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  1. does anyone watch fishcenter live? it plays on weekdays at 4 pm est/9 pm gmt on the adultswim.com livestream or you can watch the older episodes here. i only started watching a few weeks ago but it's already one of my all-time favorites. fwiw, also, my favorite fish is hamburger. Source: FishCenter Live - Wikipedia
  2. Source: Drop: Minecraft creator's latest game is a typing tutor (or seems like one) Notch, who co-created Minecraft, has new game out that tests your typing skills. My highest score so far is 400.
  3. Yeah, granted. I should have said "narrative" instead. I guess you could argue that holonovels are the descendant of text-adventure games like Zork. Irritating at first. It takes a while to get used to. I've found "Halting State" by Charles Stross to be quite good after that. Yeah, I was just thinking what the transition would be like between the age of holodecks to the alternate 31st Century Archer encountered in the two-parter "Shockwave". From holonovels that had you as the main character to having to regress technologically. Except: Did Daniels ever say whether the destruction of humanity was a gradual process or something much quicker? Either way, the first-person and third- will probably continue to reign since it's not like all of literature got lost in World War III and the Eugenics Wars.
  4. Would second-person prose be the dominant form in the 24th century with the popularity of holonovels?
  5. Pre-order the map here: Quantum Mechanix io9's article/interview with writer Jane Espenson and scientific advisor Kevin Grazier: Detailed Map Of Battlestar Galactica's Twelve Colonies by Charlie Jane Anders I didn't honestly think Ron or David would ever use this info, it'd be distracting as hell to try to explain it, but like your math professor used to say, I included it "for completeness sake". I know that Caprica was going to show us the twelve colonies growing closer together. Would we have dealt with the challenges of having four different stellar systems coming together? Jane: Probably not. This was clearly a stable system, taken for granted by the people who lived there. It doesn't immediately suggest an emotionally-charged story to me. At least we didn't have anything planned along these lines.
  6. Source: io9
  7. According to the official Caprica Facebook page, the "final five" (granted the joke is old) episodes of Caprica will air on Syfy at 6 PM through to 11 PM EST/PST on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. Here's the Facebook Event page for those interested in attending (and have a Facebook account as well): Facebook | Caprica Season 1.5 - The Final Five Episodes.
  8. Source: Happy 70th Birthday, Terry Gilliam!
  9. I am the law!
  10. Lol! Yeah! Make it so! I also vote "Spearhead from Space".
  11. Source: CACTUSQUID.com It's fun but at the times frustrating. You'll see what I mean.
  12. We should add Katee Sackhoff to the list: KATEE SACKHOFF LOVES SCI-FI