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  1. Because that is the avatar that one of our characters has chosen to use. In VF You are free to choose whichever avatar you wish, providing it is not one of an established Star Trek actor or actress.
  2. Throughout time, Earth’s history has been sprinkled with myths and legends ........ Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Fairies ..... all whispered about in dark corners, immortalised in books and film. Mankind's fascination with the paranormal, the night wrought fantasical stories, dark tales of terrible creatures to be told in brightly lit rooms. Tales that caused shivers down the spine, even as the tellers told themselves it was all a tale. But what if it wasn't..... The year is 2384 and the federation faces a dark new threat as an unknown agency changes the timelines and a deadly enemy, the Starrix’telac, find their way into Federation space, laying waste to all they encounter. But temporal mechanics are tempermental and even as the time lines are abused to bring about the destruction of the Federation the fates throw a curveball, and provide the universe with it's dark saviours. Creatures once relegated to myth and nightmare, fantasy and film emerge from the shadows ... demons and vampires, the Night-races of Earth, rally to fight this new enemy. They are Breed, and this is the line. Valkyrie Fleet
  3. The make-up was actually designed so that the mouth had a mechanism for him to speak with, it just that in the end they never gave him any lines. Too bad really. I would have liked to have seen his character expanded on a little more.
  4. I wasn't too sure about DS-9 when it first started. I wondered how they would be able to develop original episodes when the characters were confined (primarily) to the station. Although by the end of the third season I was well and truly hooked.
  5. I say Season Three, Basically for the same reasons Prometheus pointed out.
  6. Kirk's death in Generations really hit me, I mean - James Tiberius Kirk, actually dead.
  7. The O'Brien character had minimal development in TNG, he was just a recuring extra most of the time, during which he usually said nothing more than "Energizing". There were only a few exceptions to that, which came along in later episodes, ie marriage to Keiko epi. In DS9 he became a fully fledged regular cast member and his character was developed so much more, thats why I voted for him being better in DS9.
  8. Just wondering when the last banner update was? My banner was posted back at message #263 but I havent seen it up on the rotation yet. Thanks Cramase
  9. I really wanted to go to the Experience when it came over to London for the summer in 2003 (i think) but I didn't have enough money :) I'd love to go to Vegas anyway, my friend and I both want to go over to play the Poker tables, and I'd love to visit the experience while i was there, only problem is the previously mentioned lack of cash :P
  10. Hey Takara - dont yet get bored posting how to make a banner every time we get to a new page? wouldnt it be easier to have a special page link with instructions on it? Just the random babblings of a nutter, but thought I'd suggest it anyway. Cramase
  11. Meh, its just another day when I have to work
  12. I probably would have said something along the lines of "Mummy" then fainted in a gibbering wreck, lol
  13. rofl, nice one wishfire!!! Go Picard!!!
  14. YAY! Its finally up. Thanks Takara. Can you stick it on the rotation now VBG? Thanks!
  15. Ok, I sent the email today so you should have got it now