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  1. Yes, and the episodes are being aired un-cut. Thank you G4!
  2. Rate 1 thru 10 with 10 being excellent and 1 worst. I'll start, feel free to C&P if you're short on time Where No Man Has Gone Before = 10 The Corbomite Maneuver = 8 Mudd's Women = 8 The Enemy Within = 8 The Man Trap = 9 The Naked Time = 7 Charlie X = 7 Balance of Terror = 9 What Are Little Girls Made Of? = 6 Dagger of the Mind = 9 Miri = 7 The Conscience of the King = 7 The Galileo Seven = 8 Court Martial = 8 The Menagerie part 1 / The Menagerie part 2 = 10 Shore Leave = 8 The Squire of Gothos = 7 Arena = 8 The Alternative Factor = 6 Tomorrow is Yesterday = 10 The Return of the Archons = 6 A Taste of Armageddon = 9 Space Seed = 9 This Side of Paradise = 10 The Devil in the Dark = 10 Errand of Mercy = 10 The City on the Edge of Forever = 8 Operation: Annihilate! = 7 Have fun
  3. The "big three" charaters, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, were taken directly from the male leads in Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet as well as "War Of The Worlds" are my favorite two classic sci-fi films.
  4. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing a new Sulu/Excelsior trek TV series
  5. Is it just me or have the trailers not been digitally remastered? I'm not complaining mind you, I think it's cool to compare the trailers in their original form to the excellent quality of the digitally remastered progams.
  6. Me too :) I was a bit dissapointed that "The Cage" wasn't included and since it wasn't included with season one I wonder if it will be included at all ... it would be a shame if it weren't. When sci-fi ran the un-cut episodes a few years back I was able to tape the entire first season and about half of season two, then we had a death in the family and I didn't get the rest, so .... I can't wait to get my hands on seasons two and three, there are sceens in those seasons that I haven't seen in 30 years, and, those seasons contain some of my favorite episodes. Finally, even though I've recently seen the un-cut version of season one I must admit I've never seen Star Trek quite like this, not even on broadcast TV. The quality of the DVD is so good it's like watching it for the first time
  7. Abhorrent? I think that a little strong. History has shown a tendancy to repeat itself so who's to say there won't be hippies or a "counter-culture" in the 23rd century? certainly not I
  8. Tos

    Ahh, they had a little more money for that one didn't they Special effects, let me see ... umm, some of the sets were very cool looking
  9. Very light-hearted humorous episode in the midst of all the drama. One of my favs. BTW, didn't they bring back the Mayberry set for that one
  10. Check my avitar (hopefully it works ) without a doubt, for me it's Captain Kirk! He was my childhood hero (grew up with the original airing of Classic Trek) and Captain Kirk remains one of the largest of life charactures ever ... ever!
  11. I don't care fot it. It looks like a cross between a constellation class starship and a Romulan Bird Of Prey.
  12. I liked PS, and two very good season 3 episodes yet to be mentioned: "The Day Of The Dove" "That Which Survives"
  13. Turnabout Intruder was a good episode, and as Spacehippie pointed out Shatner does a terrific job playing a woman that was slightly deranged. It was DeForrest Kelly's good acting that saved another often-refered-to-as-worst-episode Spock's Brain. Anyway, it wasn't a finale type episode and wasn't meant to be, we got robbed of two whole seasons. However, as pointed out, the original crew got their finale was ST6:TUC. BTW, Turnabout Intruder was produced in June of '69, why so late? Is it possible that this episode was the first produced in what was to be season four?
  14. For all of that crewman's tough talk, when it came down to it he froze. That is why he didn't move while he had the time. His emotions got in the way and he was scared out of his mind! I, too, love this episode. It gives us insight into our very own dear Mr. Spock. T'Bree Yes, but when they were burying Guytano(sp?), and the creatures attacked, why did Spock go after that spear and throw it back allowing himself to get trapped in the rocks? Very illogical indeed! The sceen would have worked better had Spock actually been hit and injured by the spear, instead of that illogical action by the most logical Spock.
  15. Of all the episodes you mention, only in "The Cloud Minders" did Spock show genuine attraction to a woman. In "This Side Of Paradise" Spock was infected by alien spores that forcefully brought volatile emotions to the surface. In "All Our Yesterdays" Spock was sent back 5000 years and experienced the primitive emotions of his ancestors. In "The Enterprise Incident" it was Spock's job to distract the Romulan commander. Then you have "Mudd's Women" and "Shore Leave"? I don't recall Spock showing any type of attraction to women in either of those episodes, however, I totally agree with the rest of your post