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  1. As to the issue of a new series, I highly doubt it. A series would actually kill the franchise as it would lead to more core fandium. Star Trek is made for the masses, to give HOPE to those who watch it, hope for the future. Star Trek is not for a socially devoid group of individuals who's life premise is the oligarchy of Star Trek! While I hold Star Trek fan materials in my home, I do not see that is the end of of Trekdom. The movie was spectacular in the lightest of seance. However, the franchise needs a gross amount of work before it is Pulp-fiction. For too long has the geekdom of Star Trek been its Nemesis, it is time for it to own its own among Hollywood movies. Star Trek needs to evolve into a greater good for the franchise to survive. Star Trek is a "Dream." as Roddenburry said: "In the future there will be no poverty or greed, and ALL of the children will know how to read." Let that be Star Treks Legacy, I think that it, alone, will be a noble one.
  2. While I gave it a four, as five is perfect and that won't happen from today's Hollywood, I thought that it was the best Star Trek Movie since ST2 TRoK. The Story line adaptation from the canon of TOS I believe helps bring in new fans while mitigating the Trekker Nerd Colonies out there. (Ha, I use to be one, I have the right!) This will place new fans and the general public on equal or equivalent footing to enjoy this movie and the ones to follow it. Since the release of ST4 to Nemesis, the movies have been more fan-set than to the general public, which explains its near death. I enjoyed that no every little issue was explained, like the "Red Matter." Removing of the information overload that leads to boredom helped the movie by keeping the plot line first while not becoming overly technical. The casting was awesome, I really enjoyed Simon Pegg and Karl Urban as Scott and McCoy. The comedy has entered into Star Trek without obnoxious antidotes from a character who has always been made to be a straight man. I enjoyed the movie for all of its characteristics.
  3. A. While I disagree about Lost, Abrams has not had a significant creative influence (i.e. writing) on Lost since about the sixth episode (aside from directing I think like one episode). B. Okay, I am going to say this one last time, not just for TUH. STAR TREK XI IS NOT A REIMAGINING, A REMAKE, OR A REBOOT! It has been clearly established that Star Trek XI is going to be in line with canon. There may be a few tweaks here and there but that's to be expected. The term reimagining was only brought up with regards to the look of the movie and that came from an interview with the writers and wasn't even a direct quote. If you want the latest information on Star Trek XI, go to Well, The original and the second refit that became the big E of the ST Universe, NCC-1700 & NCC-1701, both being the same hull and ship... became is not nor has ever been designed in or out of canon to be an Atmospheric ship. I will yield the fact that the original Constitutions were build at the San Fransisco Ship Yard. There is also the issue of bridge design. Now in the 1960s, not much was known of GUIs "Graphic User Interfaces" or PADD or even 3D interface. In ST 11 the bridge design is more fluid and functional. The USS Kelvin NCC-0514 seems to be a hodge-podge of design due to lax development and the weakening of innovation and design within Hollywood Studios. I have seen the Paramount designs for TNG from one of the model makers himself, Local 44. None looked like the Kelvin. Gene Roddenberry was looking for a "Full Generation Ahead" look, not a rework of existing model parts. I hold hope and a deep desire for ST 11 to work. After Nemesis, the ST franchise is on its knees and about to die or become a Phoenix and live again.
  4. G4TV Channel 354 on the Directv network of satilites. Good up to date gammer information, real racie japanimation, too. A good network for novices to obtain basic programming and consoul gaming information. If they were a bit like what spike was prior to MXC and the Bondathons with the gammer twist they would do well. If G4TV does gain rights to TOS&TNG it should help bring them on the map from the back water channels of C-span and Bloomberg news. Like in any business the primary rule to success is Location, Location, Location. And being barried at the back of the line up with all of the Stiff-neck channels does it no good. While I realise that this is only about 40% of G4TVs broadcast capibility it is worth the investment of the shareholders to expend the monies to move it to a better location on the DTV dial. As it is now, G4TV is rather dry except when they do the demos on new games.
  5. This topic is one that isof a serious matter. While locked up for my five year vacation I ran acrossed some pediphiles. Needless to say, I didn't really enjoy their company. To be frank, the best thing that one could do to protect their beloved children is to fully restric them from the internet until age 12. After that, one should only allow them online with a parent/gaurdian fully present. As to how to protect them from unknown child molesters is to simply have a trusted adult with them at all times while they are out of the house. Statistic: only 1:450 of pediphiles are known and fewer are registared with their local law enforcment agencies. As to the Dateline repeat of late October. While well intentioned and creating a level of awarness to those who watch ABC, no real benifet came of that report when originally aired in August of last year. Most states have special divisions in law enforcement, which run simular "stings." And with luck, they are catching more of them every day.
  6. While I tend to think that Mr. Lucas has developed a big head, his movie Starwars in all six part of that same movie was quite a remarkible feat. Though I think the Life of Aniken would be more appropriate I agree that it wouldn't have packed the theaters May 25 1977 the same way. The lexicon of star wars has entered into everyday life of the peoples of the modern world. How many times have you heard: "I am your father Luke" from some git wearing a mask? Or when driving down the freeways at 100 + mph have your friends said: "Use the Force," just before you pass the local coppers in their late model ford lead weights? Whether you agree with George or not, his imagination has changed the world.
  7. I am unsure as to what reality someone would properly return found items such as money, but it is not this one. While returning a person's wallet or purse with all of the cards and ID would be appropriate, the money is one thing that one should never expect to have returned "real world people." At the race track the announcer comes over the pa and says: To whomever lost a large wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band. We have found your rubber band.
  8. Somethings you can buy with Mastercard somethings are priceless, and that is one of them. And didn't he use that santi-wipe stuff on the seat before he sat down in a public bathroom, talk about a quick way to get stds
  9. Christmas pie for me also known as Mince Meat. second is strawberry rhubarb.
  10. As I drink Diet Coke with Lime like water, I am somewhat relieved that they didn't touch that. DC w/lemon tasted like battrie acid(I have had a chug of that stuff working on my truck) and the Vinillas were too sweet. I guess if you like berry flavored wine coolers you might agree with them. And the "New thing" came out in 1984 and left with relief in 1988.
  11. All I have is a cell phone, I haven't need a home phone for over two years now. Can't see any scense in paying two companies for the same service that I get with my cell.
  12. As I have seen in one of the prior responces to the question: I would need to see the actual graph to tell. a f(x)=sin x (0,0) Now a cos phased either direction of 1/2 Htz would resemble a sin wave. Sin x/1 would give you a scs. That would be a mirror image of the sine function. As both looke the same {f(x)=sin x ~ f(x)=cos x +- 1/2} in a graph form, either answer would be acceptible unless the instructor has given other boundries to the equation. If all else fails you, do attempt the proof.
  13. All in all, the episode was lacking in many ways. I was not pleased with it as for an episode that I would enjoy again.
  14. Several actually. In fact, today I had to sign a waiver because I drove my Semi through a shot. There are many filmed here, as well as, series. It is always strange to see an actor that you have seen in the theater or on TV right in front of you when you live in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.