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    Swimming-Biking-T.V going out to see films keeping fit as best as I can and my biggest interest I love Gay "Bare Chested"Men with smooth or slightly hairy Chests and great Pecs and very hard Nipples to play with and love to lick/kiss/Suck them as well for awhile/in addition to that I love them also "Bare Chested" just in Denim Pants-Swimwear-Underwear or just with a Towel around there waist and nothing else makes it very delightful and fun to feel the treasured Jewels hiding under the towel then.


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  1. happy birthday lovemalepecs1! :D

  2. Agreed sad News.
  3. MeatLoaf some Broccoli and Carrots And Peas inside the Mashed Potatoes.
  4. On MuchMoreMusic Buffy:The Vampire Slayer:"The I In Team"-Lexx 3.4 (BoomTown]
  5. I Had watched and taped on my PVR Terra Nova on CITYTV the complete First Year but after the 2 hour Finale was complete I'd say "Alcatraz"took the timeslot of Terra Nova.
  6. The 2nd Year Finale of "Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil"The 5th Year 2 Hour Finale Of Chuck"The 2 Hour Finale Of "Terra Nova"Lexx 2.10 Wake The Dead"
  7. You Are Super Spiritual.
  8. Your Frienship Style Is Empathetic
  9. Have to look into finding This Treasure of My favorite Sc-Fi-Music on CD (just for relaxation)might even get me alittle sleepy. B)
  10. Welcome to the Site aquaboi.
  11. I.Yarnek of "Excalbia" (Hot Rock Creature of "Excalbia") II.Gorn III.Horta IV.Mugatu V.Space Amoeba VI.(Salt vampire) VII.Ruk 8.Tholians U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701.bmp
  12. I'm looking forward to taping this episode (November 14 at 5-6 A.M)on the Space channel.
  13. I'm watching the Complete TV Series"LEXX"on DVD Years I-IV bought it a few weeks ago Seeing how Stanley-Zev-Kai-790 meet one another on the Lexx (Up To "Giga Shadow" right now heading into Year II soon enough ("Mantrid 2.1"). Even though I saw the original Run of "LEXX"on Showcase took me quite sometime to have the time to buy the Great SCI-FI series (Canada-Germany Venture). Great late 1997-2002 series B)
  14. On a Saturday Night at 7 P.M on ABC I saw the 2 Part-Opener of ST:TNG:"Encounter At Farpoint"when it first aired seeing what this next Chapter in the Trek Universe was going to be like after watching the reruns on CBC of the TOS series and after seeing ST:IV in the Cinema (Loved and Enjoyed the Cameo of Admiral Mccoy at the end of Encounter At Farpoint part 2) During the early days of the show also bought a Die Cast Model of the ("U.S.S ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-D") B) :)
  15. Aye! Merlin should be magic even in the tv series "The Adventures Of Merlin"there is some form of it or another throughout the 3 Year Series. B)