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  1. The Borg do not seek to better all life forms, they seek perfection in themselves. Races which have nothing to further them to perfection are ignored. If the Borg were trying to bring perfection to all, wouldn't they have assimilated the Kazon?
  2. Isn't that essentially repeating mj's statement?
  3. Technically, it was a duplication, not an alternate universe. Who's to say that the surviving Voyager wasn't the copy, and Kim the real one?
  4. The episode cards also say that the tachyon beams were from the Enterprise (either F or G), though it said earlier on the same card that it was the three Picards who sent out the beam. It then says that they were rescued by Riker on the Enterprise. But, all three Enterprises were needed to enter the anomaly and collapse it.
  5. According to the episode cards released by Paramount, all sets and costumes from TOS were reconstructions. It says they couldn't find all of the materials, so they had to find "often costly" replacements.
  6. In the two-part "Gambitt" episodes, it was established that an officer's command codes were immediately locked out to prevent any chance of them being used. In the episode where Data was summoned to his father, he changed Picard's command code. So, any numbers the Borg might know are completely useless, be it because the ship they are for was destroyed or captured with the assimilation of the officers, or because the codes will have been changed immediately.
  7. The Borg are not based solely on exploration and assimilation, as evidenced by their research into the Omega Particle. Their exploratory and assimilation focuses tend to be all that most other races see, however. This does not mean that, because the other races do not see what the Borg are up to, they are not up to anything. The Borg territory is not a hollow shell filled with empty planets, ringed with cubes bent on assimilation.
  8. Odo already had his appearance mapped out by the time he met Kira.
  9. Odo modeled himself after the Bajoran scientist who found and studied him. Most Founders appear largely androgynous. Who knows about the female.
  10. I'm not certain what you mean, nurturing is something hunter-gatherers do. Hunting and gathering are not male activities, they are done by the entire family group. To say that one sex does both hunting and gathering is inaccurate. A gatherer does not have the time to hunt, and a hunter does not have the energy to gather. This was not in a scientific journal because it has too many assumptions and inaccuracies to get past even one lenient reviewer.
  11. Mice have been successfully put into a state of near suspended animation, read more at BBC News | Science/Nature | Mice put in 'suspended animation'
  12. At least she didn't go as far as Cpt. Braxton.
  13. I can see why this isn't in a peer-reviewed journal. When they did their 'research', why didn't they look at contemporary hunter-gatherer societies? If they had, they wouldn't have said that men were the hunter-gathers and women were child-rearers. In hunter-gatherer societies, men tend to hunt while women gather. This means that women provide the bulk of day-to-day nutrition as the men don't always hunt and are not always successful when they do. In modern hunter-gatherer societies, both sexes raise children. They're confusing childhood gender training with genetics. Boys show higher spatial awareness because they get Legos, girls don't because they get dolls. I have good spatial skills for that reason, as I got the building toys as well as dolls. Genetics are not responsible for today's gender roles.
  14. If I remember my timeline correctly, the Hansens didn't go looking for the Borg until after the Enterprise encountered them. The Borg are presumed to be responsible for the lost colonies along the Neutral Zone, but at the time the Hansens left to follow a cube, that was not known. What causes you to place her assimilation so far back? Edit: Also, I believe the subspace signal the Borg attempted to send using the Enterprise deflector dish was stopped when Worf, Hawke, and Picard disconnected and destroyed the apparatus.
  15. I didn't like McDuff. He didn't belong there.
  16. I would definitely want to be in the Medical field, though I doubt my specialty would be all that useful (identification from bones).
  17. Are you talking about Trekkies, or Trekkies 2? Spike showed Trekkies when they played a marathon of TNG, but I haven't seen the Trekkies 2. Someone from Germany in the Lounge last year said he would be in it.
  18. From what I gathered of the Hansen's journey, they started tracking the Borg after Q Who and the cases of missing outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It might have seemed longer ago than it was, since Seven was placed in a maturation chamber which sped up her growth. I think she only spent a couple years in the chamber. They didn't have Starfleet's help, because Starfleet didn't know what to do and thought that the Borg should be avoided at all costs.
  19. What Q said to Q2 was: "Don't annoy the Borg!" So the Q might be vulnerable to the Borg, possibly if the Borg figure out how to get to the Continuum. I don't think the Q started out there, I think they found it and moved in. Since they get their power from there, they would definitely be worried about the Borg picking up on it and becoming able to match them equally. I don't know if anyone is interested, but my friend had a lovely idea for a series, which ends with how the Q Continuum was formed.
  20. A much worse mind meld occurred in DS9 when the Vulcan Maquis tried to strip information from Dukat's mind. He was able to resist her then, but it was still disturbing.
  21. Vulcans don't have beards because they shave them. (Or depilate or inhibit or whatever.)
  22. I am also half-Vulcan, and since I have no emotion toward the opposite sex (or the same sex), I think she should get some slack too. Everybody doesn't have to be doing everyone else.
  23. I have all the themes except the Original series and the theme from Enterprise on a CD, along with Star Trekkin and Star Trek Rhapsody. I also found the Inner Light theme (and have three versions of the DS9 theme). That's the extent of my car Trekking...
  24. I've never Googled my real name, but when I googled my screen name I found my forum and my homepage. I suppose if I try it again I might find this forum too, but not likely.
  25. What do you mean, the males would have to have been females first? Crocodilians have more males when the eggs are kept at the top of the range, more females occur when the temperature is at the bottom of the range. It sounds as though they are suggesting that the dinosaurs had a reverse of the phenomenon.