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  1. One day I was reading on some website about a very... interesting topic. The Klingon Forehead Problem was what they referred to it as. As most of us know, the Klingon in TOS had no ridges on their foreheads. When TNG came out they had ridges. No problem. Everyone accepted that TOS was low budget and couldn't afford the fancy foreheads. So Klingons always had ridges. Now for the problem... In DS9 Trials and Tribbleations No Klingons had Ridges, and Worf commented that the Klingons didn't talk about that time because the thing where they had no ridges was embarrassing. Well... that was a problem because in Voyager the crew come upon... KLINGONS! However, that is not all. These Klingons all have ridges, and they left the alpha Quadrant about the time of TOS. does anyone have any Ideas why this is?
  2. Just wanted to say, I loved the movie. The nods to Enterprise and TOS were great. One point I really want to make. They finally got the no sound in space thing right!!! Good good movie. Don't believe me? Go see it and decide for yourself.
  3. I agree that the Doctor's family was a very interesting concept, but in the end it served it's purpose. I would like to point out another avenue of discovery for the Doctor that was not explored. In "Blink of an Eye" in season 6 the Doctor was sent down to the planet and lived for years their time. This episode was much after "Real Life," and I wonder how the Doctor's experience with his holographic family influenced his raising of an actual family almost 3 years later.
  4. You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself Borg 60% Federation 60% Vulcan 50% Cardassian 50% Romulan 50% Dominion 35% Klingon 20% Ferengi 15%
  5. I loved both Jadzia and Ezri Dax. I voted for Ezri though because as statstarter said. "Something about her just 'tickles my fancy'." Besides that, with Ezri Dax you still have Jadzia in there. With Jadzia there is no Ezri. Just a thought.
  6. Wow, I've been gone for a long time. Anyways, I definitely like year of hell, but there is one issue that always bugged me. Kes told Janeway about the Kremin, and yet when they first saw the Kremin scout, she acted like she had never heard of them. It's like Kes never existed, or at least never told Janeway about the Year of Hell. This brings me no another interesting point. Remember the episode where Chakotay falls in love with an alien bounty hunter who had fallen in love with him? Her race would be forgotten soon after they left. Well, they used what look like Ocompan ears on her. I have been wondering if she was in fact Ocompan, but no one recognized her as such because they had forgotten all about Kes. I dunno, it's a bizzare theory.
  7. Hey, there everyone. Long time no see. Anyways, I was on YouTube the other day when I came across some old "Reboot" episodes. (See Wikipedia Article ) Well, After watching them all I was shocked to find that the fourth season was never finished. This thread is for anyone curious about the show, or interested in seeing it on Tv in reruns, or with new episodes. I know New episodes? yeah, there's a group, Reboot Revival who is working to get episodes re-aired and/or resyndicated. I figured that if the show has any supporters, Star Trek fans would appreciate the the show and the situation, concidering TOS and ENT. Well, this is my appeal. Help if you want, hurt if you must, but please do something.
  8. So yeah. The Revival of Reboot now has their web page up and running ReBoot Revival. On a few more members, and the fans will start a mass mailing to American TV networks showing their support for the show. We may get a conclusion at last!
  9. Yes, I know this is an old topic by now, but that's what makes this cool. I've been noticing the bluetooth wireless headsets they have for phones now, and I was thinking that it may be possible to "borrow" their components to make a working com-badge. Especially if your phone has voice-recognition capabilities. Do they still make phones with voice recognition? I know they had it for a while, but I stopped hearing about it. Oh well, It'd be cool anyways. I'd make it myself, but then I'd have to own a cellphone.
  10. I've re-modeled this to look much cleaner, and my new version is now cast with plastic resin instead of bondo. I'll try and post new pics, but I won't be able to until April. Such is the college life...
  11. Ok, I'm going to be scratchbuilding a combadge for a Halloween costume. Does anyone know the relative size of a DS9/VOY combadge? Any help is appreciated.
  12. I was just thinking the same thing MrPsychic. I'm picturing wire work, flashy camera moves, and a "universal" story so everyone can relate, or maybe an attempt to make an action film that won't work for Trek. All in all, the idea of a new film scares me. I hope I'm just overreacting though.
  13. I suggest watching as much as possible, Youtube is cracking down on copyrighted materials, so soon seasons 1-3 might be available anymore. I would say you coulds get them on DVD, but any DVD's of those seasons are illegal copies, and most likely very poor quality. That's why the revival is so important, to get the episodes back out there.
  14. I admit Neelix could be annoying, but that's part of what makes his character funny. He's a lot like Mike the TV from Reboot. The other characters find him a bit annoying, but the audience likes it, and he serves a purpose in the show.
  15. All very accurate information. I hope that seasons 1-4 make it to DVD, but there needs to be a showing of fan support big enough to make a release worthwhile. And, in case you were wondering, Beast Wars was made by the same company as Reboot. They were innovators.
  16. I voted Torres, and then Kes. I don't understand why no one likes Kes or Neelix much. Anyways, I liked Torres for her position as chief engineer, and her relationship with Tom. Kes was a second cause she cared enough to keep the holo-doc company in his boring and lonely first few years.
  17. The Central computer terminal that O'Brien helps the criminals hack, was in a bar on another planet. Presumably on that planet, every public area has an easily accessable computer terminal for access to public banking and probably bus schedules and the like. (I'm surmizing about it's uses, no where that I remember does anyone say it's exact purpose, but I thought this was reasonable.) The "ATM" from quarks, as was said earlier by a reliable person, was not in Quarks, but it was a Ferengi Exchange machine, near Quarks. (like coin machines in arcades I suppose).
  18. If DS9 ended as a dream, Paramount would have been burned down, and the executives slain. The fans would have rioted for weeks. The origional "Benny" visions were sent by the prophets, and the later "Benny" vision, where the doctor was trying to convince Benny that everything was a story were the false visions. Ironcily, this is almost exactly what the producers must have gone through when trying to decide, Is DS9 all a dream,(Pah-Wraith) or is it real, (Prophets).
  19. Here's how I see it; The new uniforms were adopted for the Dominion war to prevent the enemyt from sighting them, and Identifying the command, science, and engineering personell from a distance. (big problem with emblazoning your speciality on the shoulders, the most visible part when shooting from under cover. Voyager was in the Delta quadrant, and no where near the conflict. Thus, they didn't need to change the uniforms. It would have been understandable if they phased out the older uniforms as they wore out, but from a financial aspect, the producers wouldn't have seen the extra expence of creating a whole new set of uniforms for a crew who wouldn't even be included in the Dominion war. From the raplicator rationing standpoint, don't even get me started. They built at least 7 shuttles (they blew up or lost many more than the ship was equipped to carry) and they built the Delta Flyer. If they were worried about rations, they brought it on themselves. If they could replicate shuttle parts, they could afford a few new uniforms. Someone also mentioned the continuity of uniforms among the crew. By the time the Voyager crew found out about the new uniforms, the Maquis were not a problem. Belanna was the cheif engineer, Chakotay was second in command, Seska was gone, and everyone felt right at home as part of the crew. (Except maybe Nelix, who ended up leaving the ship, but he wasn't Maquis anyways.) So to sum up my opinion, the old uniforms had no need to be updated, but had they felt the need to, it would have been quite appropriate to slowly update the old ones as they wore out.
  20. I would like to clarify my opinion; there should be a break from official films and series. I strongly support the continuing of fan films, comics, and the like. However, I believe there should be some regulations to maintain continuity. Star Wars has a very definite cannon, whereas Star Trek has been a bit diluted by books which contradict each other, and the official creations. I have no specific examples, but a quick look through books available in Borders or some place like that will provide you will all the evidence I need to back my opinion. So, that's how I feel.
  21. Agreed, Athena. Star Trek is a great franchise, but it's all starting to wear out. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. We need to let the engines cool down before a restart can be attempted safely. If we don't wait, it could blow up in our faces and kill us all.
  22. Yeah, I keep an LCARS background on my laptop at all times, it's the most complex image the thing can handle. My laptop is pretty crappy.
  23. I have often believed with no proof, that USS was just taken from the Navy's ships. Then the writers made up a meaning for it once they were asked about it too often. MANVERU, do you have proof of this registry system? It seems to make sence, but I'm pretty sure that the N doesn't mean Nacelles or navigation. Not that I have a better idea."
  24. Well Stated Capt. Picard. But, that leads to the question of why you decided to look at this topic in the first place. :blink:
  25. Throws a case of Aldeberan Wiskey on next poster.