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  1. I rarely, if ever post here but reading all your responses made me want to. I am 50 years old and clearly remember watching "Mantrap" the night TOS premiered. The images of a society wherein all members got along, worked for the comman good, and promoted similar values out to the rest of the galaxy appealed to me. After seeing the newest installment eight times already -- and going shortly for number nine -- it still does. Gene Roddenberry's vison for the future continues to burn brightly. Stop worrying about canon, for heaven's sake. ALTERNATE REALITY. Do any of you nay-sayers know anything about quantum physics and the multiverse? Try reading the collected works of Harry Turtledove, or S.M. Stirling's Nantucket trilogy. Watch Timeline. There are many examples of alternate reality throughout the genre. Science fiction fans used to be intelligent, well-read geeks, not whiny crybabies who want their --insert franchise name here-- back. Star Trek is about opening the minds of the mundanes to the possibilities that exist for the future, about setting goals for our society as a whole. You want your Star Trek back, fire up your DVD or tape players and write fan fiction. Society evolves, it is only reasonable that the vision that is Star Trek evolves. Well done, Mr. Abrams. Please do more.
  2. Wasn't replying to you, was re-stating my opinion. Sorry if you thought I was replying to you. I'll choose the same but I would RATHER it be done peacefully. Sorry if you have a problem with that but in my opinion, the only thing that war does is make enemies and kill innocent civilians. Crooked, manipulated democracy isn't any different then "evil dictatorships". I AM NOT SAYING THAT OUR DEMOCRACY IS CROOKED. Some cultures don't lend themselves to democracy, no matter how wonderful it is. Of course, I am a child of the sixties and my opinions could be considered skewed by the self-righteous gun-toting current ruling class of the USA (please note, Canadians, I am saying "USA", not including your country). I agree he should be ousted and his regime overthrown. But why should the US do it when many of the Arab states have far more money then we do and could take care of the situation, possibly without firing a shot? Why do US and allied soldiers have to die? And why does that cowboy idiot in the White House think that the US has to be the world's policeman?
  3. Realizing that other people's kids are incredibly boring, I still have to brag about the world's newest Trek fan: Erika Catherine, my niece, was born Wednesday March 12 at 0937 in suburban Chicago. She was 8 lbs, 14.6 oz, 19.5 inches long and looks exactly like my late paternal grandmother, her great-grandmother. If anyone wants to see a picture of her and her mom & dad (both big Trek fans), take a look at the "Collage" page at our website: Our Portal :P
  4. Good! That's less then a month away! I can't wait till the whole series has been released! Me either though I like watching it on commercial TV, too.
  5. Does anyone know when DS9 is going to start re-running on TNN? I have the first DVD set but I really enjoy watching Trek on commercial TV.... I don't see anything on the TNN website yet but I know that it's supposed to start showing this year sometime. Thanks
  6. Next to DS9, Enterprise is my favorite. I really like the ensemble, just like I did DS9's. Sure some of the stories have been kind of repetitive, but if it means that there's going to be a sweaty Trip, especially in those blue undies..... Hey, even old married women can look! I thought DS9 was the best series because of the story arcs and the variety of alien encounters generated by the mission of the station as well as its' location near the worm hole. But then again, I love baseball so maybe my tolerance of a slower pace was in effect. Enterprise, though, is wonderful and it's getting better nearly every show. It's fun to see how the writers address establishment of Starfleet regs that we all know better than we know traffic laws!
  7. Carpal tunnel, the curse of the information age..... I've got it, too, coupled with a progressive case of arthritis, and I type all day, too. I keep it at bay with warm moist compresses, Tylenol arthritis, and I use wrist splints at night when it's really active. Also, you might want to try Capzasin or Triple Strength BenGay -- nasty stuff to be sure but I've had loads of success with both. Have I mentioned I'm an RN?
  8. I might have said this before, it bears repeating: "Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the children of God." Don't let the conservatives and their self-stroking desire to play war and spread their version of democracy fool you, folks. Democracy doesn't necessarily work for everyone. And somebody better tell W that not everyone is an evangelical Bible thumping MORON like he is. Sorry, I hate the Bushes. Bush I, Barbara, Jebbie and W -- they're all elitist slime. Say what you will about Clinton, at least he KNEW there is a middle class.
  9. Not me. I love Klingons. I love their attitude.
  10. I'd like to know what happens when Sisko comes back. Saw Avery Brooks in November at a Trek convention in Orlando, he said he'd not be adverse to doing one. I'm Next-Gen'd out, just like I'm TOS'd out. I miss the Klingons and the rest of the DS9 crowd.
  11. I have always hated Troi. Don't know why but I just don't like her. And Major/Colonel Kira. It's a toss up between the two.
  12. I fixed my signature, bysty. Is it less offensive?
  13. I'll take the bird farm (aircraft carrier). It's Navy and I have a cousin who is on it. I think he's an LSO or...I don't know. He does something with planes and doesn't fly them or fix them.
  14. Because that's what the respective leagues call it.
  15. Okay, I'll play, just a little. I'm Judi, a married 44 year old who clearly remembers watching "Man Trap" (the first TOS episode aired) Wednesday September 8, 1966 even though my parents wanted me to go to sleep. I have not missed a Trek episode since. I have always loved SF in any form -- was reading the Heinlein kiddie books when I was six -- and didn't care who knew it. I still read it and watch it, loving it as much as I did when I was a kid. SF shows many future possibilities and should not be ignored IMO. My husband and I live within shouting distance of Mickey's place in Florida, and I go there a lot. No kids by choice, hoping for dogs down the road when we have a house with a fenced yard. Have never been one to keep the light hidden under the barrel -- I'm a liberal Democrat, believe in Roe vs Wade with a vengeance, an unrepentant baseball fan and a firm pacifist. I'm also a minimally-practicing Roman Catholic who has fun being one here in the Bible Belt. I collect fashion dolls and SF media autographed photos, garden, play computer RPGs and dote on my niece and nephew, both of whom are getting baby siblings this year. I also cook and bake at an extreme hobby level. I refuse to grow up past fiscal responsibility, and am very successful at being an adult child. Oh! Our website is Our Portal and all are welcome to visit.