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  1. Noone knows for sure when Santa will drop by your house. Well, almost noone. NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command, a joint command between the United States Department of Defense, and their Canadian Counterparts, make it a point every year to track Santa. Since 1998, they have posted their tracking data online, at][/url], where you can keep track of Santa's progress on New Years Eve. NORAD uses 4 methods to track santa. a series of 47 radar stations, located way up north, track him when he takes off from the north pole. As Santa leaves the range of these stations, orbiting satelites, the same ones used to track missiles for the Missile Defense System, use infrared radar to track Santa. They lock onto Rudolph's nose, which provides a solid lock for the satelites, allowing them to follow Santa's progress across the world. The third method is called the "Santa Cam". these are strategically located cameras, linked to the internet, that will capture pictures of Santa and his Reindeer, through video and still photos. The final method, used primarily over the Continental US and Canada, is fighter aircraft. As Santa enters Canadian Airspace, CF-18 Fighter Jets from Newfoundland scramble to intercept and escort Santa. Once in the US, the Canadian pilots turn the escort mission over to US Air Force pilots flying F-15 and F-16 jets. Rumor is, Santa's sleigh is so fast that even the F-15, one of the fastest jets we have, has trouble keeping up. Each fighter is also equipped with it's own Santa Cam. On December 24th, link up to NORAD and track Santa live! This message brought to you by the US Marine Corps Reserve, who asks you to donate to Toys for Tots this christmas!
  2. Where do I enlist to man the station?
  3. I can't give you a deck location, but I do believe that the shuttle bay that the Captain's shuttle in Insurrection launched from was shuttle bay 2. The main shuttle bay is CLEARLY visible both in the MSD and the external (aft) shots at the stern of the Engineering hull, but I would speculate, based on a relative size comparison of the Enterprise E and Enterprise D, that it is Deck 10 or Deck 11. I could, of course, be totally wrong.
  4. Babysitting, and just got back from doing a Toys for Tots appearence. Ooh Rah!
  5. American Cities That Best Fit You: 75% Los Angeles 75% San Diego 65% Portland 60% Honolulu 60% San Francisco
  6. My first thought on waking up: I'm still here? if the answer is yes, then I am good to go.
  7. According to Galen's ancient theory of temperaments, people with choleric temperaments are born leaders. Independent, dynamic, and courageous, they are said to thrive on competition and challenges--and are drawn towards entrepreneurial pursuits. With their eyes on the prize, cholerics often prefer to go it alone rather than consult others, partly because they have so much confidence in themselves. Those with choleric temperaments can get into trouble if they start believing that the ends justify the means, no matter what the cost. More often than not, their leadership instincts and perseverance hold them in good stead.
  8. And with the possible exception of god, this also describes folk music, independent label rock, hip hop and rap (outside of mainstream booty lyrics), jazz, blues, soul, even gospel (which would include god). So, if that's what country is to you, then all these are country. I have listened to Rap, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Gospel, alot of those, but like I said, nothing quite connects with me like Country. And I really can't stand alot of the hard rock/Metal/Industrial stuff. with that I can't tell where the noise stops and the music is supposed to start.
  9. Me? Watch Barney? Only if I absolutely had to. and Yesterday, I managed to avoid watching Barney without losing focus on my objective.
  10. Joe Nichols is pretty good, BB. He has a good voice, and alot of very good songs.
  11. Alright, Classic Country folks, name the song this line comes from... "There only two things in life that make it worth livin' That's guitars that tune good and firm feelin' women.."
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  13. The thing about Country for me is, yeah, maybe it's not the same style as Buck Owens or Johnny Horton, but it's like Trace Adkins said. "They're songs about me, songs about who I am. Songs about lovin' and livin' and good-hearted women and family and god." THAT to me is what Country is. I don't connect with any other form of music the way I do Country.
  14. David Allen Coe, and the perfect Country Song...definately good.
  15. Kiss an Angel Good morning, wise words to live by.