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  1. This episode was much better than Borderland. I really enjoyed it. Next week should be a terrific finale. Click For Spoiler I was really glad to see Phlox on an "away" mission. I hope he gets the opportunity more often. I always thought it weird that he hardly ever leaves sick bay. Compared to previous Dr's he's been getting the shaft.
  2. It was great to see Brent Spiner again. I was really impressed by his portrayal of Soong. I didn't find myself thinking about Data at all. Being a 3 parter, I will really have to wait to give a rating on the show overall. It's just not enough of the story for me. Click For Spoiler I liked the transporter room change, very TOS. I wasn't really enjoying the scenes with the Augments. I am hoping that will change in the next two episodes. I'm glad T'pol has joined starfleet but shouldn't she be wearing a uniform? That doesn't make any sense to me. I gave this episode a 9 because the 3 parter has promise.
  3. Well I think Click For Spoiler the guys really screwed themselves on this one, especially since it looks like there will be some sort of merge next week. Rory is getting on my nerves a little bit because he just a little too cocky. I have been impressed with his performances in the challenges so he definatley deserves to still be there. I really would of liked to see one of the girls go. I don't like it when one tribe votes off each of the other tribe one by one. I like to be surprise by TC.
  4. I liked it. Yes, it is not as spine chilling as picard or as classic as kirk. I liked it though for what it was and I like Capt. Archer. I think they will use this as the opening scenes of the show on this one episode but will still play the regular theme. It gives a sense of realigning the show back to exploration mode. It also is the first time Enterprise has this clear permanent mission on continuous exploration. Space travel is not as new and unknown like the first 3 seasons.
  5. I have seen most of TOS, all TNG, all DS9, all VOY and all ENT!!!!!!and all the movies except First Contact and Nemesis.
  6. After watching all 7 seasons of DS9 in just a few months I am excited to see ENT heading in a more character driven direction. I think it's what we have all wanted to see for a long time. This episode was great IMO. I loved seeing the characters return home. Next weeks episode looks pretty good I can't wait. I gave it a 9.
  7. Spike just screwed up and skipped "Dogs of War". They went back and played it and now it's all season one again. That really sucked for me since it was my first time watching the series. It really ruined the finale for me because I knew I had missed something when it started with Ezri and Julian in bed together.
  8. I loved Storm Front. I felt the show moved along very well and it was exciting to watch. I was left wanting more. Click For Spoiler I also thought it was odd at first that Hoshi hugged Archer, although I sure wanted to. I could never imagine Beverly Crusher or anyone else for that matter hugging Picard on the bridge. I think in this series a little informality lends itself to the time period and the infancy of space travel. I enjoyed all the actors and thought they did well incorporating all of the characters into the show. I gave it a 9.
  9. I recently got to see way of the warrior on spike. Great episode! I guess spike took it out of the normal rotation for the TREK UNCUT airing. I guess that's why I had missed it. How annoying that is!
  10. Still reading Voyage of the Jerle Shannara - Isle Witch by Terry Brooks. I don't get much time to read lately with a one year old an all.
  11. Having a lemonade ice tea, doing a load of laundry and straghtening up my office. I guess I'm a multi tasker.
  12. I enjoyed the premiere episode. I thought the design of the sets was just awesome. I think they have a really interesting mix of characters and a good story to tell. I am looking forward to more episodes.
  13. I have DS9 tivo'd on Spike and somehow I still missed Worfs arrival on the station. If anyone could let me know the story behind his arrival I would appreciate it. Thanks
  14. I am currently watching DS9 for the first time on Spike. I do agree "Sacrifice of Angels" was very sad. I would of voted for that episode if I hadn't just watched "The Visitor" 2 days ago and I lost count of how many times I teared up during that episode. I was emotional drained at the end. I loved it!
  15. I am so happy you watched the finale! Nothing like stumbling in to some Trek you missed. It's all very exciting! AAhhhh the Honeymoon stage. I am currently experiencing that with DS9. Isn't it great!!!!! Welcome RC Archer out