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  1. Well for the Nextel cup, he's going to race just not on the NASCAR competitive level that he's racing now.
  2. Kurt Busch of course, he's my favorite driver and I want him to take it, the way he's been racing this year he really deserves it. I also wouldn't mind it if Martin took it considering it is his last year racing Nextel.
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  4. Interesting Episode to say the least, Click For Spoiler I see that Soong is changing his viewpoint a lot during the progression of this story, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out in hos own personal struggle.
  5. Neither, their places are on the Bridge not in the Oval office
  6. First off privaticing school is a bad idea, many parents would not be able to "afford" to send their children to school, a lot of parents have a hard enough time feeding their children and giving them the funds to go to school. Do you see how many Americans can't even afford to go to hospitals? Now add the educations to that budget, it's also a "Huge" myth to suggest that children in private schools do better, yes they get better grades, but do you want to tell a parent that their kid is failing school when they're paying lots of money to send them there? Big NO... I know this from the experience of many of my friends who were in private schools then came to public school and were far behind in education, unable to keep up with us. What I think should happen is not "privatization" because all that does is mess things up ten fold for inner city kids ruining basically all their chances for the future. TUH you say there is no education program that can fix families? Well thats far off the ball, this is why in my school we have "Career and Life Management" classes that teaches how to do a budget for a family and the proper way to look after a child, this has had great success with families who have finished high school and went out to have children of their own. Our school also doesn't leech off the government like many other schools, we do lots of fundraising through the year, allowing us to have more then other schools.
  7. Actually with Ouiji boards, no one is actually "intentional" pushing the thing around, it's actually in the subconcious which is why it's so easy to believe you're actually talking to a spirit. In an experiment the placed a people in a room and had the people use the Ouiji several times and then the last time they did it, they blindfolded all the people in the room and then turned the board upside down. They all went to the wrong letters not because they were blindfolded but because the board was upside down meaning that the people had memorized where the letters were and were doing it on their own. Also they did mess up on the order of the letters a few times while they were blindfolded also.
  8. Well although I do want to go out and see the world, my home is always in Halifax, and even though I'm sure I'm going to move out of the country for a period of time I believe I will come back to live in Halifax.
  9. Well actually my city is one of the best in recycling and composting. There is a law, that was first just for the city but moved on to become provincial wide where you have to put all your organic materials into "Green bins" not your normal garbage. So the city collects that and then composts the materials selling it as soil world wide giving us a nice tax break because the city is making money on the soil sales. We are also in the process of cleaning our harbours which are undoubtable some of the most polluted in the world, by first off not having the sewer run into them directly but go through treatment plants that cleans the water before it returns to the harbour. We also are adding artifical reefs (that your cremated remains can be made into one) to attract more aquatic life. There is also a huge public add compaign showing easys ways that you can cut down on emissions, and save water and deminish other forms of waste. I think if more places followed my city's example we'd have a lot less pollution then what we have now.
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  11. Too bad there won't be hockey season this year. :( 273221[/snapback] No NHL is a good thing, drawls more support for the local teams, who need it a lot more then some overpaid greedy *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*
  12. I still demand a Ketchup chips option!
  13. When you're in a good mood you don't tend to notice the bad, but when something really bad happens you start noticing all the bad things.
  14. The one we're in right now, Star Trek is nice and all but I like to think we have a lot more fantastic discoveries to be found here at home.
  15. No, but I do believe in cell and atomic memory.