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  1. According to Startrek Canon the Romulan War begins two years hince the present date of "Enterprise". Will the producers have concluded this Xendi Arc or tie it in within the next season? Your thoughts on the subject?
  2. I think it would be a nice touch if they could show some examples of future visual entertainment/media technology somewhere n Enterprise- like VR (Vertual Reality) Viewing or 3-d holographic movies/shows.....I've been wondering why the TNG and the following ST series have still been using...audio only communications....when the special effects technology exists to allow them to protray some sort of video/audio communications.
  3. Most of Star Trek deels with the Officers of the various Starships, we know that the officers come from Starfleet Acadamy-a 4 year College. My question is what's the "story" behind the enlisted crew? Where do they get their training, how long is an enlistment, and what exactly is the ranking system for them-besides simply being Crewman x?
  4. I'm really thinking about having plastic surgery to my ears to make them pointed Valcan ears! Would that qualify me as Open Trekker?
  5. I know it's not a ST pick up line, but. Have U Seen My Force-Lance?
  6. I voted Risa, seemed like a no-brainer, but I'd settle for anywhere/time I could have 1/2 doz or so green-skinned Orion slave girls!
  7. I voted yes, but only if the nanos are made n America, Japan, or Germany..don't want inferior Chinese or Russian or Mexican nanos n me.
  8. Thank U for that link on how to build a EMP weapon, think i'll build me one for my Semi-Truck and throw the Radar-Detector away...
  9. The Nuclear Engine for Space Vehicle application or NERVA as well "Project Orion" and the English project "Daedalus" is indeed very different than a nuclear re-actor on a sub...Jim. They involve the use of a large dish on the rear of the space ship-(called a pusher plate) and exploding nuclear bombs behind the ship and being pushed by the shock-wave. The magno-plasma engines are very advanced concepts which would require a nuclear reactor to generate the electro-magnetic containment for the plasma, and probably would be limited to un-manned smaller vehicles. Check out these links: www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/D/Daedalus.html http://spacescience.nasa.gov/missions/prometheus.htm
  10. Correct-the eye thing isn't nano-tech but it shows "we are evolving to include the synthetic, thus bringing ourselves closer to prefection"
  11. I'm planning on going to the Chicago Convention in April....made it to the Las Vagas Hilton couple weeks ago...saw my borg brothers! Other than that, went to a convention n Little Rock, Ar about 10 years ago....they had this great Music Video Montage of Data-set to Styx's "Mr. Roboto" it was so kool..wish I could get ahold of a copy!
  12. The president's idea is right, and possible. Cochrane departed Alpha Centauri in 2117 at age 87 only 37 years earlier that present day "Enterprise". Crash lands on planetoid in Gamma Canaris system meets the "Companion" which begins to re-juvenate him-(so James Cromwell could reprise his role in a guest appearance) What a Blast of a Show that Would Be!!!!!) And Archer could end up doing the same thing Kirk did-Leave him be and not report it.
  13. Old soldiers never die-they just fade away. He should die quietly, his artificial heart failing, while playing his flute before his Earl Gray is cold, and just after having gotten laid.
  14. Saw a report the other day, that scientists are close to finishing a chip that can be attached to the back of the retina-allowing the blind to see, and also could include infer-red vision.
  15. Find a preacher...take large tank of water...and u can be "born Again"...if that doesn't count for time travel.....i don't know what does :blink:
  16. They made a sequel to that movie-the philadelphia experiment II :)
  17. I was just there last week, sure would have liked some company, come on u guys get your butts up here! No seriously, we could have gone to mars n 1965, Saturn by 1970-research it-Project Orion, Project Daedalus, NERVA(Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application), VASIMR(Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket)! Let's Go! :)
  18. Mike, we could have been on Mars by 1965 with enough gear and tools to have already started that terra-forming mission-if Project Orion had been funded. The British Interplanetary Society's Daedalus project would have been even better! You can read all about it at http://www.islandone.org/Propulsion/ProjectOrion.html :)
  19. Should Archer be Re-Called to Earth for Court-Marshall? In last ep he lost control of the Ship, lost Vital data that could mean the destruction of earth, and his ship was used to make war on another race.
  20. I know that in the real world, Gene Roddenberry copied the registry number from his plane tail number, but some "meaning" has to be assigned to it. Example : the U.S. Navy assigns designations like CVN for aircraft carrier nuclear, SSBN for Ballistic Missile Submarine nuclear-so what have the Trek minds came up with for NCC? While I'm on the subject- U.S.S.- i've heard the enterprise called United Space Ship, United Star Ship, United stellar Ship-which is the correct designation?
  21. First off, I thought Reed had alreadly advised the Capt. about not allowing visitors to roam around the ship-they should never been allowed near Engineering, or the Command Center. As for the Computer and the Xindi data-computer should have been encrypted, and backed-up, and transmitted to earth-incase the Enterprise was lost. WHAT KIND OF SHIP IS ARCHER RUNNING ANYWAY!