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  1. You had a nice gallery and some decent posts as well.

    What happened Alien grab?

  2. When I read the synopsis of "Affliction" on, I had a feeling that it was about the "ridge syndrome". I think Manny Coto is doing great things this season on Enterprise, but if I were him I'd leave this issue alone. The Klingon fans can be a little touchy. Personally, I liked Worf's explanation in DS9- "We don't talk about it".
  3. I don't want to switch topics here- and I think spoilers should be enforced. But if you haven't seen the episode, and don't want to know what happened- shouldn't you avoid a discussion of the topic like the plague?
  4. Click For Spoiler I knew it! Administrator V'Loss is way too bloodthirsty to be Vulcan- I suspected in Awakening that he's working for/ or is a Romulan. I deducted 2 points for the really lame Lirpa fight- but added a point back just 'cause Commander Shrans such a BMF.
  5. I'm giving a 9 because it's an in-between episode that promised much but skimped on the delivery. It was very cool (don't get me wrong) but I think this story could be condensed an episode. I felt there was too much filler- why didn't they make this a 2 parter? If they are producing less episodes this season, then why are they wasting time stretching out story lines- this seems a most illogical practice.
  6. Click For Spoiler T'plana-Hath, matron of Vulcan philosophy, also one of Spock's questions in ST:4 282327[/snapback] I knew it! Those sneaky devils! Thank you Welfconfed- you are truly worthy of Kolinahr
  7. Not the best, but definitely the coolest Enterprise episode ever. Click For Spoiler What is the answer to Arev's 1st question? I thought it was from "Spock's World" but I was wrong. If you know please enlighten me. (The 2nd question was easy- "Nothing Unreal Exists" ST4)
  8. I thought the first movie was much funnier- the Europeon fans seemed more, well balanced than us Yanks, which makes for boring TV. There were good parts, but overall it kinda sucked. Gabriel as a married man was the most amazing part of the film, and I'm still not sure that he didn't CGI that part. The best part was getting to see" No Kill I" for the 2 seconds a "PG" rating would allow them to be on TV.
  9. There isn't even a Fine Arts category listed on the poll. I guess my BFA in Sculpture from the great institution of VCU doesn't count for much. Oh well, there's always retail.
  10. Click For Spoiler How about Sim in last season's ENT?
  11. Girls don't need to worry about plate techtonics, so why are you asking? Why is this statement false?
  12. I don't care what's in it, do they still sell it in Lava Lamp 40 oz bottles?
  13. I'm sorry too, there is a false dichotomy between science and religion, Stephen J. Gould wrote about it extensively, but I neither have his knowledge or wisdom. All I can ask is that we meet 1/2 way and discuss it.
  14. Far be it from me to impune your knowledge of future events- DrWho42. But does "Twilight" qualify? The past events of the episode were obliterated by the the future, thus rendering them non-existent. Therefore, "Twilight" doesn't constitute a historical consistency and can't be canon.
  15. My Mazda got smashed by a guy who ran a red light, I can't decide whether to christen my new car the NX-02 or the Enterprise -A. I'm leaning towards 1701-A because I got my old car car before Enterprise came on the air. But I keep in mind the words of my best friend and mechanic (a DS9 fan) who said my car most resembled a Ferengi Garbage Scow. "It's amazing you get anywhere, so be happy that you end up somewhere."