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    Love to collect "one of a kind" STAR TREK items, making collages, reading, movies and music.<br />Keep active with my<br />=/\= STAR TREK Art Zone Yahoo Groups. =/\=<br />Plus I'm a BIG Caitian /M'Ress fan.
  1. [SIZE=7]Hi; Have any of you seen what's being offered at www.StarTrekAnimated.Com ? Custom TAS art! The webmaster dosen't offer this often... I own six myself and their're great! Here the link to the Custom art: Enjoy![/size]
  2. Hi! Just wanted to say, I think the Photo Gallery is a great new feature... Thank You! Love the idea that we can use posted art as E-Cards. :(
  3. That was a great episode! I enjoy the idea behind it. I'm a big fan of TAS and one of my favroite sites is: . You can find anything on TAS there.... even listen to the episodes on line. Yesteryear, is probably the best of the episodes made.