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  1. I've suscribed to communicator for several years now...i like it pretty much. I liked magazine better, but i thought it pricey...btw the reason they stopped making it is because they merged with communicator. also i dont know if this counts, but i LOVE the trek comic books...
  2. lol my local used bookstore has 3 or 4 copies...i guess i'l go buy them, lol. i didnt know they were rare
  3. i feel like shooting myself...i bought an awesome model of ds9 a few years back. it was realy nice, it had fiber optic portholes and light bulbs in the fusion core and other spots....an i moved in the time i was assembling it, and it got decimated (worse than the dominion could have done
  4. I thought they were both annoying, but at the same time they each had there good side(however small...) I agree that pulaaski should be on there...although her replacement wasn't perfest...
  5. I liked them both for there own reasons...but in the end i always thought picard waas to diplomatic. I liked Janeways drop-kick style dimplomacy better B)
  6. I thought they were running the whole series straight through the week...guess i'll have to check again...lol, and no wonder the walmart dude looked art me funny when i bought 45 dollars worth of VHS tapes...
  7. hhmmm im having trouble with the shadow and glow... now??
  8. testing
  9. AHA! testing
  10. hi there
  11. move]Happy Posting![/move] Happy Posting! Happy Posting!
  12. hmmmm who's the highest poster at The best ST site Click for Spoiler: Alterego!Readme.txt
  13. I realy enjoyed the first two... I haven't read the 3rd yet...I'll have to agree with Ktrex about the ending in the second book...they could have done better, but theres still many books to come
  14. WOW... I read the first one...the next day I bought the second one...now a day later i'm ready for the next one!!! Very good books! Plus the cool, shiny cover looks great on my bookshelf! I am interested in how the series will continue, though, since the mysterie and problem are pretty much solved in the second book(don't want to give it away ). I CAN'T WAIT FOR 3!!!!
  15. ^ likes cheesecake!(i think)