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    I love all things trek, I love all music, love to read, love animals...I am collecting hermit crabs so far I have 2 one is called spider( cuz he springs out of his shell when you pick him up ) the other is called pocky ( cuz he takes his time with every thing he does and he is very slow when it comes to coming out of his shell)
  1. VOYAGER VOYAGER VOYAGER!!!!!! :borgqueen:
  2. :borgqueen: LOL TOO FUNNY!!!
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  4. I voted for picard because he has great diplomat skills . janeway as vice lol :borgqueen:
  5. :borgqueen: BYE!!
  6. I can see many kids melting that action figure or poping his head off lol! :borgqueen:
  7. :lol: Too Funny Hic-Up!!!..........love it!! :borgqueen:
  8. You can only have three things with you.......what are they? Mine are 1) Cell phone ( hopefully not out of range so that I can call for help lol) 2) A St novel to pass the time 3) one of those handy have everything attached pocket knives ( you know the ones that have a fork and spoon, tothpicks and matches......the works) :borgqueen:
  9. I haven't boughten a cd in a while......but I am eclectic and love most music that has a good dance beat to it ( -boy bands lol) :borgqueen:
  10. Martha, a little girl a baby sit ( she is about 4 ), was playing in the back yard with her little friends ( 3 other kids) and they were all huddled in a corner and every now and then I heard a "WOW" from the group...then they all walked up to me, martha in tow, and said " Purple ( nick name they gave me) look at what Martha found!!" Martha came up to me and held out her hands and as she did she said "ITS MAGIC CLAY! I can mold it into anything!" low and behold the child was playing with Cat poop!!! I didnt want to imbarass her so I asked if I could take the magic clay from her and asked her to come inside and wash her hands.. I then told her that she wasnt to play with any more Magic clay or the magic would go away and never come back ( what else could I say to her it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her) :borgqueen:
  11. tng animated would be the coolest thing.......though some characters would look funny animated lol......I would still watch it.... :borgqueen:
  12. Poor guy......as I have been watching the Osbornes I have noticed that Ozzy injures himself a lot! as for who let him on....whoed have guessed Ozzy would get hurt ? :borgqueen:
  13. I think that the borg Queen is one of the greatest villains of all time!! she is sexy and ruthless and has a need to be perfect! lol :borgqueen:
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  15. "were a twin". You must mean: "had a twin", right? yea yea yea.....thankx for the correction lol :borgqueen: