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  1. If he and his partner are well and happy, then I'm happy for them.
  2. Now tell me and tell the truth. Did you intentionally cut yourself? I hear that alot in Therapy as my hands, legs, ankles, and arms are inspected for cuts and burns. I'm not a cutter type but periodically I still have to show my legs and arms. :P Cutters actually cut themselves to feel something. It's not actually that they enjoy the pain it's more of a release. It's like they get an emotional build up and the cutting unburdens them of the pain and bad feelings. :) B) Now be a good little Trekker/Trekkie and clean your cut, wipe your tears, treat yourself to your favorite goodie, and turn on your favorite ST series. :lol:
  3. :blink: I'm missing Miss Bambi, (my husband's first wife) today is the second anniversary of her death. She was a kind good person and treated me like a sister. I talked about her in Therapy today. I'll finish my chores, maybe hang some shelves and say a prayer later.
  4. As I recall I would make a spray bottle of 1/3 apple vinager and 2/3 water and shake it and spray Daniel's son when he came home all sunburned. I'm more olive skinned and don't burn as Daniel and his son does but a friend at work told me this remedy and the son by marriage says it takes the burn out of his skin. :blink: You know whatever works and can make the husband and son feel better.
  5. Click For Spoiler Well I can handle Troi and Riker's visit but, B) I will forever thank God we don't have to see the likes of Wesley Crusher there. I'd bail if I knew Wesley was going to show up and be that know it all brat.
  6. I find it interesting that Yellowstone may erupt. Perhaps even in my lifetime. I know that there may be large loss of life, the weather will change, and that crops my fail due to cold. Also I know that the sunshine may be lost to us for sometime due to all the ash in the air. Breathing in the ash would be hazardous too and may cause Cancer. Still I watched Mt St Helens erupt and I got hooked on reading and watching other volcanoes erupting too.
  7. Two words. Click For Spoiler DULL and DISAPPOINTING
  8. I think my worst nightmare would be being stuck with 7 of 9 alone. My only thought would be getting our *collective* a$$e$ out of there before she would go into to detail of why such a thing would never happen on a Borg Cube.
  9. I found this video to be lovely. As I read some of the previous reviews and, of course, I worried alittle about the *adult* sexual conduct I realized that my fears of maybe seeing a bit too much was unfounded. It was loving, touching, and natural. :blink:
  10. I've been giving thought to these questions for sometime and I can't help but wonder why Odo the shape shifter represented itself as a male humanoid. I did watch the DS9 series and I often wondered if Odo *tried on* other genders and species? Was there actually genders at Odo's home world and is gender some chemical compound in Odo's natural state or is it what Odo forms itself to be between its knees when it decides to take on a humanoid form? :blink: :VBGal:
  11. I post when I have something to say. It's within my nature to post a lot then go on quiet mode, lurk, and maybe work on a story on another site or two and then come back like a tornado. In the words of my beloved spouse and what a way with words he has, my dearest Daniel says, 'Opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got one and some folks even live with a few.' God bless my Daniel and his inspiring words of wisdom!
  12. It was possitively twisted! I loved it!!!
  13. Ah, Dicentra spectabilis, the bleeding heart as I remember it they are considered perennials in Zones 3 to 7 I think it would be safe to say they would do well in California. I'm in zone 5 and the many years I sold them I only sold them as a hanging basket arrangement. Please check with you local nursery to make absolutely certain as it can be painful to invest time and $$ into plants and only get one otr maybe two growing seasons out of them. BlueCrystal<----worked for many years at a greenhouse and garden center.
  14. Daniel use to take me to the drive-in around here but after a visiting it several times we got to know the owner. He always seemed to be a nice fellow of strict moral code when it came to teens and young adult visiting the drive-in. One evening Daniel went to get us some treats and I waited in the car after about 10 minutes I started in when Daniel caught my arm and announced we were leaving. Apparently Daniel had a conversation of sort with the man. On the way home Daniel said we wouldn't be going back that the man was a pervert and a commie. I'm still clueless about all at went on but Daniel likes to keep me innocent to some things. B)
  15. Sorry Madame Butterfly I just can't resist, LOVE makes this world a better place and everyone should know love, cherishing, and someday marriage B)