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  1. Lol! Yeah we have some crazy welcome week activities. A really great rock show I have to miss because of stupid work. And then we have a beer garden in the quad. Meeting a friend there after school tomorrow. Woot. Lol. Ah university. This is fun.
  2. Censorship.
  3. Ooooooooooooooooooooh. Good one. :lol:
  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That makes me so mad. I have the originals on vhs and then i wanted to finish the set in vhs so i have 1 &2 on it too. Then I got the original DVDs and I was waiting for them to release these in a box set trilogy thing too.
  5. So I had my first day of engineering at the U of Alberta today. It was sweet. All the engineers were dressed up like pirates (why? who knows. everyone had a theme. Obviously ours was coolest). I had a wicked eye-patch. And our chant: "We are, we are, we are the engineers. We can, we can domolish 40 beers. Drink rum, drink rum. And we don't give a damn for any man who don't give a damn for us!" It's from back in the day and they still use it. So, anyone else have new school, or just beginning of school stories??
  6. Lol. No they are very slurred in this band. You pretty much have to read the lyrics to get them. Some of the bands are only about screaming and being angry and I have no desire to listen to them. Then every now and then, you get a band that knows a lot about beautiful music too and amidst their angst they throw in beauty. A tortured beauty perhaps. And then others are very artsy and are able to convey that without screaming too too much. It's much more enjoyable. Very aggressive but it will give you lots of energy for the day. Lol.
  7. Excellent hardcore/punk band. A little hard so if you don't like that don't go here. It has the ideals of old-school punk: "say what you think". Not for more conservative people. Ex. Lyrics Click For Spoiler "Destroy FashionCore. It's a counterrevolutionary movement that betrays the music scene and fuels the fires of capitalism. Will your designer's corpse be sexy?" Listen to the MP3's here: I love "Accidental Christening".
  8. Robertson Davies: "The Rebel Angels"
  9. Boards of Canada - "An Eagle In The Mind" and next The Wolfnote - "You Can Kill A Revolutionary, But You Can’t Kill A Revolution"
  10. WOW! I hope it stays true to the original and doesn't go all XTREME TO THE MAX like so many crappy movies these days.
  11. Being criticized for being a happy person.
  12. What are people's opinions of this movie? And also of Wes Anderson? I personally think it is one of the smartest, wittiest, and entertaining movies ever made. In fact, it is my favourite film. The lines are perfect and delivered perfectly by the perfect acting. The music is superbe. In fact, everything about this film is amazing. Wes Anderson is godly. Discuss.