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  1. Wow, haven't been here in at least two many changes!

  2. Worf in "QPid" "Captain, I must protest! I am NOT a merry man!!"
  3. It's like a '70s cartoon with the repeating backgrounds, hoping against hope that nobody would notice...
  4. I own the DVDs of TMP - VI, and VHS of Generations - Insurrection. I never need to see Nemesis again.
  5. Hey there, youbroughtheryouRiker Looking at your post count, I'd say that I'm probably more of the newb here now. Some things look completely different from the last time I was here. Hooray Forum Upgrades! Considering I usually go to sleep at midnight and am up at 7, being awake at 2 am is late for me. Does it count as "insomnia" if your job requires you to be up all night? I used to be a police dispatcher and worked the late shift. After a while, it becomes almost normal to go home at 8 am and go to bed.
  6. I'm up late for some reason...must be mild insomnia. I also haven't been here for over a year....too many forums, too much time spent with my nose in a law school book. Good to be back, though!
  7. He will be missed.
  8. I've got this book by Gibson and Sterling called "The Difference Engine" that would probably count as Steampunk. 19th century primitive sized...I need to read this one again.
  9. Watched "Elf" and "Shrek 2" last week. Elf was ok, but Shrek 2 was hilarious!!! Sat around and watched "Hunt for Red October" on TBS last night...still an excellent movie!!
  10. Chef...we haven't seen him yet and it's getting to the point that Chef needs to be identified, lest Chef become Enterprise's Maris.
  11. Nice to be back here....will post more after finals are over! Been enjoying Enterprise this year...seems Coto is working out after all. I didn't realize I'd been gone all this time..
  12. Great episode! 9 or 9.5 out of 10!! Looking forward to E2 (ok, E-squared, but I don't know how to do a superscript with this type of coding) next week! Click for Spoiler: Plus, I like Randy Oglesby's work as Degra, and also as other characters in Trek. And, he and I share the same last name!
  13. 1. I'm addicted to Mountain Dew Code Red 2. I'm living in California, although I grew up in Nebraska. I miss having 4 seasons. 3. I'm happily married, we have two cats, but no kids yet. 4. It's a constant toss up between whether I prefer ST or SW. 5. My favorite smiley is this: :blink:
  14. In flight movies or bring a big book (LOTR, perhaps?) Also, don't forget to do some walking in the aisles to keep your circulation going, and make sure you stay hydrated!
  15. Toyota MR2