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  1. Msn

    If anyone of u have MSN messanger and wanna talk PM me and tell me your ID. Mine is ""
  2. For me its a tie between Trip and Reed,But since ive only seen the first season Trip came up in front,so i woted for Mr.Charles "Trip" Tucker III!
  3. Ill be your Science officer if youd like
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I cannot say I was not suprised when I found out,but I got over it. He isnt my favorite character on DS9 but I have to say this discovery brought him pretty close since I allways like characters that are different from everyone else like Data,Odo and now Julian.
  6. I have not seen the last season of DS9 but I dont think anyone can stand a chance against Jadzia.
  7. I liked them all but somehow I loved the last two parter the most
  8. I agree A great tribute
  9. I have never had any surgeries and I hope I wont in the future. <_<
  10. Troy
  11. The movie I am looking forward to the most is TROY!!!!!
  12. Brent Spiner (Data) Guest stared in Independence Day
  13. My first name is Maja(it´s pronounced like Maya because I am Bosnian)
  14. What are your favorite Odo quotes (or those of other characters about Odo)? Here are some of my all time favorites: Odo:"Who the hell are you?" (First words to Sisko) "Stopping to see if I've run away?" *snort* "I couldn't get that lucky." -- Quark & Odo (The Vortex) "What kind of fool are you?" "My own special variety." -- Ty Kajada & Odo in (The Passenger) "Oh, is that Starfleet policy?" "Yes." Lt. Primmin "Well, I'm not in Starfleet!" -- Odo (Move Along Home) "Ladies and Gentlemen -- and all androgynous creatures -- your attention please! I'm going to have to ask you all to please refrain from using your imaginations!" -- Odo (If Wishes Were Horses) "I don't handle 'delicacy' very well." -- Odo in (The Forsaken) "I don't eat! This is not a real mouth, it is an approximation of one. I don't have an esophagus or a stomach or a digestive system. I am not like you! Every sixteen hours, I turn into a liquid." (pause) [shrugging] "I can swim." -- Odo & Lwaxana (The Forsaken) "Let's try again. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, clear your mind of everything in it...if there's anything there." -- Odo to Rom (Necessary Evil) "I'd bring those guards back if I were you, I'm not in a very good mood." -- Odo (The Die Is Cast) Can you guys remind me of any other good ones?[/size][/b]
  15. Yareth(daughter of Croden in DS9 episode ½Vortex½)