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  1. happy birthday karenjo! :D

  2. Did I SEE it? I saw, heard, and smelled it! Golly day, Reed practically jumped into her uniform! I was glad to see it -- didn't know ole Malcolm had it in 'im. :lol:
  3. George Eliot (A.K.A. Mary Ann Evans -- see my personal photo)
  4. Great idea, Alterego. I can see it now: the Xindi version of "Lysistrata." Remember the Greek play we all read in high school? The women refuse to bed down with their husbands until they stop warmongering. Hey, it works, too. Well, in the play, anyway. B) As for biology telling us there MUST be male and female, how about earthworms? Applied to the Xindi...now there's a charming thought... B)
  5. Yvonne Craig
  6. Blech! Well, if I had to choose, I guess I could force down a little soy milk. Okay, which icon do you prefer? or
  7. Well, I'd say the peach clinches it for Trip! Please let me know, Trinneergirl, about the "First Flight" episode. This may seem like a silly thread, but as a leftie, I can tell you that it's of utmost importance to some of us! (Well, okay, to me, anyhow.)
  8. Vulcans, as I understand them, are not strict pacifists. They prefer not to use violence, because of the fact that their own violent history almost destroyed them as a species. However, from Spock to Tuvok, they have shown themselves capable of violence and willing to use it under certain circumstances. Also, the nerve pinch incapacitates without doing lasting harm. It effectively halts the "cycle of violence" with a sort of gentle force. (Gee, I do that with my four-year-olds all the time. Not with a neck pinch, of course. Sending them to separate rooms has the same effect...but somehow, I don't think that would've worked with the antagonists in "Chosen Realm.") As for looking for problems, I can only speak for myself, but I'm not "looking" for problems. When I see them, I won't shut my eyes to them and pretend they're not there. I'm pointing out what I perceive as a flaw and an inconcistency in T'Pol's character, and I'm doing so because I like her and would love to see her -- and Jolene Blalock -- reach their considerable potential in this series.
  9. One Night at McCool's Ocean's Eleven Othello (The) Orphans Orgy
  10. Paul Newman
  11. You know the rules: The first name of your entry must begin with the last letter of the last name of the previous entry. Have fun, you literary monsters! Orson Scott Card
  12. Oooh, good one! Oliver Twist
  13. With dip. Hot dip or mild?
  14. Doctor Zhivago