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  1. Very,very sad. That anyone should die so young,is a shame.
  2. My move from southern California to New Mexico was pure hell,thanks largely to the near impossibility of finding a home to rent (I could have had my pick of apartments,but I'm spoiled to living in a house).One house I fell in love with,but did not rent belonged to a woman who wanted to know about my religious beliefs.I had to be a Christian (I am),I couldn't smoke (I do),I couldn't drink (I do),I couldn't have "female" company that was not related to me,or my wife ( :blink: ,Yeah,right!),and I couldn't play certain types of music (basically all the kinds of music I love )...it was just so stupid,it was funny. I eventually found a nice little 1-bedoom,1-bath in a respectable neighborhood...though the rent is steeper than I like. I do feel that landlords are becoming a lot more discriminating.Their reasons?Well,I doubt the majority of them are purposely putting the thumbscrews to potential renters.Though I have met a few who seem to enjoy making unreasonable demands of their tenants,such as repeated walk-throughs of the property,etc. I once lived in a flat that allowed pets,provided the renter paid a $25 per pet,per month additional rent. When it all comes down to it,these homes are the owners' possessions and naturally they don't want them destroyed by careless tenants.Insurance is fine,but its always preferable to not have to repair your property in the first place. If we must blame someone,blame the horrible tenants who through their destructive actions have brought all of us to this state of affairs in the first place.
  3. Its always unfortunate to hear of a passing,especially when it occurs within one's own community.She was so young. I have no words,really.Just that I am sorry that we will not be able to enjoy her on screen anymore.She was a fine actress,and her character was appealing.
  4. and demanded that Q leave the ship immediately,whereupon Q said....
  5. Enterprise's :) American special forces commandos :) or British SAS Commandos :tank:
  6. nlb'poH :)
  7. Kot'baval Festival. :)
  8. False,Picard served aboard the Sargazer...LaForge served aboard the Victory,both Constellation-class ships. True or false, Deanna Troi was addicted to Chocolate.
  9. Pong...the best game in the arcade! Anybody know where I can download a version that i can play while off-line? I downloaded this version,but its impossible to play off-line.
  10. Klingons :lol: Star Trek's direction before or after Gene Roddenberry's passing? (be honest!)
  11. Q appeared and morphed the pursuing Romulan vessels into....
  12. This is very sad news. I greatly admired Art Carney.The man was a comedic genius,and so much more than that.
  13. One of my favorites is when,in the animated series,Spock mind touched with the creature devouring planets on "One of our planet's is missing".He and Kirk were able to convince the intelligent,but infantile being that populated worlds were not acceptable food,just in time before it ate a heavily populated Federation colony called Mantilles.