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  1. Upon hearing the very sad news, I thought I would briefly pay my respects through an old and almost forgotten friend from several years ago (namely, the community). Without gazing into Mr. Nimoy's personal life, which had to have its natural ups and downs, it looks safe to claim that he did indeed live long and indeed prospered. His immediate family lost a loved one. Yet his fans composed a sort of family, too. People connected to his famous character, Spock, in a way that few other television characters have been, and this surpasses most, if not arguably all, of the characters of the entire Star Trek franchise. Rest in Peace. There is only one Spock and there was only one Leonard Nimoy.
  2. Salutations! (Sorry, mods, for this off-topic hello to the good ensign.)
  3. Oh, there is no doubt in my mind, it's Gul Dukat. He was the ultimate "bad guy" of DS9. He had a complex personality, to be sure. On occasion it almost seemed that he was not as "bad" as one would think. But that probably was only because of his truly psychotic personality. At the end, his evilness was unambiguous. Kai Winn was an excellent character on the show, too; even though I despise her personally. She represented the (almost archetypal) ambitious politician, hungry for power and fame. That is what solely motivated her. She loved to wield power and to put people down. In no way was she "spiritual."
  4. Well, it has been a couple of years. It only seems fair to answer my own question. LOL. I've been know to occasionally have Star Trek "marathons," watching one episode after another. When I'm sick I usually watch Trek. Approximately nine or ten months ago I had a three-day marathon because of the flu. That was the last time, minus the new movie, that I watched Trek. At the present, though, I'm starting to watch two VOY episodes per day. When I finish I'll either take a break from Trek or watch TNG. VOY starts out a little dry. But it will kick up soon. However, it really takes off with the introduction of Seven of Nine. I would say, for the most part, that it is an underrated series. As I said, once in a while I might drop by. And this is one of those times. I guess watching Trek has given me a sort of surge to post on the message board. I even, already, took a note or two watching the VOY episodes, just like old times! Maybe I'll post the trivia question or two in the future.
  5. Hey, don't get me wrong: I'm okay with discussing the little details! (Haha. I hosted trivia, remember?) On the other hand, I think we should always put things into perspective. I'm glad to hear you liked the movie too.
  6. Hello, VBG. As I said in PM, it is good to see you again. And it's great to stop-by the STF community to say "Hello." Yes, let us indeed hope that this new movie won't just be a momentary push for the Trek franchise. The good thing is, is that this movie has tremendous potential for multiple future movies, if it stays at this level of quality: It had a great plot; it was exciting and involving for the audience; it had good characters --- and actors who as a whole filled the shoes of the original crew well; there was excellent character development; it had good action --- and was properly balanced, even with it being so "intense"; et cetera. This new movie can definitely bring in a new, "next generation" of fans. To quote our Trekkie friend and former trivia host Mike: "Star Trek is back!" The prospect of future movies to come with this crew, in this time-line, is very exciting.
  7. After trekking to the other side of the galaxy, with my mighty Q powers, I just had to come back to "this" side of the galaxy, thus that I could watch and then review this new Star Trek movie at Let me be honest. Most of my prejudices were against it. I was skeptical from the first day I heard about the film's concept. This general prejudice was compounded by my thinking of all of the troubles that Enterprise had. I was also wondering if the producers that be were grasping at straws. Not to mention, the last movie, Nemesis, I thought was very disappointing. All of these prejudices basically vanished after I (finally!) took the time to see the movie. True, my more conservative side of me has had to adjust to this "new" Trek universe. And, true, there are temporal technicalities (which only a long-time and hard-core fan would probably notice or take issue with) that I had some difficulties assimilating to. But, after seeing it and allowing it to absorb in my mind, I all-in-all loved it. It is correct to say that Star Trek has an "ideal" that it must always attempt to live up to. Yet, it additionally needs to be able to "move" with new energy, new life, and new concepts through its ideal. It's this movie that can do this, and, I hope, is doing this. After Nemesis and after Enterprise, it needed a new and fresh direction. So despite this movie having a different "feel" from the other Trek movies and series, I think it is a welcome addition to the franchise that lives up to its basic ideal and moves it forward into new territory. The Trek franchise might as well stay static, and die, if it cannot "move." Some fans, it seems, forget that the show is supposed to be entertainment. (Sometimes I have been guilty of forgetting this obvious fact. This has led me to overanalyze episodes and movies.) These fans, negatively, hold onto their own "ideal" and "image" of the franchise in a straightjacket sort of way. This "alternative" or "changed" time-line does not really vanish anything from a viewer's perceptive. So I am not sure that any one of us should get too worked up about that. What were the "negatives"? Well, I think the negatives were not big at all. (So why focus on them?) Some of the action scenes might have been improbable, but that does not bug me. Pavel Chekov, sorry to say, was not the best. The crew looked too young to me, but I can live with it. But, again, why focus on the possible negatives of an overall great movie? Or, even worse, why overanalyze it to find negatives for the sake of finding negatives? (Trust me: I know that some Trek fans are doing this.) I cannot wait to have this movie on DVD!
  8. A tremendous movie: "5. It's great, I loved it!" I'll post a topic with a few reflections on it, countering the naysayers.
  9. I miss you. :(

  10. What is funny is master_q thinks I am Alterego. :P Good one. No MQ, I'm not "IS". Though I could easily do so, I don't play sn games. Yeah I'm onto you buddy! :) :P B) I'll be watching up here from the Q continuum... :P
  11. People are still there! :P Good. I'll stop by to say Hello. The next chat, unless something comes up, I should attend.
  12. I hope all of you enjoyed the chat! :( Do not forget the chat meets every Saturday. It sometimes lasts for hours. It sometimes starts an hour or two before the scheduled time. So it is very flexible for almost anyone. See You Next Time... :blink:
  13. I thought you were joking, Roy, with that two cent thing! AE should take that Gold Press Latinum away and replace it with...a rusty can of old-smelly-spoiled-slimily Klingon wistan gagh. :P
  14. One Hour till the Chat. Don't Be Late! Star Trek Chat Room --- Note: I will be cutting back soon. So I can focus on some other things. But will come to most of the Saturday chats more-or-less. I am happy to report that the weekly chat seems to be stable. (Otherwise, I would be less inclined to cut back.) :P
  15. Too much work. Don't have the time. If you want to schedule guests for these chats, fine with me-----just get permission from Alterego or VBG.