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  1. happy birthday transportermalfunction! :D

  2. Really looking forward to this film - not long to go.
  3. The Wrath of Khan The Voyage Home The Search for Spock The Motion Picture The Undiscovered Country Star Trek First Contact Insurrection Generations Nemesis The Final Frontier
  4. I think they should bring back Khan but not immediately, maybe a couple of films down the line would be good. At the moment I think the people behind the latest film have reclaimed Star Trek from the tired road it was going down and shouldn't have a problem coming up with their own story.
  5. A good episode, not one of my personal top ten but still a very good episode.
  6. Definitely McCoy after seeing the new film!
  7. I can't really choose. As a child it was always Kirk, but as I got older McCoy and Spock are such important characters to the show. Sorry to sit on the fence, but the three of them are what really makes Star Trek.
  8. Saw it on the first day in the UK and I have to say - wow! A much better attempt than the more recent films, and a damn sight better edited. I admit that (with the exception of TNG) Star Trek has always been about Kirk and Co. From DS9 onwards I felt that Star Trek had become a bit of a soap opera and lost some of the action and adventure that made it such a success. I was unsure what to expect when I sat in my seat at the cinema and expectations were low, but what I saw was easily the best Star Trek for a long while.
  9. While I love the trilogy of 2 – 4 and feel that style was greatly needed for the films to be successful, I also feel that by the time of the fifth film that perhaps a more serious tone was needed as the films began to be comedies. This was rectified by ST6, however I always feel ST1 makes a nice change because it is so different and still works imo.
  10. What are your top five TNG episodes? Mine are: 1. Conspiracy 2. The Measure of a Man 3. Datalore 4. The Best of Both Worlds 5. All Good Things (Two parters countb as one choice)
  11. In the TNG episode "Timescape" they create temporal belts that are somewhat similar. Perhaps there is a link.
  12. By the way did any of you know Takei was on the UK version of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. I'm just waiting for something about this to be brought up!
  13. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with this media view that the TNG movies were bad. Ok they were not a good as the trilogy of II - IV or Star Trek 6 but they weren't bad by any means. First Contact was easily the best of the bunch and up there with Wrath of Khan for action, an excellent film. Insurrection wasn't bad either, yes it was slightly weak in plot but the essentials were there with some nice scenes. Generations wasn't great, an overblown tv double parter and a bit unnecessary killing Kirk and destroying the Enterprise, but Nemesis was worse. Nemesis seemed a film that was never completed, the editing was poor with scene cuts feeling jarred. But at least they were all better than Final Frontier!
  14. After seeing the new trailer I can't say I'm overly impressed. I'll wait till I see the film but I can't really see it fitting into Trek history as we know it, so I'm looking at it as a recon and something completely different to the Star Trek we know and love. If the whole thing stands on it's own, then fine. If not I'll just write it off and go back to The Wrath of Khan - Voyage Home trilogy, which in my eyes can't be beaten anyway.
  15. I must say that it seems to me that Takei and a few of the other minor actors from TOS seem to hold a grudge on Shatner for acting like a leading man. However Shatner was the leading man! Apart from Spock, McCoy and Scotty, the others really were just minor characters up until The Motion Picture.