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  1. :lol: I got Odo.
  2. Up until about age 12 I would've called it a sport. :lol: I know a LOT of folks around where I live that consider it a sport and real :lol: Oh,boy.That's pretty funny.But what can you do?If they want to believe its real,then I guess for them its real.
  3. I'm in.Any time is good.
  5. Well,I've been homeschooled my entire life.I completed the equivalent of 12th-grade last year.Since then I've been enrolled at a local junior college,but doing all of the course work here at home.I'm majoring in criminology.As Mr.Spock would say,"It's...fascinating."
  6. My elvish name is Aerandir Felagund My hobbit name is Grubby Brokenborings :huh:
  7. Mister Data.
  8. My choice is Jonathan Archer.
  9. Man,that's bad. Unfortunately,I think,the Olympics' prestige has suffered in the past 20-years or so,what with all the scandals over drug-enhanced performances,and questionable actions by the Olympic Committee members and judges.A lot of our professional athletes just don't care about playing in the Olympics.They won't get paid and may injure themselves.They'd only be playing for national pride.And as far as they are concerned,where is the incentive in that? Also,the majority of pro ball players on the US team were almost the dregs of the minor league system.I'm not saying those guys are bad players,just that its not like we had Clemens pitching for us,or Pudge Rodriguez batting and catching. This sucks. I guess the Olympic Chairman ought to give Cuba the gold now and be done with it.
  10. "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys.
  11. Hmm.I think I'd put it in sci-fi.Afterall it involves a wacky scientist and time-travel.
  12. I heard about that this morning.Its a tragedy. Crash Holly was one of my favorites. :o
  13. Yeah,Captain.That was pretty much my feelings on the thing. I wasn't sure to what extint the memories of previous hosts stay fresh in the mind of the new host.Actually,what got me to wondering about that was Julian Bashir's predestination paradox,when he met and fell for Crewman Watley (his great-great grandmother or something) in "Trials and Tribbleations".I took that scenario,flipped it and applied it to Trills.
  14. I've watched this film time and again,and it never gets old.I love Mel Brooks' films,and Blazing Saddles is one of the best. I heard that originally they cast Richard Pryor to play the part of Sheriff Bart,but a prior commitment by Pryor,gave the role to Cleavon Little.I'm glad it did.I can't imagine Pryor doing a better job as Sheriff of Rockridge. And Gene Wilder.That man is a genius.He works well with anybody,and has appeared in several of Mel Brooks best films (The Producers,Young Frankenstein).The same goes for the beautiful,and sadly deceased Madeline Kahn.Of course,Mel's in the film too,playing the part of a corrupt and scatter-brained territorial governor. I think my favorite parts of the film would be Mongo's candygram,the bigot cowboys singing "Camptown Races",the gassy campire scene,and Bart's liason with Madeline Kahn's "Marlene Dietrich"-like character. Other great Mel Brooks films: Life Stinks Space Balls Robin Hood:Men In Tights To Be or Not To Be Silent Movie Dracula,Dead and loving It! History of the World,Part 1
  15. You telling me that Milla Jovovich is a hottie?I know! :o Have you seen her in Resident Evil? :o I have seen the Fifth Element,and Chris Tucker is very,very funny.Awesome movie.Great for any boring,rainy day.