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    i am a christian, and volunteer for the St. Johns ambulance.
  1. Patricia Marie Anne however, everyone knows me as marie, patricia is only used 'legally' eg dr's official documents etc. patricia is my mothers name and to be honest i really don't like it and i hate it being shortened to pat
  2. hmmm tough choice, however i voted emissary, i really thought the handover from the next gen was good, and started the storyline off very well!
  3. lol, some of your ideas are good, i personally would have liked it if they atcually shown some emotion when they had reached the alpha quadrant, i mean they spent seven years trying to get home a load of disappointment and when they finally get there they treat it as 'another day' no cheer no nothing!
  4. voyager is my favorite incarnation of trek, but i find the other four just as injoyable, and i do agree with the fact that there are some really good fan fics out there, also some of the sim storylines i find are fantastic (however i do not sim) the creativity and depth are amazing. as a whole though i feel that trek fans are most dedicated, i mean lets face it trek is growing all the time there is hardly anybody who does not know about star trek even if they do not follow it!
  5. i chose tuvok as i feel he really was next in line for commander, however i do not feel that the marquai would have liked it so yep for the period i suppose chakoty was the best ^_^
  6. i'm inbetween these really, i do work as a health care assistant at our local hospital, but i'm also starting my nurse training at university, so i do both. lol i noted you didn't have mature student as an option :lol:
  7. yep time does fly, and it seems the older you get the faster it goes, weather this is because as we get older there is far more we want to do and achieve at times i wish i could just take time and slow it all down
  8. i live in the uk and we don't really have majors, however i didn't do too well at school, but i am now making up for lost time as i will be starting a diploma in nursing next week as a mature student, i feel you are never too old too learn!
  9. i had to vote year of hell, as it it one of my all time favourites, however i do feel in the pale moonlight and city on the edge of forever were most proberly joint second.
  10. unfortunately for me i had a bit of a tough childhood, and one of my child hood heros was superman, i used to really wished he come and take me away from it all.
  11. year of hell has to be the favorite, it had something in it for everyone plus many suprises for example, janeway giving the order to abandon ship!
  12. this is really quite a difficult vote, i feel each has brought it's own element to trek, however although not my favorite i did vote tos as if it was not for that original idea trek would not have exsisted, it thus built the foundation.
  13. time and again was one of my favorite episodes, however i thought they overdramatized kes a bit, it reminded me a little of troi in the first ep of the next gen!
  14. i do like both picard and janeway, they both were very good captains in very different ways, they both earned the admiration and respect of there crews. but at a push i'd have to choose janeway B)
  15. Being a student myself at the moment, my advice would be to be as organized as you can with your studies. also remember time for you, you need to be able to relax and enjoy yourself from time to time with friends and family. i hope you enjoy what you intend to do :wacko: