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  1. There is no quote or action I can think of to speak of what Leonard Nimoy did for Sci-Fi, Star Trek, and the world at large. May the next adventure bring him as much good fortune as the last.
  2. I'm sorry for my lack of activity... Too much work not enough free time.
  3. I haven't heard of STID. Have a link?
  4. So I've been playing Star Trek Online lately and I've spent some of that time reading up on the new lore. With the fact that there most likely won't be a new TV show for at least a few years do you think the lore in the game could be canon?
  5. Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies at 82 Good speed...
  6. I'm trying you old fruit loop, but what little off time I have from work is spent on programming classes and managing a building... .... I know, that' life, but free time would be nice once in a while... I hope not... for his wife's sake!
  7. I'm now 25... I might as well be as old as Kor.
  8. Just some inside stuff between Kor, Roy, and I... dating back to 2000 or so...
  9. Sorry, no old perverts allowed...
  10. Trust me... I'm trying to make a comeback! I just haven't gotten the dates down for the new tour yet...
  11. You'll never change Roy...
  12. Post some funnies....