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  1. Assuming they take the alien invasion idea similar to what I've written. It'll be nice to see it in the point of view of the invaders. An old database or something of the sort was discovered, a psychic database that allows the user to experience what the logger is experiencing. someone logging the events of the war, maybe even 1 of the commanders in charge. A person who disagree on the invasion, but was force to participate by his/her superiors. This invasion is his/her first, it has doubts of the intentions & face ethical & moral problems during the conflict, a conflict that lead to their eventual failure. Some escape survived the incident, but decades later the victims become the invaders. At first they didn't recognise them, but realising it was the same species whom they invaded in the past & fear that they have awaken some form of beast. :lol: This way, much detail of the Borg's point of view remain a mystery leaving room for more possibilities. Due to the technology being both alien in design & effects the mind more suitable for the alien, the images are not too clear or easy to understand.
  2. Borg History theory IMHO, "based on known canon facts" this is how I see their history. That's my point of view on the Borg's history.
  3. :lol: 1. Reasons why V'Ger can't be the Borg. :)
  4. Distribution Nodes Borg Trek: The Beginning. The End. Borg Trek: The Next Assimilation Borg Trek: Unimatrix-09 Borg Trek: Sphere 74656 Borg Trek: Probe 01 Vinculum Borg Trek I: Particle 010 Borg Trek II: Resistance is Futile Borg Trek III: The Search for Perfection Borg Trek IV: Unimatrix 01 Borg Trek V: Fluidic Space Borg Trek VI: The Cooperative Borg Trek VII: Unimatrecies Borg Trek VIII: Objective: Assimilation Borg Trek IX: Imperfection Borg Trek X: Target Threat: Species 5618
  5. 1. Reasons why V'Ger can't be the Borg. :P 2. Episodes with Borg references Voyager "Blood Fever" "Unity" "Scorpion" x2 "Drone" "Dark Frontier" x2 "Collective" "Unimatrix Zero" x2 "End Game" Borg around, but not the center of the story "Raven" "Hope & Fear" "Infinite Regress" "Child's Play" "Shattered" "Q2" Movies ST:First Contact ST:Nemesis Janeway: "The Son'a, the Borg, the Romulans. You seem to get all the easy assignments." Shinzon: "What is it your Borg friends say? Resistence is futile." 3. Canon Borg timeline http://www.geocities.com/auric180/BorgEnco..._Encounter.html Ignore the word "Disc 5" you may see there & don't take the months too seriously, they are non-canon estimation based on the Stardate calculator. But the years are accurate. :P
  6. 1. Borg Queen The term Borg Queen so far, is made by humans. As there's no confirmation of such a title in the Collective itself. What we do know about her in the Borg's point of view is as she said. "She's the Collective" Not necessary the usual egotistic people who say that to mean they are the leader. Instead, she could mean it literally, as in the Collective is speaking through her. The host head is not the leader, its the minds of the whole speaking through her who are the leader. In other words, they are all the leaders & the drones. It's the thought that counts. As there are too many drones around, each individual drones are program to follow a set of protocols on how to react to various situations. Until the Collective decides to focus on a location, a ship for example. Paying full attention to the situation & coordinating the drones personally. 2. Uniforms Yes, under normal circumstances, I believe the Borg would have recycled the clothes & not put it in a drawer or something. TNG is just the drawing board for the Borg. Personally I'd say they made it too ridicules the way they perceived them back then. There's no logical or efficiency in keeping such garments when they can recycle them if & when they are able to. Something else I'm glad they changed is: The Maturation Chambers is a chamber of fluid where the baby is placed, no more using a tiny drawer with a soft blanket snuggling it.
  7. If that's how they do it, than it is ludicrous, which I doubt its the case.
  8. That's because they got Picard only at the time, he does not know the codes of other ships. Every ship have their own codes for their captains. But they do have his basic knowledge of Starfleet tactics & knowledge. Hence it simplify their engagement at Wolf 359. Problems Picard understands are resolved faster & known tactics are countered. See the Cube in ST:FC, who doesn't have an up to date captain assimilated, all latest knowledge are not available and it took them hours to handle 2 fleets engaging it separately.
  9. Nothing just disappear, not unless done intentionally. Basic time travel, don't erase past timelines, hence the old Braxton is still around, unless killed. The new Braxton will eventually retrieve his past self & by protocol reintegrate with him & he'll know & feel everything his alternate self does. :) A strange protocol IMO, why infect with their own people with alternate problems.
  10. Guess st.com is innocent on having no replies.
  11. I think its common on Starfleet vessels after 2371. Because the Defiant also have, in "Trials & Tribbleation" the human looking Klingon used it on a Tribble. In "Blaze of Glory" the Maquis have them too, I would guess that's their source.
  12. Not saying this is indeed how they left, there's no need for them to built "warp" ships when they left Earth, could be the old basic. The thing about aliens is highly likely
  13. You sure it couldn't have been a mistake by the make-up people for using that race? How often have we seen 2 different races look identical? Not very often. Since the Alpha Borg's race is never named then it can easily be said that they're different but I think it was just a blooper of sorts. How often? all the time. There's dozens of human faces (no ridge, no spoons, no scars, no spikes, etc.) out there. To name a few. Ba'ku, Betazoid, El-Aurian, bunch from TOS, etc. Question: Who are these "Alpha Borg race" people keep talking about?
  14. I agree on the ships not being connected 24/7 Its probably a security measure incase a vessel got infected or something. So that it does not pass on to the rest in the collective. A small example would be, how it took almost a minute for the Queen to realise the Tactical Cube is under attack. Well that could be because of the speed of the transmission over 30,000 light-years. Or it could be that the Cube just send a message informing of their battle.
  15. Ya, Voy's maturation chamber is better. Soft comfortable blankets don't seem efficient. B)