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  1. Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you. For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love. "damn i sound like superman"
  2. Complex and bigger battles in space, enterprise like emphasis on troop combat, tholians, gorn, Species 8472, xindi, Cardassians, Continuation of Denise Mcarthy Score's without singing theme, a ship with alot of armaments.
  3. If the Fed's is Communist what of the other superpowers i.e. Cardassians, Romulans and Klingons?
  4. "Quiet or I shall have U beaten for your lack of communist faith buy him out boys!!!" JKS i just decided to get into the comical spirit
  5. Throw's Tribble's at everyone!!!
  6. Throw's an Omega Particle at Odie
  8. Im glad u liked the clip I made for ya all at the Station, Im currentyl experimenting with certain wording and transtion effects, by next time I make a film such as this it will be include many more things. Im also thinking about doing a Star Trek Enterprise Alternate Start movie where u will see action and hear good music instead of just seeing non-star trek oriented clips.
  9. I was watching Voyager the other nite and there was this episode in season 4 about a culture that is very violent sensitive and telepathic, anwyays in the episode there is a bit where one of the back alley telepath trader's meets Tuvok and and Tuvok Mind melds with him. During the Mind meld with the trader Tuvok is showing various clips of violent images followed by himself attacking the Trader to show him what violence is really about, i think its a particularly good scence with good dialogue and action.
  10. I recieved an E-mail from (the main site for the show), anyways it gave me a link to an exclusive page where I could d/l the preview of Season 5. What I saw on the promo looked good!!!
  11. Im surprised with u ARMS, picking Voyager as Average and Andromeda as good, altho i like both series I have to agree with ya there, Farscape on the other hand was good on the level of Andromeda for me.
  12. I found this site when the Old chat closed, Doc42 told me about this site and i came. Since then I have enjoyed putting things in the forum and talking to true star trek fans, not some loosers i met at
  13. Whats so bad about Andromeda, i think of the show as a Way higher budget Farscape (altho farscape has my liking alot to)???
  14. I had to give my 2 cents lol Jeanway- Became Admiral and discovered early signs of the sphere builders and an extremely powerful organization of races called the Xindi within the delphic expanse 40 years after returning home, led one of the first battles with Admiral Picard on the Enterprise-F against the transdimensional incursion and was succesful in halting the enemy advance on their galaxy. She returned to the Delta Quadrant on an Advanced Federation ship in an effort to gain the Voth's help in the Sphere Builder's war. Chakotay - Spent 10 more years in starfleet and retired with Seven of Nine still in active duty on a planet in the Demilitirized zone, he gathered the remaining maquis and decided to help the cardassians rebuild from the Dominion war in an effort to gain their respect and trust. Seven of Nine - Works at Starfleet Intelligence devising new technology and tactics to fight the Borg effecitvely. Seven is still alive during the First encounter with the Sphere Builder's and helps employs defences against Starfleet's new front against the Xindi and The sphere builders. She is the one that develops sheilding against the Transdimensional rifts that are opened by the Sphere's. Tom and Torres - Works at Starfleet Training pilots and becomes 1 of the most succesful novelists ever joining jake sisko's company. Tom is still married to Torres and their daughter becomes a formidable fighter pilot and engineer. Torres becomes the Amabasador to the Klingon Empire after Worf gains command of his own ship The USS Blade (a new defiant mark II class warship). Tuvok - Becomes an instructor at the Academy training cadets of Combat and Logic reckoning. He returns to vulcan for a year to catch up with his family and gains a special Vulcan prestige of Logic Master 2985. Tuvok gains command of The Enterprise-G and helps fight off the Sphere builders/Xindi invasion. Tuvok is just old enough to be there during last battle against sphere builders and devises an ingeious tactic to break their seeming impenitrable line. Harry Kim - Gains Rank of Lieutenant and works aboard the Enterprise-F as Science director. Unfortunately he is killed during a battle with species 8472 after Picard recieves orders to close a rift to fluidic space. The Doctor - Gets the Name of "Joe" and Marrys a human female, he also heads 1 of the leading research teams of Parasitic anomoly diseases. He is finnaly turned off after Sphere Builder war helping millions in dire need during the war. Icheb - Work's with Seven at Starfleet intelligence devising ways to help the federation defend itself from advanced alien attacks. During one of the first encounters with the Sphere builder's, Icheb is taken by them and is never heard of again except for an Titanic Explosion within the Delphic Expanse which was caused by a special borg technology wich left traces of offline nano's. The blast destroys the Xindi's main Shipyards and cripples alot of their fleet efficiency in battle.
  15. The Federation finds two stargates and strange enemies called Gould and Wraith start pouring thry destroying everything.