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    Student at SIU-Carbondale. I major in Cinema.
  1. Hmm, I don't know. I like the simplicity of Voyager but Galaxy's End or Outer Bounds has an interesting ring to it. I don't know, I suppose its just greener grass.
  2. Tony, I was just thinking we needed to get something like this here. for those of you not in the know, I'm also a writer on the show and co-created it. We're doing some cool stuff. Believe me, Tony is a great writer. Check it out some time.
  3. That stinks. I could have seen that tonight. I've been eager to see that show anyway.
  4. Yeah, it's likely more of a reference to their long voyage home, than anything else.
  5. I'm actually part of an online series where we do a lot of stuff with this. It's been a lot of fun. Anyway. I've always been partial to "All Good Things...". Sometime I need to see "What You Leave Behind" again. I was pretty young when I saw it the first time, so I might be better able to appreciate it now. (Wow, it's been almost 7 years since DS9 ended )
  6. Okay, is that the same Bill Mummy who played Lennier on Babylon 5?
  7. I always thought that his relationship with Garak was very much more interesting. Just the differences between the two, plus the fact that, hey it's Garak! What not to love.
  8. Definitely the fact that they focus on the TNG characters more than the ENt characters. The idea might have been interesting for a regular episode, but the finale, no way. OI VE! The fact that Riker and Troi leave the holodeck right before archer's famous speeck really ticked me off.
  9. BUMP.
  10. Porthos all the way.
  11. That'll be nice. I have class most afternoons. I can usually see atleast 1 episode, but it's a struggle not to get pulled into the next one.
  12. Sure Janeway and Picard had grudges, but what about Guinan? Her planet was wiped out by the Borg. She gets my vote.
  13. Thuis is interesting. It kind of challenges the old magic that keep the shuttles up in the atmosphere without wings. I suspect that there is appropriate techno-babble that can explain, but it still irritates me.
  14. And there is no possability of encountering any new races is there?. The dinamic ofthe Galaxy would change, but it would all return to normal. Just like when the Federation comes together, making allies of the Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites (all of whom were once on the verge of war at one point or another). There is still a lot of galaxy left and a lot more "antagonists" to discover. Things change. Alliances form. And there are always more bad guys. Neither were-- -the Borg -Data -Georgi's blindness -the Dominion -the Dominion War -the Wormhole -a Klingon (Worf) joining Starfleet -Voyager getting pulled across the galaxy -many, many more things None of these were neccessary. But they served as major parts of Star Trek. They brought new threats and a new struggles into the Universe of Star Trek. An attempt to re-unifiy Vulcan and Romulan cultures would be the same thing.
  15. When Khan puts the larvae in Checov and Captain Terrell's space helmets. I was squirming so badly. Ugh. Just scary.