maybe sent into the Expanse, anatomically inverted and splayed open while still alive! I thought it was just an absolute slap in the face...to have Riker and Troy hosting the finale, and the crew of Enterprise just interviewed as holo-ography, Click For Spoiler breaking up Trip & T'Pol and killing off the most beloved character was totally unnecessary
  21. Sorry Matt, I often forget about the rest of the world, except my own back yard...(darn inconsiderate American I am) I'll try to remember next time, by the way, FYI all the 4th season Enterprise is avail on the internet for download FOR FREE...there's really no reason to have to wait to see it months later!
  22. I would have set the finale 15-20 yrs in the future.....NX-01 would be a orbiting museum, and the charactors would all be coming aboard for a reunion..in "aged" makeup, there would be lots of "flashback" footage..and they could "talk" about the good ole days, and the Earth/Romulan war, atleast one human/vulcan child running around, and Phlox could bring a couple wives with him, and we learn that Reed ended up married to one of them, lol...maybe have an emergency excuse to fire up the old girl and take it for a spin..the old crew...complete with tourist onboard.
  23. I voted No..i think it was a difficult but important decision to make...it preserves the integrity of the Data charactor, and the illusion that he was an android..Data told the boy in Insurrection that he would always be the same specifications..but Spiner is only human...all the make-up in the world can't keep up that illusion. It was a great that he got a hero's end...We Love Data...he got to go out in a blaze of glory. And now Spiner is free to pursue other acting roles..being a 'one hit wonder' is every actor's worst nightmare. He's a very talented actor. I loved him in Independance Day.. and look forward to viewing him in future endeavors.
  24. I've been going thru my available footage for making a video farewell for enterprise and have found my stock...sadly lacking season 1,2,3...and most of what I have is of...Trip & T'pol...and I really can't decide what the best to use anyway.. So I've decided to ask for help. The video will be 4 minutes long( I won't give away what the song is) but I want to use 1 minute from each season....so if you would like to contribute/ vote on which scenes make up the best 1 minute of Enterprise from each season..I'd sure like to hear your comments....and use your clips....I'll be happy to credit you at the end...so it's kinda like a contest to pick out the best moments from each season. Thinks. Comments, Questions welcome too.