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  1. happy birthday recycle!

  2. happy belated mine on sept 4 , have good one!!
  3. I'm long member i made post on here and topic . hope we can be friends thanks recycle!!

  4. i agree been along time since been looked like sites been boogered shame people ruin good sites!!!!
  5. lot stuff besides trek i guess..!!!!
  6. thats awsome i remember that he was in lot stuff all them!!!
  7. thats awsome i remember you cool!!
  8. Welcome too the trek site hope y come back!!!
  9. One way it was good, it got you going.on ent other episodes bit better.
  10. Cool ,45 i was not disapointed either sence then all new ones . Even the movie awsome could wait see motion picture was awsome too ,original trek, tng voyager, spce station on ok new was best and all the movies!!!!!
  11. all around, welcome aboard!!!
  12. Thats cool 4 trek one of my favorite episodes...
  13. cool well were glad to have you!!